What’s the Point?

Recently-it seems people’s thoughts are on the things that are affecting them…and us.   Covid, limited work hours, do I need to wear a mask, I can’t go to the beach, am I going to ‘real school’ in a few months…I just want to watch my football this season!

All these questions with the lack of perfect answers are disrupting our lives-and the discussion on how to do the right things to correct this mess -is what we all have talked about with our family and friends.

These talks at times may be passionate- I personally kinda think this is just fine- it is a great personality trait if we really care about the people around us.

Because of this-the discussions have turned to specific concerns-like- are we being safe, is the government doing the right thing-and-what side are ‘you’ on 🙂

Many of us believe this will pass and the answers to what we should have, could have and would have done- will –in many ways be answered.

Hopefully, our motives are not to sway others to our ‘side’ but to –as friends and family should do-protect them from getting harmed physically or personally.

With this said, I did want to share a personal story that explains why the above discussions are important-at least for me.

Unless we get ‘to the point’ why we have voiced the concerns over the years…and especially in the last few months-then they just become ‘another discussion with another viewpoint’.

Talking about freedoms, liberties and true justice are not really worth mentioning at all-if they were ‘optional’ standards for us to live by.

These ‘virtues’ as our forefathers called them, also protected our ability to freely pursue the most important matters in our lives, the things we value the most.

One example for me was when I argued (ooopps) discussed issues about religion in college. I thought I had all sorts of arguments with all sorts of answers. I was wrong-but I digress lol, that is another story.

What I was really doing (though half clueless) was simply trying to fulfill my life, the best way I knew how. When we think about it, many times we do things because we are simply seeking affirmation in our lives.  We want to feel valuable-worthwhile. We want to know if we blow it things can be mended. We want to recognize our special skills and talents-to know they can be used to help others. We desire to know what special purpose is in our life…and how do we discover it?

Maybe most importantly, we need to know that this value and love are guaranteed by the highest authority…and will never change.  This is probably why when we are raised with serious problems with (or many times without) our parents-it can be difficult to overcome.

When we look around and see the major mistakes others have made (ourselves included)-there seems to be a direct link of simply trying to find our value in the wrong way-‘in all the wrong places’.  We can see those looking for affirmation through negative peer pressure, having to maintain a special ‘status’ among those around them, continually seeking approval from others, using drugs to fulfill an emptiness.

It’s kinda obvious, all of these searches are directly connected to… what seems to be the most important part of our lives-finding that ‘something’ that fulfills us…that brings a special value to us.

Again, What’s The Point

When we discover some of the answers that bring this purpose to our lives, then they become extremely important to us. This brings joy, hope, promise and a thousand other qualities to us.  What we then desire is to pass these treasures on to others.   It is not just the ‘car or house’ we want to leave behind,  but a lifetime of eternal blessings that others can use for generations to come.

I won’t speak for others, but maintaining joy and hope is a lot easier said than done.   This seems all the more reason why we have to protect our freedom so we can always be able to follow the pursuit of happiness –rather than having to fight for it on a daily basis.

The Freedom I Thought I Did Not Want

This ‘freedom’ allowed me to have conversations with those ‘Christians’ at college.  I did not know it at the time-by they were simply trying to give me what I was looking for. All of the above. Affirmation, purpose, value, promise, joy that can be found outside of my circumstances-by an authority that can never be challenged or changed.

In their process of trying to help me…they made me sooo mad! 

They just had that look in their eye…like they really believed what they were saying. They also had a unity…not so much in being clones to one another…but just seemed to undoubtedly agree who their God was-like they knew Him personally.

It really did tick me off…my party circle was getting ‘smaller and smaller’-I was losing them to –the other side!  To make matters worse,  my ace cards were not working-at all- with them.   I kept mentioning ‘What right do you have to tell me how to live’ just seemed to bounce off them.  They were like-that is definitely ‘just not’ the most important question right now.

What actually made me question my world-view (you know-the thing that pieces our world together, the thing that if it falls apart-it gives you  ‘this ship is sinking’ kinda feeling) was their sad but genuine look of concern they had for me. ‘You just don’t understand-we really care for you, God really cares for you…but you just don’t get it.’   Maaan, this really bothered me…I thought-their core values are different from mine-thus some of the things I was doing were ‘allegedly’ wrong- what they call sin.

The worst part of all this brain-scramble was…you leaving me-and your last play is that darn empathy card!  Don’t you dare leave saying God truly cares for me-He has a purpose for me-this makes me want to ‘NOT  hate you’…and that just ain’t fair! I will be ‘thinken’ all night-maybe there is something to those Jesus freaks 🙂

As mentioned before, I knew these Christians had some kind of line with something or someone, for they definitely had a prophecy connection that no one else could come close to.   Thus, after being directed to start reading the Gospel of John, I reluctantly obliged.

After reading John, where it says…My sheep will hear my voice-He just hit-like a train and came rushing in. One incredible woooow-it’s real…this Jesus is real.

He simply showed me how much He loved me-how He truly was God.  I was absolutely blown away…WE CAN REALLY KNOW GOD!! AMAZING!!

I knew He took away all the things I have done wrong, that were against Him.   I was astonished I could know the God that made the heavens-by Name…and I knew I had a home-forever.  I did not have to guess about this any longer. Like those Christians who made me mad- I now joined them-we both know this Jesus- it is just astounded me someone can actually know God… couldn’t get over it 🙂

Have to add, kinda important. When I realized how incredible His infinite love is (remember that affirmation thing) I soon realized how important this was for all of us. Why did those Christians not mention this…time and time again…???  His love and home in heaven will blow you away…they need to mention this time and time again…

For those reading…over time I realized they did..time and time again…but I-was really not listening…time and time again.  

 The point Is

The whole point of ‘what’s the point’ is-the reason we get passionate at times about freedoms, liberties, and guarding them…is –without them…we may not be able to write posts like this or to have the opportunity to talk to you ‘freely’ –about what matters most.   I am sure almost all of you feel the same way…you want to continue to have the freedom to pursue the most important things in your life-and to be able to share them –freely and without hindrance.

We both know however, this is putting it mildly, what is happening in sooo many countries are not ‘hindrances’ but persecution.   They are sacrificing their lives and putting their family’s lives at risk-so others can receive the message of Truth.

To secure your destiny with God, I am simply going to repeat what made me mad many years ago.  The message however intrigued me to the point, I had to see if what they were saying was real.

To find your home in heaven…that will last for all eternity-to know the True God of the heavens-it is not enough to just read the following articles, we must get honest with the Lord.   And-because He is real, He will respond to you like His own child.

God bless, Bill

Please see the following link-articles under ‘Knowing God’ 😉  Link

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