Trusting Those Who Desire to Give You the Truth


General Flynn states-

‘Through this case, (his case in which he was exonerated of the false accusations that could have sent Gen. Flynn to prison for years) we have exposed the underbelly of Washington D.C. and it is grotesque.’   (His interview with Maria Bartiromo Dec. 7, 2020.     Listen for yourself    Link

Please consider.   In this interview, General Flynn-who has worked at the highest levels within our intelligence agencies-speaks of corruption that runs soo deep, it is ‘grotesque.

If we have any concerns about his reputation and character, here is a list of his service medals that he has achieved during his service to our country.

Defense Distinguished Service Medal., Defense Superior Service Medal (4), Legion of Merit (2), Bronze Star Medal (4), Meritorious Service Medal (6), Joint Service Commendation Medal, Army Commendation Medal (5), NATO service Metal , Ranger tab, Master Parachute Accommodation.

Kinda tough not believing a general with umpteen service metals and accommodations listed above.

Getting to the Truth 

When I listen to general Flynn,  I get in my heart…here is a man that loves his country…oppps, my bad-loves ‘the people’ in our country-and will never back down from defending us…and telling us the truth.

Let’s get the ‘specifics’ on what he has discovered within our federal government.

‘We have an element in our country, within the institutions of our government, the department of justice, -certainly the FBI, our intelligence community (CIA etc) that have an anti-American sentiment…and do not want to see our country thrive.’

Please Consider.   In other words, there is an element within our government, within our intelligence agencies, that want to harm you and me.   They falsely accused General Flynn, threatened his family-and wanted him silenced.   To those who are evil, he is one of the most dangerous men in the nation; he knows who the rats are.

Note:  It is interesting that when President Obama was finalizing the transition with President Trump, there were two individuals he warned President Trump about,  Kim Jong-un and General Flynn.   One is a foreigner that wanted to hit our country with nuclear weapons, and one is a patriot who could identify all the ‘rats within’.   We will let you figure out…which one is which, and why an ex-president would be afraid of a rat buster.

Please Consider.   This is exactly what President Kennedy, President Eisenhower, and thousands of other patriots warned us about.   President Kennedy however was even more specific.   He called them ruthless.   Link. 

Please consider.  Who and what are you going to believe?   Are we taking in the words of a general who confirms in our soul his undying dedication to you and I?

Are we going to believe the accusations from Pulaski, Brennan, Comey, Schumer, Schiff, and others?

It is absolutely shocking to us some cannot see the difference between those like General Flynn, Sidney Powell, Jim Jordan, Devin Nunes, Senator Grassley-and other patriots – who totally agree with General Flynn

-and actually put their beliefs-their trust in those who have attacked the truth with their lies… time and time again.   Link 

It is even more shocking that some cannot see the motives and dangers from the swamp, which includes-but is not limited to…those in the swamp listed above.

We cannot Honor Truth and Believe the Lies-One has to Stay, One has to Go. 

   We have to Humbly Allow Truth to be Revealed to Us,  Allow it to Guide Us.   

Truth is valuable-and we are honored to receive it.   If we never treat it as such, if we never humble ourselves and treat it with more value than the lies that are trying to conceal it; that are trying to stop its intended purpose for good…

then maybe, Truth will respect our wishes, the choices we make.   Truth will not force itself and violate what we have chosen not to receive.

It’s never about being perfect to have Truth show up as our guest, we just need to invite Truth into our lives-and treat it with all the respect it deserves.   That way, Truth will always know it’s welcome…and always be willing to give us more.

Truth can really be a nice Gentleman if we give it a chance to show us how special it is.   See Jn. 3:21

Now is the time to stop believing the lies –and start inviting the Truth into our lives.   We can start by listening to the obvious, to those who have a love for our well being…

Yes, those who genuinely care about us… who are trying to show us-you got it… the Truth 🙂

Please see how we can know the Absolute Truth

God bless,



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