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  • Recently I had a ‘visit’ to the hospital and tried to use the time to get a first-hand account of Covid 19.   I asked all the staff that I met- about their experience. In short, the basics of what we … Continue reading
  •   I honestly think General Patton would drive me loco. He definitely would not be a friend I would want to hang with, he would be one of the last people I would take ‘LIFE ADVICE’ from-and he made no … Continue reading
  • Jesus Himself testifies that in the last days the purpose for the church will  go from total ‘obscurity’ to the greatest message in the Bible.  The Lord Himself identifies this message as the Kingdom of Heaven.   Matt 13:31-32  Another … Continue reading
  • Please enjoy the music video as you read.    Sweetly Broken Thank you Father for wanting us, over our sin that stood against you  In eternity past, you created our heart You desired our love over our lives destined for rebellion … Continue reading
  • Wanted to start out with an interesting video…about  President Trump was mentioned in prophecy as far back as 2011.   See link.   For years, ‘We-the basement dwellers’…as we have been called lol …have been giving evidence of worldwide global corruption.  See … Continue reading
  • Wanted to post a quick update on Syria.   Both the conservatives and liberals are bashing President Trump on the Syrian attack-and both seem to be clueless on  how Trump applied a well thought out  strategy to get N. Korea to … Continue reading
  •     On the 20th of January, a new or existing president will take the oath of office, and become the next president of the United States, literally becoming the leader of the free world. Both sides agree, we are … Continue reading
  •    1 Corn. 4:20 For the kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power.   1 Cor. 13:13 And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.  Next verse  1 … Continue reading
  • The Great Awakening  April 24 2018 Wanted to post an update. To be honest, I have never seen the Lord move like this in my lifetime…or have never read about a move like this in modern history. For decades, many … Continue reading
  • For centuries, theologians have discussed-and debated the parallel teachings of ‘predestination’ and our ‘free will-or faith’ -2 seeming opposing viewpoints.   One side believes the Lord makes the choice who will respond to His salvation call, the other camp believes it … Continue reading
  • Post updated.   Tough act to follow.   As we know about Jesus however, He would be incredibly understanding and probably just say…Be yourself and speak what My Father tells you. 1 Peter 4:11   If anyone speaks (as when preaching), … Continue reading
  •   Let’s take a journey together. We will look at the concept of giving from the Old and New Testament. My intention is to make this article complete, but also simple to understand. This is the method the Holy Spirit … Continue reading

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