2017 Presidential Inauguration

Eight years ago for many of us, our hearts sank.   Yes, the people have a right to vote their conviction, but those opposing Obama saw through his polished rhetoric and knew what was coming.   We saw his Muslim family ties-his bias against our greatest ally in the most hostile region in the world-Israel.   We saw a the collection of promises to obtain votes, while maintaining the same rubber stamp- never fix anything- approach;  that for decades have plagued  both the Republicans and Democrats alike.

We saw a great cheerleader with no real solutions, following the same path that so many other presidents have taken…stripping us of our freedoms that are protected by our constitution.  Freedoms to protect all races and faiths-including those who are defenseless in the womb.   This oath they have sworn to protect- is permanently bound to their presidency by laying their palm on a holy document-swearing  their allegiance to the highest authority we live by-To  Almighty God.   This Friday, we will give another president an opportunity to uphold his oath to protect our freedoms guaranteed by our constitution.

Eight years ago we knew the answer was not to spread violence and hatred.   Yes, we disagreed, we voiced those differences-but we knew there was Someone greater that would achieve what we hoped for, far more effective than any violent act could accomplish.   What was true 8 years ago, is still true today.   Place our differences in the hands of God and pray.   The violence and hatred that is being planned for Fridays inauguration is demonstrating to the world the evil behind those opposing this new president link1, link 2  It is true, not all democrats are supporting the violent evil activities, but all democrats should be standing up against the hatred and violence-and this is simply not happening.   For those in democratic  party that are opposing the fight for a peaceful transition of power, you are the ones showing the world that justice is to be valued-protected.   I commend you for this.   Let’s both work together in the next couple of days to show all parties, all nations what we stand for, live for.

“I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

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