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Why the Lies

The U.S. Centers For Disease Control and Prevention released these findings on the Survival and Fatality Rate of Covid 19.   Here is the link.

The study gives different scenarios (the different conditions of the patient and various treatments) so the results will be estimates…but we can definitely get a good idea of the survival and fatality ratio.  Please see the results below.

The last study below was by the Human Mortality Database…which shows the mortality ratio of each nation per thousand of those infected from Covid 19.  They are also similar to the U. S. results listed above.

In short, we have fatality rates that are incredibly less than any claim or prediction that was given to us by the media or the politicians that continue to ‘shut America down!!’   These same politicians outlawed cures and threatened doctors that prescribed them.

The last picture above gives us these results….if you are 79 years old, in any country in the world-and are infected…you have less than one percent chance of dying from Covid.  The first two pics show similar results of the fatality rates that many in the government and media have completely exaggerated.

Why would counties in the U.S. –as they did in Orlando Fl.  give completely false results?  Why did they claim the general population had a 100% infection rate?    What was their purpose when they tried to jack up the infection and fatalities numbers-by making all those infected with Covid-no matter how they died-to be charted as a Covid-19 death?  The reasons are obvious!

While the picture below may be illustrated by clip art, it still reveals the serious truth about other flues and viruses.   We did not go into a nationwide shut down for pandemics in recent history.


It really is time to do the math-and we are talking about simple addition!

Politicians on both sides of the aisle who make less than 200K a year… and in most cases-have expenditures for at least 2 dwellings (one in their home state, one for DC) do not after a dozen or so years walk away with 10-15 (or more) million dollars in their bank.

They all don’t have ‘book deals’ or ‘speaking deals’…and if they do…who are they receiving millions of dollars from-and why??!!.

We both know, we ‘all’ know why…the corruption runs deep, but the evil runs even deeper, to the bottom.   See link

Is It Possible  God Really Did Intervene?

There has been more prophetic directions given to us by the Lord in the last dozen years than in the last 1000 years.   There has not been a time in the last millennium where it was recorded that the Lord predicted an international great awakening…a president for a specific country…the direction for the restored church, the destruction of the old political guard, and given specific details about the blessings to come for a country that has been crying out for the help from their God.   That is how important this worldwide Great Awakening truly is.   Please see 

-World Wide Reformation Movement

-Prophetic Beginning -see prophecy at the end of the article. 

 The church leaders and lay Christians who are awake in the Spirit are saying the same thing…they see what the Lord is doing…giving us the opportunity to clean out the evil and restore His covenants back to His people.    We were at the edge of the cliff…where the Lord could have allowed the nations that turned away from receive the evil that they desired-and the consequences that followed.  We were literally headed for the end-time tribulations as stated in Daniel and Revelation.

Gen. 6:7 Do not be deceived:  God is not to be mocked. Whatever a man sows, he will reap in return. 

In His great mercy, He heard our prayers and is giving us an opportunity to fight the age-old corruption that has plagued nations throughout the centuries.   See The Root of Evil 

As mentioned above, the math is simple.

The Old guard is simply trying to destroy President Trump…the patriots that support him…and anyone that violates their mode of operation.

While many are just following the money, for some-the evil goes much deeper.   Most will be shocked if we ever see their true intent…and the horrendous acts of sex trafficking and child abuse-in every form.   We have heard the testimonies of the occult rituals in Hollywood…but they were shut down by the media as most  Americans continued to sleep.   Until recently the children were being abused with little help from those that could actually rescue them.

We finally have a movement where there is a direct attack on those doing the abuses to ‘all’ of us.   For the first time since President Kennedy, the fight comes from patriots in the highest positions in government.

You can actually hear JFK give this speech.  Link.   He could not have been more exact.  He believed there was a one-world ‘monolithic’-evil ‘ruthless’  ‘conspiracy’ the first conspiracy nut, that was hidden, highly funded and involved military, political, three-letter agencies ‘intelligence’, using the latest scientific methods…  with and end game of destroying those who do not fall in line.  Does this describe what patriots have been saying about the cabal or deep state?   We all know the answer is a profound YES!  This is what patriots have been warning about for generations…and we now have a chance to stop what President Kennedy gave his life for.

You Have Personally Witnessed 

As we have said sooo many times-they don’t hate Trump and the Great Awakening…they are terrified of this movement.

-You have seen them sacrifice American lives by attacking Covid 19 cures and the doctors that prescribe them.   Complete overregulation (more accurately called overkill)…all to keep Covid active and alive.

-You have seen them attack every word President Trump has spoken. 

-You have seen them start the impeachment accusations before he even sat down in the oval office.

-You have seen how they distort the truth by the twisted questions at every press conference.

-You have witnessed them make policies that continue the violence in the streets (defund and abolish the police) and do everything to continue chaos at the borders.  

-You have seen them destroy the code of justice-   ‘Hate all’ for the sins of one.

They have the simplest of propaganda that force-feeds the American people, regurgitated time and time again.   The most educated swallow the lies.   Their slogan… ‘President Trump, his radical followers are fanatics’-until you realize their lies and join those radicals. 🙂      See Walk Away P1, P2.  

These ‘fanatics’  have simply fallen ‘back’ in love with our country…because we see an opportunity to restore everything that is good-to our country.   The foundation being God’s love and peace.

How in the world do we not stop-throw away our prejudices-and see what is truly happening?

The Truth is we really don’t want to convince you…we want Him-the Working of the Holy Spirit to do that.  The reason is that He loves you and simply wants you to have the truth-along with – a made in heaven home-for all the ages to come.

Thank you for reading this far…I know it is work…the opposite of a FaceBook post.   Since when do we ever get anything valuable without having to do some work?

To ‘seal the deal’ please see the section under knowing God… Link 

To see more on this Great Awakening, please see it’s section as you scroll down. Link

God bless,

Bill 🙂


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