You Never Know… When Our Journey Ends

Last night, while servicing my stores around 11:30 PM-it was all quiet, in part because of the curfew taking place.    It was a nice night, not at all hot and my windows were down.   Suddenly I heard the sound that many of you are familiar with.   The distinct thug-crack of two vehicles hitting each other.

Just out of the corner of my eye I saw one car stop completely, but instead of another car…I saw someone on the ground with a bicycle beside him.

I could not believe a person on a bicycle could make such a horrific sound with another car.   I thought he would have died instantly.   Good news, I called today and he is in stable condition.

When I turned around to see if I could do anything (after calling 911) two policemen were already at the site.   This location is a downtown ‘hangout’ and police are usually in the area.  The bicyclist at least was beginning to have treatment on the way.

Sometimes we know things ‘intellectually’ but for all of us…like last night,  at times we receive startling reminders of how suddenly our lives can drastically change.   For this bicyclist- at 11:15 last night, he had no idea his life in a few minutes was going to severely change,  or just how close he came-to dying.

I Came Not to Abolish, but to Fulfill 

When Jesus said, He came to ‘fulfill’ prophecy, the law, our lives -He used the term ‘fulfill’ in the most meaningful way.  Matt. 5:17

Trying not to get ‘preachy’ but would like for us to consider something.

The possibility that God desires our ‘fulfillment’ to begin…before our life closes on this earth.   If you were with me last night and heard ‘that sound’ we would have agreed…sometimes life closes –tragically….incredibly fast.

By all appearances…this man on the bike was homeless.    The information given however in the links below explains to us that his worth is as great as the most influential person on earth.  If God was going to reveal Himself to us-explain His ways, it seems His system of fairness would have all men and women equally valuable.

Before you read however…please do not use the FB format (entertain me in 3 minutes or less).   Let’s get real with God and say a simple prayer.   Openness to God gives Him permission to come close to you-into your life and heart.   To me, this makes complete sense 🙂

Just pray right now …Father, I give You permission to teach me Your ways, I open the door to receiving You into my heart.   Whatever truth I am about to read…if this truth is really from You…make it real to me…for I honestly want ‘The Truth’  in my life.

I was shockingly reminded last night how ‘quick’ life can depart from us…let’s not waste one minute more.   Make as sincere effort to truly see if God is wanting to speak to you…humbly allowing Him to do so is the key to giving Him permission to be part of your life.

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