Syria and President Trump

Wanted to post a quick update on Syria.   Both the conservatives and liberals are bashing President Trump on the Syrian attack-and both seem to be clueless on  how Trump applied a well thought out  strategy to get N. Korea to come to the bargaining table.   In N. Korea, President Trump is attempting to free millions from persecution and shut down their nuke program.

He is now working on plans to free Syria from Isis  (along with other countries in the region)  and later…to have Iran conform to peace with Israel and other Western nations.

Let’s look and the ‘bashing’ from both perspectives.

 Part 1    The Conservative Bashing 

First…the conservatives.    I know liberals will not believe this…so if you lean left- please skip to part two…lol.   Many conservatives  know that the CIA (and many 3 letter agencies) as well as other Western nations are trying to get the moderates out of the middle  east.  This is well documented.   They have been successful in Libya, Egypt,  other north  African nations and some middle eastern countries.   One of the most used  psyops (psychological operation to falsely persuade or influence the general population…See Operation Northwoods) , is  to   have the ‘news’ broadcast false (or mostly false) accounts of moderate countries  committing crimes against their own people …ie.  Syria using poisonous gas on their own civilians.   (Note:  What weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq????.   All  the 3 letters agencies who spoke on the Iraqi WMDs said they had positive ‘irrefutable’  evidence.   Like Vietnam, listed below-totally false information).

The result,   more extreme radical groups take control-giving the west a reason for invasion as needed…or,  as in Iraq…replace the government with a completely pro western leadership.    Creating chaos at a ‘controlled’ time will give the opportunity for a pre-planned response by the western nations.   Whether western governments creates the problem so they can bring about their own solution…or if they just replace the government with a pro western one ie. Iraqi…both options bring about the desired but abusive control needed for the territory.

This is why many conservatives are so mad at Trump.   They believe it is unquestionably  immoral to engage in  false flag attacks that kill innocent lives to control another country.    History shows sooo many of these events were false to start with (See Gulf of Tonkin…Vietnam).   Again, what weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq??

Why would the Syrian President Assad attack civilians in his own country

–when he is winning the war on terrorism

–and have the world turn against him

-and a very real possibility he would be convicted of  war crimes.

I am not saying I am 100 % sure of his moral character-that is the Lords call…but the answer is …he would not.

Part 2 The Liberal Bashing 

The liberals hate Trump…cause they just hate Trump  🙂 .    If he didn’t attack Syria…he is weak and indecisive…if he does attack…he is starting WWIII,    It is sooo interesting…the liberals-at least those in the government –some are actually having to admit that they  wanted Syria attacked for years (search  Obama statements saying if Syria uses chemical weapons…we attack).  So some liberals in congress are not against this move, because they want more wars generated for a global corruption that benefits many in both the Democratic and Republican parties …please see  link Global Corruption.

The Trump Card 

Trump is doing what Trump does best…thinking in 3d chess well ahead of the others.   As for North Korea, Trump had the Chinese President Xi Jinping over for dinner  in the White house while he targeted strikes to Syria on the first attack.    What was the main course for the meal…missiles- have North Korea fall in line…this is no joke.  See link.

To Putin (Iran included) – you did not move the deadly gas as you promised.   You,  like China are dragging your feet-and now people have died.   We want peace in this area.   Interesting though, the most important message of the conflict is not the question –‘who pulled the trigger to the chemical weapons’?   For  many  conservatives like myself, this question is usually critical…for we are sooo against starting more avoidable and tragic wars.   The more important message is…whoever pulled the trigger, the gig is up…it stops now! 

The Public Will Not Know Many Details Until After the Conflict 

Notice…the only casualties were the ones watching the stock piles… the stock piles were not supposed to be there in the first place.

Conclusion…those watching them…are the same ones who used them on innocent lives…whether they were militia by the Assyrian government, independent terrorist or Western backed terrorist…they were simply the bad guys that Trump wanted gone to bring more stability and peace in the area.  Who and where they came from Trump probably already knows…but more than likely he cannot tell the world until the conflict is over.

This should make both the conservatives and liberals happy…because we all agree…the deadly gas was not supposed to be in the area…and whoever was guarding it was doing so to harm and kill innocent lives.

Like China, Putin got the message loud and clear.   Isis must go, terrorist are truly on the run…and it appears North Korea and Iran will fall in line next.   Trumps campaign promise was to stop playing games, stop the needless wars (as France, UK and the US said about the strikes…this is a limited –no boots on the ground).   Our foreign policy  has not  changed in decades because many of the Republicans and Democrats really did not want it to change…they were too comfortable making millions and did not have the motivation  of  Trump and the generals he has used to truly pursue and end  the global controlled corruption.

Note:   It is important to mention some of the key points given in President Trumps response.   He said he wants to work with Russia…as he said on the campaign…possibly for Russia to become an ally.   Can you imagine a world where all the super powers are truly working together to benefit not only themselves…but the world.   Putin (Russia), China and most other powerful nations  don’t hate the U.S. enough to destroy it-but they have however become   lazy (as the U.S. has been lazy over the last decades) to diligently stop radical evil groups or governments.   That is why Trump has had to light a flame under Russia and China,   He knows that we have an incredibly historic  opportunity to eliminate the true evil  dictators and murderers that are terrorizing families -children!! throughout the world.   This is his vision, one of many.

As mentioned earlier, China needs to put pressure  (not armies if at all possible) to control North Korea…and Russia, pressure on Syria and Iran.   A limited strike to demolish the terror gas facilities…and the militia who guarded them- is sending a message that we want the threat stopped…now!

This is why Trump got the UK and France involved.   He is going to do  EVERYTHING IN HIS POWER to bring all the countries together that are willing to stop the global injustices.   When you think about it…we could have stopped Hitler before he became a military might-saving millions of lives.   Likewise,  many other ruthless dictators can be stopped if  we prepare with other nations to work together.

Note:  Would like to give a quick example.   We have heard about the horrific persecutions in North Korea.    Lives being tormented for not living according to the lies of an evil dictator.   Brothers and sister in the Lord losing everything for pursuing truth.   We can give limited funds to support groups to try and stop the injustice, but a US president with a vision can put pressure on World Governments to truly set in motion policies to force North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to stop the violence and persecution…once and for all.   Now you see just one example why  we are supporting a President…imperfect as we all are…with a vision to stop the evil corruption-not just in other countries but also at home!  I can think of no other president in modern history that not only identified the corruption (several had done this-see above links) but that also has set a plan in motion to ‘drain the swamp’.    America is realizing this…the Great Awakening is Upon Us   🙂

While our focus is not to create a police state for the world (an important point) , we can however work in  unity to stop the horrors of war , violent persecutions  and the great suffering that they bring.   Kennedy also believe this to be true,   see Why England Slept.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post, God is sooo good and merciful.  So many of us  truly believe we have been given a great blessing for our loved ones and families.   In the near future, there is a good chance we will discover how incredibly close evil came to knocking on our door-a governing brutality that would have affected most countries of the world until the Lord returned.

Let’s not waist this opportunity…and  bring down His Spirit in our congregations-true life for those in need.   God bless you as you pursue His truth. 🙂

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