It’s ‘Now Time’-to see the Truth

Above is a short video about what happened in the two ‘town hall’ meetings for Biden and Trump. We have seen the evidence from the Department of Justice that prove Biden’s son…Hunter -received millions of dollars from ‘China’ (when he flew with daddy to China) for a job that he had no previous experience. We also have Biden on video tape-saying if you don’t fire the investigator on another Hunter payout, your country will not receive the 1 Billion dollars you were promised. That is called-pay to play…or put more directly… we will make you rich as long as you forsake your country and favor ours.

How many times have we heard Biden say-China is not a problem to the U.S. economy…lies. lies and more -evidence of lies.

Not one question at Bidens town hall-about his illegal activities-total avoidance to make their candidate look good.

Trumps’ town hall was a debate from ‘the gun’. One lie by Savannah Guthrie …as the video above points out…was about QAnon.

The reporter in this video has gone over ‘all’ of the thousands of Q post, and many of us have read Q from its conception. They have never encouraged violence, they always support the courts and judicial system..have told us to be patient and wait for the evidence, never do what the other side has encouraged…riots, violence in the streets.   Q has given us Scripture to have the Lord deal fairly with one another-to pray that peace will come back to our country.  Q post view Trump as a patriot…along with millions of other patriots across the world. They never have made him nothing other than one of the politicians fighting horrible corruption in our country.

The ‘town hall’ host Savannah Guthrie completely lied about QWhy. Because Q is one source-among many-that does have high-level information about what is truly happening in our country. We have seen this being confirmed time and time again, mentioning current events well in advance of common knowledge.

Like any war, if you take out the communication to the other army, their battle ability is ‘doomed’. The mainstream media ‘has to attack Q’…as proven with the latest public announcements of Q  bans on social media.  (It took about 8 attempts before I found a way to get around the ‘This post is not FB acceptable’ Gestapo label…at least temporarily).   They are trying to ‘blind’ our eyes of communication so we will not be able to stand united.

Kinda simple.

The town hall host version of Q was a total lie...we see President Trump as a co-patriot, and Q will use scripture from the Bible to trust in the true savior…the One that took our sins on the cross….and rose from the grave 2000 years ago. The same One who is working with patriots to stop the harm and violence to our people.

This is the deal.

-It’s Trumps’ job to run this country, and make it the best country possible, as we help other countries.

-It’s the host job-the medias job-as President Kennedy said, to expose wrongdoing and be a light of truth to the American people.

This is important.   It’s our job-to put away any personal bias and humbly receive the truth-so we can help one another…and Americans as a whole.  

President Trump was destined for this job because he is a fighter…like General Patton and Prime Minister Churchill-in WW2.   I would not want any 3 of them to be a nanny to my grandkids, but I would want them to fight the gangs that are destroying our country for self-gain.

You can now listen to the evidence at the town halls-mentioned above, -and…you have been given the evidence for decades…

It is  ‘Now Time’ to see the truth.   See decades of evidence Link

We can’t help each other if we don’t.    Let’s not look back and realize…thousands of patriots tried to warn me…but I refused to listen.

We keep coming to you because we simply believe you are valuable enough to join with us to save our country.

It’s kinda simple.

For more updates, please scroll down to ‘Great Awakening’ on this Link.

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