Tulsi Gabbard Waring Us about the Domestic Terrorist Bill

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If you don’t already know…this is Tulsi Gabbard,  a former liberal Democratic presidential candidate.  Most would put her in the moderate to far left range…but she is not an extremist.

She has one very serious problem according to the -old and new- radical democratic socialist movement.

This problem usually cannot be overcome by money, political influence, bribery, coercion and the like.

You see, she shows symptoms of being a Patriot- had the signs early on. Something about loving your country, justice, fairness, and hating political corruption.

Strangely enough, both parties agree she has another fault, one that is almost always politically fatal.   She has been extremely naïve.

But-like all people with good-hearted intentions, she seems to be waking up pretty quickly.

The first reality shaking came when the heads of her own party-headed by Hilary, accused her of being a Russian asset.   Imagine that, she has more time in the U.S. military than her accusers…blaming her-of being a Russian asset.   Like the vet she is, she was not quiet about this, she started to see the fangs in Hillary’s smile.

Truth be told however, she really did not do her homework.   The Clinton Chronicles have been out for decades, a few hours of her time she could have listened to the testimony of multiple sheriffs warning the world about Bill and Hilary.  See The Clinton Chronicles.    A few more hours, and she could have reviewed hundreds of documentaries on Clinton Corruption.   And, if she would have used her military training as an example…she would have spent a few days discovering the depths of the corruption on both sides of the aisle,  but especially now, in the radical views coming from the democratic party. Please see Link 1, Link 2

She is waking up though, there is something about wanting the truth over your personal views…over what may bring you the most wealth…heck…over everything.   The truth frees people to correct their errors and heals their body, soul and spirit.   She knows it’s definitely what the American people deserve.

She now has been given another wake-up moment.  A little late is better than never, or maybe better put, joining the fight for freedom and justice late is better than –not at all 🙂

The bill is question is the Domestic Terrorist Bill (wish they would quit using such a good name after such terrible Bills) 🙂 This legislation will tighten the noose on most of the American people Link.   A few days ago I posted an article about Hans Litten, who just prior to WW2- gave his life trying to stop the murder and violence by Hitler against the German people.  He did not have the Bill of Rights or a Constitution to protect him.   His end came in a dark and desolate corridor by torture…I pray you and I will never have to endure.

We are now seeing Ms.Gabbard waking up to the fact that behind this bill it will take our protection away from us…the protection Hans Litten did not have.  See the article a the top of the page. 

She is giving us a warning that her fellow democrats-and probably a few sold-out Republicans will support.  She is warning us that our government is trying to take your rights away from you…with the end result will call you out as a domestic terrorist.

As mentioned a few days ago, we have been warning about this for years…and now, she sees the truth about this predicted bill.   In short, it is setting the groundwork for the U.S. government to arrest you if you don’t proclaim their agenda.  Are you going to be labeled a domestic terrorist if you are Pro-life, Pro free speech, believe in individual choice for vaccines for you and your family, border protection for our country?  She even goes so far as saying…what is going to happen if you have an American Flag hanging from your porch-will you be considered a radical terrorist.   She believes this will target over half of the Americans in our country…watch out if you call yourself a Christian-especially you evangelicals (you mean, those that believe in a God that can bring His love to you…and begin a ‘New Life’ with you!).   Yes,  this sure fits our MO, we want to blow up buildings with innocent people in them…what a horrible lie!

Ms. Gabbard, your fellow Patriots have been trying to show the truth…for many generations.  Even your political presidential opponent has warned us about these terrible abuses: he-was even shocked by the depth of their corruption.

You see, this is not about Democratic vs. Republican, Liberal vs. Libertarian, left or right.   This is about a global power network that President Kennedy publically warned us in great detail-along with thousands of other patriots who also have witnessed crimes at high levels in the government and in the private sector.  Please Scroll down to Kennedy’s remarks and other evidence Link.   In the end, you may discover this is really about individuals who-like all (most) every emperor-king and queen for thousands of years- have lusted for power and superiority over their people.  At its core, their crimes against those that have opposed their plans-or those who have been abused by them are horrific…but that is to be revealed later.

Now it’s time to do your homework, to see if the truth is something you are willing to work for…and fight for.  Link. 

You were willing to give everything to protect your fellow American citizens, and I believe you are being rewarded and you are now indeed- starting to see what is really happing to us-the crimes against all humanity.   It is a true statement, you really are witnessing ‘the tip of the iceberg!’

They have to stop any chance of this Great Awakening from reoccurring; they cannot let us get a foothold again…for they know they will go down for their abuse to the American people.

The question is simple.   Are you willing to let go of your personal views, ambitions, prestige, former status and reputation…to see the truth-and then proclaim it.   It truly seems you are indeed headed in the right direction.   Maybe this question should be directed toward us.

Are we willing to humble ourselves, be willing to let the truth enter in?  But first, we have to allow the lies we have been told to be quiet…and invite truth to speak to our heart.   Once we all do that, we will join those that can see and we will realize those who have not yet been awakened.

We won’t be harsh to them, however, cause we all have needed help from God and others that were willing to bring us the truth 🙂

Always know this, however,  God Almighty is in this fight.   We don’t know the details of the war, but the outcome has been finalized!   God’s justice wins, and His love and righteous government will reign for all eternity.   Praise God 🙂

For more on Gods eternal reign, please scroll down to Knowing God 

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