It’s gotta be a God thing!

It’s gotta be a God thing.  

A few weeks ago, while finishing up my last work stop…I heard someone playing the drums in a parking lot.   From my limited understanding of drum rolls-he seemed to be a pretty good player.

It was not a high traffic area…the other side of Best buy-and the likelihood of someone walking by would be ‘remote’ to say the least.

This morning, the once a month route ended up the same way-I heard the same drummer…same location-I had to inquire 🙂

He was friendly-and after I handed him my ministry card with the web site-he really started to open up.

He grew up in church… talken about Sunday from 10 AM to late Sunday night-where services were ‘ongoing’ lol.

You could tell early on, this drummer had seen ‘the good-and the bad’ in church people.   He simply had been burnt by people taking advantage of his talent-and he was left discouraged about the lack of sincerity of many in church leadership.   (Who were the ones that brought Jesus up on charges to be crucified??!)

So he said-the Lord told him, to start playing-in this parking lot.

Before we go on, I have a question for you.  If you were standing beside me and heard this statement-without any other explanation-would you believe him?

Does God really work in such an odd manner?   I mean-are you kidding me-in a parking lot-away from almost all traffic??   

Let’s just say-I left the possibility open, cause the Word explains-and life demonstrates-God can work in incredible ways-and He lovvvessss to work…outside the box! 🙂

He started to explain-quite humbly-how the Lord has worked-in this parking lot.

It was mostly with children.  

One mother had a child who was blind.   She just asked if she could sit in her car…with the windows down…and if they could just listen.

In this relaxed atmosphere-no hurry or rush-the child just listened to the rhythm…to the beat-could actually feel the vibrations’ and would move with the beat- smiled-got into it.   The mom knew-this is something my child can relate to…this is something my child ‘can do!”.   Only God knows the future, but I understood, a seed of hope was planted in that child- for the future.

Another mom brought her child by-more than once-several times.   He had autism.    There was something about the quality of play-the intricate way the drum sticks hit the drums, with the brass and coordinated bass foot pedal-all synchronized to make a complete sound-the made the body move into a beat you could participate with.  The mom says the child looks forward to going to hear…the drum guy .   It is a highlight to both of their day 🙂

He also mentioned other blessings, people who believe God is using him-and have helped him.   He mentioned he has been blessed too.   You could start to see-the hurt he had toward those in church-was starting to become an appreciation toward those who just want to follow and obey God-in church and out.  Right now, he still likes ‘the out’ part lol.   I asked him if that would ever change, he admitted-all the Lord has to do is say ‘go’-and he will indeed ‘go’ to wherever he is directed.

Just wanted to post a ‘that’s gotta be a God thing’ life story.   Over the years-we can start to recognize-that’s gotta be a God thing kinda deal-you begin to recognize how He works.   Always unselfish, always trying to give what’s best-and almost always-working in ways that go beyond what we could figure out on our own.

When God works this way-I come away with –it’s so ‘in tune’ with life-but many times-so out of the ordinary.   It’s so cool 🙂

Just think

The same God who delights us with

– thousands of different trees, flowers, animals-also delights us by making situations in life with incredible variety too.   Making life beautiful by creating joy-from a parking lot….wow! tell me that’s not sooo cool!

So glad He will never change

James 1:17 Every good and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of heavenly lights, whom never changes like the shadows on the ground. 

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