The Great Awakening, Conspiracies Go Mainstream 7-21-2019


Main Video (only a few minutes), President Trump Explains The Crucial  Time we are in.  Please see Link.

The most powerful leader in the world sees exactly what millions of people across this planet have been aware of –for decades…what government leaders, historians and patriots have been giving evidence on- for generations.   President Trump explains how important ‘cleaning out the swamp’ really is-our countries survival literally depends on it.  See short video, Evidence of Global Corruption 

As proven in WW I and WW II, the United States was essential in stopping the massacre of millions, led by evil that desired to dominate the world.  America has proven to be an example (and hope) for freedom across the world.   There is no greater time to wake up and allow reality to become part of our lives.   The next two links describe the experience of someone who believed the lies…and now has ‘Walked Away’. Link 1. Link 2.

As mentioned for a few years now, there has been a coordinated effort to bring the truth to light  Eph. 5:11   Patriots in the government, even though a minority, have had a strategic plan to clean out the corruption deep within both political parties.   Many who know what was truly happening have been incredibly frustrated and have asked, why is it taking so long to start the crackdown on those who have committed crimes against you, the American people?

The process to bring justice to those who have selfishly corrupted our government has long been in the ‘critical stage’.   As mentioned earlier, both political parties, many judges, and corporate donors that controlled the politicians all have to be brought to justice legally and fairly.   It will simply take time to correct what took generations for those in power to abuse.  The plan will have to be carefully executed to bring them down.   It has been mentioned there are thousands of sealed indictments that are coming, Jeffery Epstein is literal the tip of the iceberg.

As mentioned in other updates, those who oppose this Great Awakening don’t dislike or hate Trump, it is much more serious than this.   Many are terrified of him.   There has been more than one confirmed account of those in the ‘other camp’ saying-once Trump got elected they (the patriots)  will put all of us (the corrupt buddies) in jail’.

We are witnessing the beginning of the ‘big fish’ being exposed.   His name is Jerry Epstein.   The dominoes are beginning fall.

We have known for years how the Clintons used drug money for their personal gain in Arkansas.  This was confirmed by the police chiefs in their city.   See the Clinton Chronicles.    We are going to find out who really used millions in Russian money for this recent presidential election,  funneling much of it into personal accounts.   If all goes as planned, we will begin to understand things that may have disturbed you, questions like-

Why building 7 at the world trade center fell…

-a building that was not hit by a plane on 9-11,

-whose thousands of steel welded joins ‘miraculously’  exploded in a coordinated sequence within milliseconds of one another

-to bring the building down –in its own footprint-by ‘office fires’ on a few floors.

-An impossibility as stated by architects around the world link 1, link 2.

It’s time to look at the hard evidence and join together what several of us believe the Lord has started.


Many don’t get why people are soo drawn to ‘the rallies’.   News flash, it’s not about Trump.    Others in different political parties keep asking, they don’t seem to understand how we can be soo united and draw thousands upon thousands that fill stadiums, while the opponents have difficulty filling high schools.

We are participating in a movement to save our Republic…it’s that simple! 

We are excited we can be a part of it, defeating those who

-at best, were not truly focused on serving our democracy, for they were entrapped by money and sex.

-at worse they started wars for self-gain, including murdering innocence Americans by taking down the buildings in 9-11. 

 Included in the indictments will be indisputable evidence of physical-sexual abuse of women and children.   The time for justice has come.

Prov. 24: 24-25  Whoever says to the guilty, “You are innocent,” will be cursed by peoples and denounced by nations.  25 But it will go well with those who convict the guilty, and rich blessing will come on them.

Millions across the world are joining us,  what we have witnessed for decades.   We have been labeled ‘conspiracy theorist’ in an effort to tag us as the ‘crazies’ of the minority.

Those who believe we are unhinged currently have a ‘supernovae problem’.     Although we have given evidence from those with the highest authorities from multiple nations, we were considered basement dwellers-private second class.   President Trump and those who are closest to him… are the most powerful group of people on the face of the earth.  THEY BELIEVE  EXACTLY LIKE THE CONSPIRACY THEORIST THAT FOR YEARS WERE  DISREGARDED (see first video link at beginning of this article, Link 2).    World and domestic policies are now directly involved in exposing and prosecuting what we have been giving evidence on for many years.

Our desire is not to claim victimhood, hold any grudges or point fingers…I told you so…but just have a desire to come to the truth so we can make our home an incredible place to live.  Guaranteeing our freedoms will allow us to come under the blessings our God-who desires to mend  a country that promotes truth and justice. 2 Chron 7:14

Those pursuing justice are not conspiracy theorist, but human rights activist.   They deeply care about the harm that is being done to millions of Americans.

What both sides know to be true is…when the masses wake up to what is honestly going on, their criminal ride to the luxury life gained by abuse and illegal activities is heading straight to the jailhouse.  Election baby above is smiling  🙂

Thank you for reading and sincerely reviewing the evidence in the given links.   Waking up to the truth can be difficult, but the task of humbly putting away our preconceived ideas…that were in most instances were given to us by the numerous false narratives, is indeed a beautiful process.   As mentioned in the above links, if we step back and really evaluate those giving false narratives, their entire political policies are mostly about putting down the conservatives with hate speech (no, we are not all racist, bigots-or other names that I refuse to publish).   Their policies have gone soo far ‘out there’, they are promoting an agenda that will hurt and eventually destroy our country in the long term.   See God’s Political View, Links to Q updates 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.   Why Socialism is so Dangerous, Scroll down to Great Awakening (may want to start 12-5-19 Article

There is nothing like being united in the common goal of truth, as usual, I would like to close with some links on how we can share in a government, a kingdom that will indeed  unite us in the truth forever 🙂    God bless, Bill

Understanding God 

How Much Does God Love Us 

The Final Step to Knowing God 

Truth Video 



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