Great Awakening Update 6-11-2018


Over two years ago there was a small group of prophets predicting that-‘against all odds’ Trump was going to win the presidency.  A few of them are listed below.

See Mark Taylor Link 1, Link 2 ,Lance Wallnau Link 1 

Before  Kim Clement went home to be with the Lord, he predicted Trump winning the presidency  in 2007 Link

Included in their predictions were  events that were fulfilled along the way, that gave specific details leading up to the election.

One such prediction was Trump (with  those that are still honest in the government) was going to fight the evil global corruption that has spread death and injustice in almost all countries across the world.   See Evidence for Global Corruption, Root of Evil

A term that one of the prophets used to fight the corruption was ‘tribunals’ a military court system that was going to be used because the crimes were against ‘the masses’ and whole governments.   I have not heard this term used  except in the historical excerpts from the German Nazi Nuremberg tribunal trials in the 1940’s.

It was stunning to hear  news media and government officials calling for   ‘tribunals’   as predicted from the prophetic word Link 1

This is one reason why Trump is keeping Guantanamo Bay open and is increasing it’s operation link 1, link 2

As mentioned before, never in my life time have I seen a unified prophetic voice give such detail account on how the Lord is working in the US and around the world.  The Lord is using His  political elect and a  ‘mustard seed’ Matt. 13:31-32 church minority to clean out the corruption in the government and the church.   I am sooo excited that a purity, holiness and humility will move in congregations as never before.   A Presence and Power of God that started with the early church is the Lords calling for today’s body of Christ.

International Update 

On the international news , the two main concerns in the world are North Korea and Iran.   Trump simply knew they are obligated to the governments of China and Russia-respectively, so he simply is applying pressure to both major powers to have their subjects fall in line.

As previously mentioned, Trump had the Chinese leader Xi Jinping over for a ‘quiet diner’ so they could  watch the broadcast as he  sent missile strikes  to the poisoned gas  facilities in Syria.   Russians also got the message.   The games stop now.  

Recently, Trump mentioned the he wanted Russia involved in the G-7 meetings, wanting them to participate in future summits so they could benefit as part of the prosperity planning for their countries.   This same week, Iran responds by admitting  their own people were involve in the 9-11 attacks (along with other deep state-but that’s another story).   Simply, the Russian government is putting pressure on Iran to stop their nuclear program and hate rhetoric with Israel and the West.

North Korea peace talks are  back on the table…with the meeting being held this week.

Trump is using a 3 d chess strategy, reward-if you play by the rules, economic spanking…if you don’t.   When one is dealing with potential ‘gangsters’, sometimes that is all they understand.   Better this than war and nuclear missiles, ? 

Domestic Update 

At home, he is focusing on the devastating corruption in our government that was almost at a no turn around point.   He knew he had to drain the swamp-in both parties and in global banking.  Link

FYI…the loyal Americans in our government that were aware of the corruption…asked Trump to run…if not…they were seriously considering a forced takeover to save our Republic.  History and time will prove or disprove this last point…but let’s continue.

He had to clean out the ‘tops’ of the FBI, CIA, DOJ  and many federal judges, which we see he has been doing.   We can’t have fair trials and tribunals…if the judges are corrupted themselves.   We can’t have trustworthy leaders of the 3 letter agencies  if the crooked leaders of the swamp are still running things.

The most pressing issue for Trump and those who are part of this ‘Great Awakening’ at home are the cries of those being tortured in sex trafficking, especially the children.   We will find that the evil rituals are a main part of this horrific injustice, and in some cases we will be shocked at the extent of this in top levels of government.

While there are still many in all parts of government and media that are being coerced  to ‘shut down’ any investigation in high levels of society, there is now a genuine effort by just judges and investigators to seriously begin to fight this evil.

Recently, an Arizona camp has been discovered that had signs of child sex abuse.  Link   (Sadly, as in many child sex scandals,  the evidence is quickly destroyed -the site was bulldozed- and many are back peddling on their first comments about the evidence…in other words, ‘they’ got to them).   It must be remembered that child abuse (especially sexual abuse) is the number one crime that will likely take down ‘anyone’ -it infuriates the public.  The guilty deep state and all those involve  are terrified about their crimes being discovered.   They will fight this exposure at all cost.

In my backyard, a  true blue American captain of Polk County Police department  found evidence of child sex ring.   In this case however, he investigated, prosecuted and is shutting them down! Please listen to the officer describe this tragic reality in the first few minutes of the following update  Link.    As he said in the link, this is not about ‘pics’ or ‘films’ but about infants being tortured.   In almost all cases, these crimes are organized and reach the highest levels of our society-causing investigations to be derailed.     It’s time to stop thinking ‘conspiracy theories’ and start being honest  about what so many are doing in The Great Awakening.

They are not conspiracy theorist… but human rights activist –for those who are helpless and needing for us to wake up in order to stop their abuses.

Proverbs 31:8-9  Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute.
9  Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy.

Economic Update 

With the freezing of the banking accounts of the deep state  by Trumps executive order in December link , and by allowing the  drilling of oil fields discovered in the 1970’s (in Alaska, and the Midwest states along the Rockies) oil will overflow and be exported out of the U. S.   The combined income of

-seized corruption funds,

-oil revenues that are now flowing to the U. S.- including oil exports

-the  freeing the business markets from heavy taxation and regulations 

-along with a ‘hopeful’ new gold backed currency, we should not only ease our deficit-but predictions are forecasting erasing the national debt, Praise God 🙂

Stopping the Drug Use

Almost all families have known individuals who have been devastated by drug use.   To fight this deadly threat to our loved ones, we have to attack on all ‘fronts’ to win.   Whether stopping the opiates and drugs on the Mexican border-yes, creating a wall to protect our citizens, or the gangs in the cities…and organized crime-this has to be first priority for any American who values our youth.    It is absolutely insane that we would not support ‘all’ efforts to protect our children.

Thanks You for Caring Enough to Be Concerned

The very fact you cared to read this-even though you may disagree with one or more aspects of this update…puts you in the category of being compassionate and concerned.   Welcome to the human race 🙂

To understand how the Lord is working with us to bring about true and everlasting justice, feel free to browse  the articles in the following links.

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A guest speaker summarizes the Great Awakening Beautifully Link 

Also, Does God have a Political View?

May the Lord bless you as you pursue His truth.



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