A Tribute to B W Stevenson-Sharing Songs of the Lords Peace and Love

Ever wake up and just felt you needed to have some nature time, a drive on a country road…like your soul was thirsty for a sunset and quiet time-to soak it all in. 
This morning was like that-and I could not get my mind off a little known country singer from Dallas (great city lol)-B W Stevenson.
He had a few country ‘hits’ on the charts…but most of his music was about just finding a place of peace.
When I went to look up his music on the search engine…I found out he went in for surgery at 38 years old, and passed away. Wow! Kinda blew me away…Sooo sad.

At first I could not figure out why I was so drawn to his music this morning, then it began to hit me. Before he passed away, he found the Lord and produced a single album about finding the hope and peace he so often wrote about.
This album was at the beginning of a music revolution, most called Christian Contemporary. In short, the music was about leaving all of the ‘traditions’ and just writing (and singing) about what was on your heart.

After years of not hearing his music… today I kinda rediscovered it. This burley 10 gallon hat singer wrote some of the most beautiful music about finding a peace in Gods love. It brought me back to the moment when I first found the Lord-incredible peace and joy. Finding the true creator of the universe, a home forever. I probably was not listening very well-but I did not hear ‘this part’ when others shared the gospel with me. Really wanted to do a tribute to B W, and list a few songs. It’s really soooo simple, the Lord just wants to restore our value as His children. This is what we all truly are seeking-fulfillment as a special child of God-that will last forever. Hope you enjoy a handful of songs about how truly special you are     To listen to the songs, you can hit links after each description.

Song 1) ‘Take Me to your heart’. The only good thing about a bad day-feeling separated from folks…is finding the One who can absolutely change this. A song about God speaking directly to us.   Link to song 1.

Song 2) ‘You Were There’. Ever need a friend when it seemed there was none to be found. He will always be there to those who seek Him Jer. 29:13.   Link to song 2

Song 3) ‘One True Way’ A simple song about finding God    Link to song 3

Song 4) ‘There is Someone Who Loves You’.   Finding true meaning , that special purpose in life.   Link to song 4

Song 5) ‘Paradise’ Upbeat song about our tropical paradise-our eternal vacation   B W probably had no idea how close he was when he entered his eternal paradise at 38.   Link to song 5

To find out how to enter your everlasting paradise please see the following links

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God bless you as you pursue His truth, Bill


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