Liberty and Justice for All-Stop the Hate 6-26-20

Was listening to a person I know all too well…heap insults and indecencies at the black community…the replies I had for him did not go over well.

Was watching blacks on videos sneak up on whites and beat the living crap out of them…just because they were white-some did not have a chance to defend themselves.

Was watching a ‘news’ broadcast…actually trying to justify rioters harming the innocent…whether it be by violence, setting fire, vandalizing one’s place of business… in other words, destroying the lives of other human beings.

I also had a chance to ‘reflect’ on some things in the last couple of days. I was listening to true accounts of two ladies that were persecuted for their faith in Iran. For several months, they truly thought they were about to be hanged, for showing others the love of God…trying to teach them not to hate. Because of their actions-and seeing so many of their prayers answered…they were showing others a better way of life-one that can leave the hate behind.

I did not feel guilty after hearing their testimony, but in a ‘cleansing’ kind of way-I felt ‘unworthy’ –for having life sooo easy-living in a land that has given me freedom-paid for by the sacrifice of others.

Some people know the pain of doing the right thing on a daily basis…but we in America are seldom called to give our lives for doing what is right. I was sooo reminded…what little I can do…I absolutely must do. I was sooo reminded…our life seems to go by sooo fast-we have to ask ourselves-am I doing what I can to show others the way, I don’t want my life to just slip away and do nothing-being part of the injustices by not trying to do my part to stop them.

We stand up for what is ‘right’ now-or our lives are forever identified that we did nothing to protect innocent lives.

The hatred on ‘all’ sides must stop now. The person that I know well has identified the wrongdoing by some in the black community and has allowed poison to enter his heart. Inferior race, keep them from making money…etc. etc.

The hatred it must take-to walk up to an elder lady, and because of her white skin…violently attack her and possibly injuring her to the point of death. Riots where Police are killed and permanently paralyzed…for doing their job-for keeping law and order.

The greatest lesson in my life is trying to examine every action of my life…and determine if this view is a personal bias…or the right way…the correct thing to do. Jesus was pretty smart when He made this His greatest commandment-loving God by examining every aspect of our heart mind and soul.

Jesus declared, “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. The second is, love your neighbor as yourself.…Matt. 22:37-39.

What a passageway for an entire nation!

Starting with myself, those who aren’t religious…and those in the Christian church…not doing this-not examining every area of our life to get rid of our bias..our junk…ultimately grows into the greatest mistakes of our lives.
See link 1, Link 2

For every parent, friend, teacher, politician, mentor, neighbor-or anyone who cares about living life truthfully …the first thing we can do is not support what is wrong and stand up for what is right.

We can ask ourselves-

-Are you listening to or in any way supporting the ‘news media’ that does not condemn ‘all’  actions by any race that is harming innocent lives? Whether it be prosecuting a few guilty police, or harming the innocent in riots…punishing the guilty and protecting the innocent is the code of justice we all must follow. If we say nothing -or- feed our souls with the poison of those promoting these violent acts -or-listen and support news media that continues to blaspheme justice, then we become guilty.  Are we going to let life slip by…and realize we did nothing to protect those who needed our help-and stop those who hurt other innocent lives?

-Have we tried to influence ‘all’ of those we can reach out to. Parents, teachers, business leaders, etc. etc. ‘show them’ by life example to uphold the code of Justice.  Say to them, ‘We could not hurt someone’s child, family member, friend- because of what others have done’.   Explain to them how crazy it is when news media, rioters, people we know who have allowed hate to enter their hearts…how completely insane it is to harm an innocent life for something they did not do!!

-Have we voted for those who promote justice-who don’t twist the truth and allow violence to continue. Don’t be like sooo many, who allow their bias to pound a stake through the heart of Justice. We cannot be sooo easily influenced by the continued ‘rhetoric’ of others…we are smarter than this-and we are braver than this!

If we all influenced those around us…the hatred and violence would top in a heartbeat. We can stand with those who are ‘right’ or allow others to influence ‘our biases’ and allow the floodgates of hatred and violence to continue.

We are at a ‘crossroad’ when we can look back and know…we did everything in our power to stop the injustices…and tried to teach our family, friends and nation…to do what was right.

If so, we will always know and be remembered as one who was part of the healing of our nation… when they needed us the most

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