To Those Who Are Pro-Life…

To those who are Pro-life….respectfully, I want you to know-I am Pro-Choice 100%.

I believe a woman has the right to govern her body the way she wants to.

In fact, we need to take this a step further.  

Many believe God set up the government institution to protect our rights, our freedoms and make it possible to live our lives in the most meaningful way.  See Gods’ Political View

Of course…this does not include hurting or harming others-as we all agree.  This is important to remember when we discuss this life issue.

Let’s take this ‘another’ step.  

The government is designed to protect our rights, freedoms, and liberties for all of us.   That would include Women, Men, and children of all ages, races and nationalities.

You see where this is going.   If you had a body part-and it was not working properly, you would have every right to treat your body in any way you desire.   Start treatment, delay treatment, use the latest tools from medical science, or try the old holistic natural approach-etc.   Heck, if you wanted to give a kidney or two to others, I would consider you my hero 🙂 .

The person inside a pregnant mother however is not a body part-it is a baby.   This baby ‘has’ body parts-just like you and me.   Yes,  we both realize-without question- there is a huge difference between a person…and the thousands of different ‘parts’ that make up a living individual.

 As the baby inside the mother grows, from the first weeks of conception we can see the beginning formations of organisms…inside the growing body.  This child in the early development is not a part of a body that is growing, it is the ‘whole body’, a person.  Please see Abortion-What We Agree On?  

If the baby is doing well inside the womb, there are hundreds of ‘living indicators’ that the baby is alive.   Tragically, if the baby has died, there are hundreds of indicators that everything has stopped…life has ceased.    The difference between life and death of a baby in the mother’s womb (with the current technology we have today) is as apparent as life and death outside the womb.   In short, it is not a body part this is living and growing in the womb, it is a person.

The Truth is Obvious 

The obvious reality, what is called truth, is this.   A mother has the right to treat her body as she sees fit.   This does not include however, hurting others and even herself.   That is why we have laws against harmful behavior like drug use, speeding on roadways-and even suicide.   I have worked with suicide prevention-and most difficulties are temporary-and people are usually crying out for help.  In almost all cases people are grateful they received help-and they would wholeheartedly admit-it would have been heartbreaking to all if they would have harmed themselves.   Life is to be protected-and this is indeed the most important role of the government.   See Link. 

You have a right to choose for your body.   You do not have a right to harm someone else’s  

Sooo-one can continue to scream, yell, protest and riot to prove the point that a woman has a right to choooose what she wants to do with her own body, and she would be absolutely correct.   We would even decree that all governments around the world should protect woman’s rights…along with each and every individual with them.   And-as proven by hundreds of medical indicators-a normal healthy baby inside the mother is alive-thus the government is responsible to protect them too.

Kinda simple if we don’t let our emotions distort the facts.

A Few Very Important Considerations 

For those who still think that a mother has the right to abort her child-I would like for us to consider a few very important facts.

Let’s get back to pro-choice.   It is universally agreed that when a person chooses to have an abortion, they are volunteering to eliminate someone else’s future life, not their own.

That ‘choice’ however-has not been rendered to the one being terminated.

As I stated earlier, I am Pro-Choice-100%.   To be ‘Pro-Choice’ however, absolutely ‘Pro-Choice’ we need to extend this choice to all the individuals involved in the abortion process, including the most important participant, the one being aborted.   In order to accomplish this ‘Pro-Choice’ for all-we need to allow the individual who is scheduled to be aborted the right to include his or her choice.   Thus, we who are true ‘Pro-Choicers’  should allow this individual the opportunity to live long enough to understand the consequences of ‘the choice’ that has been mandated to them.   Sooo, when the boy or girl is older and able to understand ‘the choice‘ or verdict they were given, they need to be asked directly.   What is your choice on this matter?   Do you want to live, or do you want to die?  It‘s your body…you also have a choice to decide for ‘your body’.

 As a mother governs her body, those being aborted also have the right to be able to ‘choooose’ what they desire!   They have a right to choose what is going to happen to ‘THEIR BODY’!!. 

Remember…they-we have a right to govern our own bodies, it’s in the script, it’s the foundation of our ‘Pro-Choice’ movement.

This ‘choice’ must include ‘all’ participants.

 It’s an easy thing to volunteer another individual to be aborted, but those who are genuinely ‘Pro-Choice’ need to include the choice of the individual that is affected the most-yes, the one that is being fatally aborted.

 There is not a person on the face of this earth that is living a purposeful, meaningful life that would want another person to ‘volunteer them to be aborted’-in any way or manner.    

Bottom line, it’s not a ‘body part’ that is being abolished, it’s a body that includes all the living organisms that will soon be functioning just like you and me.

 I really believe, that if we sincerely took at the obvious evidence, and put away our irrational personal bias…we all will come to the same conclusion.    It’s a baby, not a body part.  

I know for many, this one article will not answer all of the questions you have on the ethics of the greatest social issue in our lifetime.    With time however-and a sincere humble heart that is genuinely looking for the truth, I truly believe we will come to the same conclusion.

Let’s start by considering that we are not dealing with a body part, but we are determining the outcome of a baby’s life.  

Here is a 3 part article that may help -What We Can Agree On 

Personal Note:  As mentioned in the 3 articles above, everyone on all sides of this issue has made serious mistakes-and many times we all have hurt and harmed others.   We truly want those reading to know however, that it’s not what we have done that matters to God and to others who love us…but the important point is where we are going, the direction in our life.   The Apostle Paul was responsible for the murder of numerous Christians before he was converted and became a Christian himself.   God used him however to become one of the greatest writers in the New Testament.   Many Christians have been involved with abortions, and they will testify there is complete forgiveness and freedom for those who truly seek the truth.

Jerm. 29:13 You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart

I would also like to sincerely thank you for taking your time to consider the viewpoint of life inside the womb.   May you be blessed for doing so 🙂

Other articles about searing for the truth.

Please see Knowing God  


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