Our Destiny is Never Ending


Recently I read a post by my sister-which was sharing a story about an elderly lady who was entering a retirement home.

Her attitude was rather amazing…she was thinking this new chapter in her life was something to look forward to.  She was focusing on her coming adventure.   New people would be entering her life-exciting experiences would be on the horizon.   She would dress for, prepare and anticipate with excitement this next phase of her life.  This is a small excerpt that defined her life.  When discussing her new room, even though small…

′′ I love it “, she said, with the enthusiasm of a 8-year-old girl who was just handed over a new pet.

– Mrs. Jones; you haven’t seen the room, just wait.

– That doesn’t matter, she replied.

-Happiness is something you decide over time. Whether or not I like my room doesn’t depend on how the furniture is arranged, it depends on how I arrange my mind.

I’ve already decided that I like it. It’s a decision I make every morning when I wake up. I have the choice; I can spend the day in bed, going through the difficulty I have with my body parts that don’t work, or get out of bed and be thankful for the parts that do work.

Every day is a gift, and as long as my eyes open, I will focus on the new day and the happy memories I’ve stored just for this time in my life.


As I commented on my sister’s post about another elderly person with a strikingly similar attitude…I wanted to mention a few more details here.

There was a local TV news program about people that had made ‘the century mark’-and were still contributing to the community.

One of the segments showed the story of a pastor…also in a ‘retirement home’, but as mentioned with Ms. Jones above… ‘retirement’ would never be allowed to enter their lives.

Like Ms. Jones, this pastor had a routine of expecting something new… every day in his life.   He got up early, dressed in his coat, tie and hat-and would leave his room on a mission.   He had to visit ‘his people’ –all of those who needed a friendly person that they wanted to share their life with.   Anyone that wanted a visitor…became ‘his people’– how beautiful.    Years ago when I saw this…I thought this is the way to live one’s life;  always going forward.

It’s striking to me, how simple yet profound these two seniors of destiny defined their lives.

Fond memories are just that, fond memories.   They are meant to comfort us and fulfill our minds in moments of rest, in times of reflection.   They are, however, never meant to replace our destiny, our future goals and aspirations.

Sadly, individuals who had great zeniths in their lives-movie stars, famous sports athletes etc.-can fall into a trap.   Many think their great career accomplishments-achievements of their past that they have been praised for, can replace their destiny.  Some think highlights of the past can fulfill an emptiness that they are currently living.    They can start to believe their next phase in life (their destiny)  is nothing more than a dim shadow of history gone by.  You can tell by the way they continually refer to their life as ‘remember when’.  

What these famous people don’t realize, what they have not yet achieved, is the discipline and fortitude of these two seniors.   For me personally, I literally laugh at the thought that a 100-year old pastor and the 83-year old Ms. Jones can literally, kick my *&%# when it comes to whipping life into shape 🙂

I have a long way to go-to be able to literally find the positives if I would have to enter a community home.   Years ago, I knew this pastor ‘set the bar’ for me.  To be able to ever reach this bar however, I have to be honest.   I am not there yet-they are my examples.  Someday, if I keep working, if my attitude is adjusted continually-I may be able to accomplish what they have done in their lives. 

Incredibly, the great rewards will not only be found in their lives but also with those whom they have helped and blessed by their work and example.    An Ultimate Win-Win situation 🙂

While the article about Ms. Jones did not mention many details about her personal life, from watching the interview with the pastor…I know he had help with his destiny.

Our destiny is simply the blessings in our life that are intended for us from today forward.   As most of you already know-this will include the difficulties, along with the good times.   Through them all, however, we can have a comforter, Someone to uphold the promises the Lord mentioned to us…long ago

John 14:16  And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you forever;

This comforter will help us fulfill our destiny that will not end tomorrow, the next year or later in life.

Jeremiah 29:11  For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

This ‘hope for the future’ is our destiny that will never end 🙂

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