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  • Please Feel Free To Enjoy the Music As You read For reasons only the Lord truly knows, the interest in Settings the Captives Free has been ‘the major search’ on this web site.  This is telling me people across the … Continue reading
  • Update on the Coming New Church Matthew 5:14 “You are the light of the world. A city built on a mountain cannot be hidden. Wanted to share some things that the Lord was showing about the New Church a few … Continue reading
  • I just lost another buddy.  This thing is getting bad.  Sadly, my circle of friends was getting smaller by the month.  I wonder who will be next-hopefully not me. This is not a journal about a war vet, that honor … Continue reading
  • If you are truly sincere on wanting to know God, the TRUTH, then the angels in heaven are about to rejoice.  Why, because Jesus says   ‘ In the same way, I tell you, there is rejoicing in the presence of … Continue reading
  • Matthew 6:10   Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. It appears this is about to take place.   Without giving times or dates, many indicators point to this event finally happening.   Since the time … Continue reading
  • After viewing Mike Hoggard’s video on Satan’s and mans greatest secret-I wanted to share this with you.  It will give a foundational explanation for all paranormal activity.  With God’s Word as our light we can start to connect ‘all the … Continue reading
  • For an general introduction on the Kingdom of God,  See 1st 4 Articles on Kingdom of God The Church Then-The Church Now For years it seemed like the Lords response to those in leadership was almost always patience, give them … Continue reading
  • The Lord was giving my twin bro a nudge….to look up the word problem in the Word (I told him I had to share this…found it interesting)  🙂 The word problem in Greek (the word you would find in the … Continue reading
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  • Same Sex Marriage, An Interview With Jesus Part 1 Same Sex Marriage, The Response of the Church Part 2 On part one of this article, after the supreme court ruling on same sex marriage, I felt the Lord wanted the … Continue reading
  •      If you are like me, and I suspect many of you are…. there is so much to work on for this New Year.  Not only to improve  our lives for the coming year…but also help others around us. … Continue reading
  • Eight years ago for many of us, our hearts sank.   Yes, the people have a right to vote their conviction, but those opposing Obama saw through his polished rhetoric and knew what was coming.   We saw his Muslim family ties-his … Continue reading

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