Finding Home Part 1


You’ve just seen the pic above..Nice isn’t it.   Add your closest friends, family members (just the ones you connect, the best home cooked food and the pet dog beside the fireplace. You can’t decide which aroma delights you more, the cedar burning in the fireplace-or your favorite food just now being placed on the table. The combination of the two-we simply call this home.

Fairy-tale, possibly-but maybe not.  We may not always have the picture perfect setting, but can we find a place where we can feel like-this is home-to us.

We could study ` thousands upon thousands of expert materials that describe what a home should be like, research data and try and get a clue of how we can find this special place-but they would probably have a fancy name for it and we would miss it anyway..or at least I would.

Before we start to look for ‘our home’ however, I just wanted to mention you are right. Yes, we are going to bring God into our discussion, kinda boring if we don’t. Remember the pic above-God adds a certain element of purpose to the home, the light. Helps us see how special the people are that have come to our home. He can also give us a direction on finding our home.

Just a thought. Would the God who made our world and universe that work in rhythm together be able to explain to us-how we can find our home? Would He make this finding incredibly complicated, or incredibly simple? Maybe ‘we’ are making it sooo complicated we can’t see how really simple it is.

Let’s start with the simple. Who are the most simple people in the world. Good answer, the children. What makes them happy, what makes them feel like they are ‘at home’. No study needed here, they need to feel that they are taken care of, and that they are loved. This is demonstrated in dozens of ways, but here are a few. Knowing they are connected to mom and dad, that they are played with, fed and cleaned. They are taught not just about facts, but about how to live their life in a meaningful way. As they grow, they begin to realize that their correction is also part of love, ‘even if it is not pleasant at that time’ (Heb.12:11).

We can start to realize that all the qualities that we just mentioned about children are exactly the same qualities that God desires for us.  Maybe, if we make life too complicated it becomes difficult to see the truths taught by simplicity, or truths found with the sincerity of a heart like a child.

This is one of the coolest things about God, He loves knowledge (He maintains a universe with it) but He prefers the simplicity and humility of the heart-those like a child.  To get to the truth-like our home-we ‘simply’ put knowledge to the side and come to Him with the simple, a heart like a child.  Not real complicated when you ‘think’ about it…lol.   For those of you who have parented or cared for children we can relate, do we desire their knowledge or their devotion of heart?

Now, back to finding our home. The above picture is wonderful-and many have experienced the beautiful things that we have talked about. In fact, I believe the Lords wants you to have these things, the wonderful times and memories. If He did not, He would not have made the sunsets, the food, the people, pets and all the great times we have had with them. I also believe however, along with so many who have come to know about His Home, that the good things we have shared in our earthly home is a reflection of what He desires forever, in our heavenly home.

This part is sooo beautiful. It will fill your heart with joy. For those who have had a broken home, who have been abused, too poor to experience such a beautiful place or -if war has ravaged their home…they will not miss out on finding their home.

You see, our home starts in heaven. It can be found on earth, but it starts in heaven, for it was designed this way. What our children needed for our earthly home is just a reflection of what is given in heaven, but with one exception.  This heavenly home is forever and not temporary. It is a perfect ‘joy abounding’ place (Ps. 89:5-6, Rev. 21:10-27, Rev. 22, Rm. 8:18).

Psalm 16:11 Thou wilt shew me the path of life: in thy presence is fulness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore.

When we join with family that shares in this joy, we can have a part of that heavenly joy on earth, our home.  If we have been so wonderfully honored to have experienced times similar to the picture above, we now understand that these special moments are a reflection of what we can have forever, His eternal love and family in heaven. So simple and so true.

For me, this was one of my first thoughts when I discovered this truth. I finally found a home in heaven and that is will last forever. After searching for so long, I came to know who created the universe and that my home was with the Lord for all time. This brought a peace that I never had before. Your home is so important to Him, the only two things I am aware of in the Bible that Jesus is doing for you now…He is praying for you (Rm. 8:34) and making a home for you

John 14:2 In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.

Since you have taken the time and have made the effort to read this article-let’s take the next step of faith and let the Holy Spirit complete His work. Read the link below and it will explain how to be part of His eternal home.

For those who already have become part of the family of God, please click the link, Finding Home 2.  (restoring the Joy of our Salvation)

Thanks you for taking the time to read this post, may the Lord bless you for His obedience to Him.

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