India’s Reason for the Record-Breaking Visit with President Trump-HOPE

The people in India did not come to see President Trump or Melania…they came for one reason-hope.

If you listen to the reporters questions in India… you knew they were pouring their hearts out to President Trump-to us in the United States.

Almost all of their inquiries were simply asking-how can you help us live as you do in the United States.   Don’t leave us with empty promises-help us!

We cannot be naïve and think a country that

– is ranked  99th  among 131 countries in annual income. The annual median per capita income in India is  $616 link. Simply stated that is $616 per person- per year!

– has an average of  450 people living in each km land area…making it the most densely populated large nation. link 

-or, depending on where you live, 40% to 60% of the people in India do not have a basic sewage system.   That means-if you live or visit many places in India-the streets are simply their restrooms.   Not trying to be vulgar…but when we learn this-it makes our hearts go out for the Indian people-I thought wow…that would be a tough place to live or visit.   Sooo glad the U.S. can be a part to help-see below.

What The Indian People Did Come To See

Yes, President Trump is extremely popular in India-and we can see why below…but let’s first quote what India’s prime minister said.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi told the Trumps’ entourage there never has been such a welcoming committee like this for another leader in India’s history.

Here is what one leading paper wrote. See short video

‘Looking out over the world’s largest cricket stadium, the seats jammed with more than 100,000 people, India’s prime minister heaped praise on his American visitor.

“The leadership of President Trump has served humanity,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi said Monday, highlighting Trump’s fight against terrorism and calling his 36-hour visit to India a watershed in India-U.S. relations.

The crowds cheered. Trump beamed.

“The ties between India and the U.S. are no longer just any other partnership,” Modi said. “It is a far greater and closer relationship.”

News flash, the Indian people did not come to see President Trump or Melania –even though they were glad they came…for they ‘represented’  what the people did come to see.

No matter how we personally feel for President Trump, we have to get honest.   Obama, Biden, Hillary, Bush, Cruz etc. etc.  would never draw such an epic crowd.   The question is Whyyyyyyyy???  As stated many times before, it’s the same reason why those candidates denying this great awakening is alive and well can not fill a room in city hall- and President Trump has 30,000 overflow in huge stadiums.  (Bring on the verified paper ballot vote this November!)

They are not there to see a man…but a movement.   India is part of the worldwide reformation.   They-the masses- ‘know’ what many sleeping Americans have not realized yet-We are in a reformation to change the world.

Yes, Christians who have been sensitive to the Holy Spirit have listened to the prophetic word given-dating back to 2011.   See links at the end of this article, Prophetic Beginnings, Also World Reformation Movement.   

This hope for the world however wants to include all countries-including ones not officially branded as Christian.

Many times the Lord wants to help countries with their basic needs-as soo many Christian charities have demonstrated.

If we can help them economically, with life’s most essential needs-this will open the door to help them in all areas-for all the countries institutions, including the church.    See Gods Political View 

The Lord does not discriminate, He loves the Indian people as well as the Jewish nation and the U.S. church

Acts 10:34 Then Peter began to speak: “I now realize how true it is that God does not show favoritism   also Rm. 2:11

The Indian people are seeing the ‘results’ of our economy that is being set free.   They understand what many in our government do not have a clue to.  Socialism cripples all institutions-not just the economy.   ‘All’ the nation’s institutions need to be operating freely for a nation to be successful.   The Indian people absolutely know what President Trump is doing…  See Dangers of  Socialism links below. 

President Trumps Simple Priorities

Here are President Trumps stated priorities.

-Setting the institutions free so they can operate in prosperity.

-This will require cleaning out the corruption that keeps the nation and its people in bondage. Link 1, Link 2,  Link 3 

President Trump made these two things incredibly clear to the Indian government.

1) Restore your religious freedoms.   He said he spent a lot of time on this…this is critical ‘to the people’-and because of blessings above…it is critical ’for the people’!

2) Get your economy on track!  A healthy economy is the only true poverty buster.   He desires to help India…but as important, this can be a win-win situation.   Healthy trade can help both countries.  This is what he is emphasizing to all nations; we can help you while you are helping us.

This is why he is balancing the tariffs (what many in Congress and the press fought him on)-get the industries flowing through trade…having both economies working and prospering together.   Thankfully for the U.S., as we achieve trade with multiple nations (as Trump is accomplishing) we will have incredible economic returns (called blessings if used appropriately) for the U.S.

The Goal 

It’s time for those in denial to see what is happening.   President Trump is attempting to have the U.S. become the most prosperous nation the world has ever seen-while helping other nations achieve economic and social freedoms to also better themselves.   He knows, like the masses in the world know-if the people live in freedom the wealth can transfer to them.   Socialism-Communism little sister…will control and cripple our institutions and make the government highly vulnerable to become a dictatorship.  See Dangers of  Socialism, The Truth  about ‘Democratic Socialism’ Link 1, Link 2 

Important Note:  The national debt that has been growing for decades, and the fiat U.S. Federal reserve needs to be ‘reset’ and backed by gold.   Like giving the heart a ‘jolt’ in cardiac arrest, don’t be shocked if we are ‘jolted’ into a healthy new system of gold back currency.   The ‘reset’ should be coming-hopefully it will be a  smooth transaction.

Also-Having a prosperous economy does not mean the world ends because of pollution.   A healthy economy means the truly polluted nations will have more resources to keep the environment clean.  (See India above)

 Thanks for taking the time to search for the truth.   We must remember, in order to ‘see’ we have to put away personal biases that can hurt us-our families and loved ones.   See Discovering Truth, Truth Video. 

Being united in the truth is such an incredibly beautiful thing to behold 🙂

God bless, Bill

Please see Understanding God, How Much God Loves Us, Becoming a Child of God. 

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