The World’s Major Oil Reserves Shift to the U.S


The recent conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia can be difficult to understand unless we look at the history between the two countries and the world’s oil reserves as a whole.   This is one of the best short  summaries  I have heard on the history of the world’s oil exports,  their current distribution and why the world has called the U.S. dollar the ‘Petro Dollar’-all  explained  in this few minute video.

What does this have to do with us?  As we have been saying -we are in the midst of a Great Awakening…prepared and planned by the Lord 🙂    The theological term for this movement some might call a revival, but since it will have long lasting effects..the more accurate term is a reformation movement… where whole countries and governments are being  transformed.  This is great news for all our friends and families.   See link.  See The Great Reformation, this helped bring society out of what was called ‘the dark ages’… to a faith based personal relationship to the Lord.  

Those who have been keeping up with the prophecies have been simply amazed…never in modern history have they been sooo accurate. 

The short of it is

Amos 3:7 Certainly, the Almighty LORD doesn’t do anything unless He {first} reveals his secret to his servants the prophets.

-In reference to the video above, The Middle East Oil.  The drying up of Middle East oil monopoly as prophesied by Mark Taylor…back in 2016.  Mind blowing, it is hard to imagine predicting in such a brief time, the most abundant oil reserves  in the world are starting to dry up-see above video.  Actual prophecies see link1, Link 2.

-Prophecies concerning USA going from an oil-dependent nation to the world-leading oil exporter… all in a couple of years.  When I first heard this prophecy a few years ago…I thought this is a huge statement.  We have been dependant of OPECs oil for a half-century…was kinda blow away when I heard the media report this.  Foretelling not just oil independence, but out of hundreds of countries, accurately naming that the  U.S. would be the world-leading oil exporter.  This ‘oil independence’ also  makes oil disruptions in the middle east much safer for the world (above video).

-The last time I heard the term ‘tribunals’ it was in reverence to the Nuremberg tribunals after WW 2. 

When I heard about the prophetic word go out about tribunals for those who have committed crimes against humanity,  I was amazed when Senator Graham (and a few media broadcasters that still maintain their integrity) mentioned military court tribunals were to be expected-wow!  Link.    

The list of prophecies are growing, but we can start by viewing one of many prophecy sites.   Go to prophecies section toward the bottom of  Mark Taylors page, dating back to 2011.    See link. 

For more prophetic news by those across the nations, scroll down to links in ‘The Great Awakeningand view links under this topic.  

Especially links at the end of this article.

I believe someday we will look back and see what an incredible time period we are living in.   The goal, to create a better life for all the people, not just in America, but the world.   Yes, it will take a great fight, but well worth the unity we shall have after it is over.   We could see this coming for decades, and it looks like it may be ending so much better than we could have ever imagined.  See link. 

So many of us believe we will have the Lord to thank, for He is always watching over the people whom He came to rescue.  🙂   

God bless, Bill    



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