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  • When I saw the video on the testimony of  John Ramirez  when he was in the occult, I felt it needed to be posted.   With some editing (adding Scriptures) we see how the devil could not fight against the … Continue reading
  • To genuinely restore our country, we needed an absolute blockbuster of a person to break apart the corruption that runs soo deep.  See Link  Joe Biden and his son Hunter, received tens of millions of dollars from China to promote … Continue reading
  • You may think the things we do are crazy, But we believe -when we try and stop the terminations of babies, whose hearts are beating, who feel pain-who are about to take their first breath-who deserve to be given what … Continue reading
  • You’ve just seen the pic above..Nice isn’t it.   Add your closest friends, family members (just the ones you connect, the best home cooked food and the pet dog beside the fireplace. You can’t decide which aroma delights you … Continue reading
  • The Great Awakening  April 24 2018 Wanted to post an update. To be honest, I have never seen the Lord move like this in my lifetime…or have never read about a move like this in modern history. For decades, many … Continue reading
  •   You have probably heard the news, all the talk about catastrophic events-mostly from those claiming the Bible is teaching our last days are approaching by the end of this week. The Bible does indeed give us scriptures on the … Continue reading
  • An attachment to ‘The Day of the Lord Rapture, So Simply Biblical’  To best understand these important events, you may want to read the above article first.  Please pray for His direction as we seek understanding 🙂 .   Praise … Continue reading
  • God does not ‘need us’ to make Him complete,  because He is absolute-Divine, Infinite in every way 🙂     See Understanding God  The Lord does however delight in us-because when we become part of His family- We share His glory, … Continue reading
  • Matt. 16:18-19  And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it.   I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; … Continue reading
  • Was listening to a preacher on Sid Roth…claiming that he had on certain occasions…visitations from heaven.   The Word does say in the later times we can and will indeed see from heaven (Acts 2:17) and the Bible says ‘test the … Continue reading
  • In the next few days, there is a real possibility we will start seeing the breakdown of a worldwide empire that throughout history has been brutal and corrupted – -President Eisenhower warned us about the rogue government, and  -President Kennedy … Continue reading
  • Can You Answer the Whys? Why would an opposing governmental party plan to impeach a president before he even took office? Why would an opposing party proceed with an impeachment agenda knowing it would take 2/3rds of the Senate to … Continue reading

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