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Great Awakening Update  12-15-18

When My People…Humble Themselves and Pray  11-28-18

John 3:30 He Must Increase, I must Decrease  10-26-18

Is. 5:20-Calling Good Evil, Evil Good. Living in the Light  10-8-18

Judge Kavanaugh Hearing-Demanding True Justice 9-30-18

Great Awakening Update 9-16-18

WW2  Veteran Explains Freedom throug an Encounter with His Trumpet   7-18

The Great Awakening -Walk Away Movement 7-29-18  7-18

Understanding Truth Video  7-18

The Great Awakening 6-2018 Video & Comments 6-18

Heavenly Tools Never Wear Out  6-18

A Tribute to B W Stevenson Sharing Song of the Lords Peace and Love    6-18

The Great Awakening 4-18   4-18

Syria and President Trump   4-18


How Should We Preach, Following the Lords Example 

Jesus Quiets the Storm, Calming Hurricane Irma

The Son can do nothing, only what He sees from the Father

9-11 Repeated in Tehran Video 

Keeping the Love in Like (Re-Edited)

Hebrews 4:12 Swinging the Sword of Truth

The Lord is Exposing Global Corruption

Gods Political Viewpoint

It’s not about Trump, It’s about TRUTH  (Short Video)

Time to Shout Truth to America

Trump, the Most Dynamic President Since Our Founding Fathers?  

The Root of Evil-Tree of Evil 

The 2017 Presidential Inauguration


The Lord is Calling the Church Off the Fence 

Understanding the Corruption of the New World Order 

Why Would A Christian Vote for Trump?

Fellowship or Friendship  

Donald Trump, A Christian Perspective 

Living Water  

Shepherds Who Choose The Broad Road 

Compare our Christian Walk, Bullet or Buckshot 

Expect! 2016


A Special Christmas Wish For You

Abiding in Him or Fighting Evil 

 Update on New Church-City on a Mountain

4 Things That Were Keeping Me From Becoming A Christian

Jesus, the Begotten by the Father 

Protecting the Innocent Lives of the Unborn Children

No Problem

Finding Home 1

Finding Home 2

Being Wrong 


Sand Lot Christianity


Christ Light Shining In Us

The Simplicity of Divine Wisdom


His Glory And Love

City On Our Knees


Merry Christmas

Thank You Father

Donations-Please Gold Only

Opening Our Eyes to Real Godliness

First Step for the Church

Life Song

In Your Heart You Always Knew

Listening With Our Hearts


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