A Special Christmas Wish For You



When I see pictures like this during Christmas…it makes me want to take a minute  and just completely ‘wish’ to be there…in the snow-seeing the stars and letting all the worries and troubles vanish away.

This moment would not be complete however, if I was there alone.   Would want the best friends around, sharing what is special always seems to enhance its beauty.

These times can be so unique, over the years we begin to realize how special they really are.   In fact, if we could wrap up anything in the world to give away at Christmas, it would be those valuable moments made by very special friends and family.

Recently, a family member was trying to hang on to making the holidays meaningful, but it was difficult.   His best friend was in the hospital with life changing treatments and major cars repairs were making it difficult to travel this month.   There were other things going on also…I just wanted to pick this person up…drop him in this picture and say ‘rest-for a moment and enjoy’.

I can’t speak for all, but doesn’t it seem Christmas has a tendency to want to give what truly is important…peace, fulfillment, hope and value-for the whole year.   You kinda want to ‘drop’ them into moments where they understand they are  incredibly prized , safe, knowing they are important no matter what life throws at them.

It can be difficult though, knowing 1 persons ‘wish’ cannot fix all the troubles that they may encounter.

We can however, take them to the starry night above, with the beautiful tree and lights and give them a best friend -oh yes- and all the peace, fulfillment, hope that they will ever need.

Since you have decided to share this special place on the mountain with me, I am hoping you will also let me share a special moment I had years ago.

A time, when the stars and heavens opened up and gave me my best friend.

Reading the book of John, though reluctantly at first…I was introduced to someone that literally chose to dwell within me..I thought, how incredible!

Like being born into a new world, I was experiencing something I never had before.   An eternal friend that was showing me He would last forever, for He was also the maker of the universe.   I was astounded, blow away to be honest.   I did not know you could know God and also have Him as a friend.

He has made it clear to me He was a King, the Maker of the stars….but most importantly, He was my friend forever and I would never be alone again.

I thought, how in the world did they miss the most important point …why did they not tell me about ‘the best friend part’….how could all those talking about God…miss…He wants to be my ‘best friend part’.

Over time, I began to realize, I was at fault too.   They could have explained it to me, but I  probably was not listening very well.

For so many Christmas seasons we have heard, Jesus is the reason for the season.

The reason for Jesus coming ‘in the season’ though- is you.   He was born to bring us into His eternal family.

This Christmas, I did not want to forget to tell you about…’the best friend part’.   He will indeed show you He is Lord of this world (how cool is that), and the Ruler of the universe that will take away all its evil, yes the King of Eternal Peace.   The calling is real and there couldn’t be  a more special time than this moment.

That is why, right now, He simply is pulling on the  inside  of you that wants to know….the best friend part of what truly is perfect love…that will last, will never fade away and continue without ever leaving.

I cannot think of a more exciting Christmas than knowing you are taken care of forever…safe in Him. Everlasting Peace.

John 16:33  These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.

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