Great Awakening 3-30-19 Kellyanne Conway Summary

Please link above picture to view short video of Kellyanne Conway’s ‘It’s Time to See the Truth’  …or see Link here. 

I was really touched by Kellyanne  Conway’s response to the press yesterday.   (It begins with the discussion of Adam Schiff, but moves toward  transparency  and honesty within the government).  After struggling for years to try and get the truth out, there was a moment of humble vindication- sincerely on display.    Even if one totally disagrees with the Trump agenda…one can sense her conviction for the truth.   It is worth a listen (4 and a half minutes of your day ?  ) to become  united in the restoration of America.       After listening to the above video, can we honestly say she in not telling us the truth??

Maybe it really is the time…as Kelly Anne be reflective-or in language I can understand…be open-to what is happening.    Open to see if she is revealing to us what is really taking place behind the scenes in congress and the press.  Sometimes it just becomes sooo clear, we realize it’s  time to be ‘grateful’ – glad we  are part of those who can see the evil and do what we can to stop it.

After watching the video, please feel free to view the links below for confirming evidence of why they want to take President Trump down.   Some of the media is waking up….here is  a 30 second Nationally Televised video that is agreeing with us…It’s time, the deep state is being exposed to the world  Link 

Why We Should Investigate –Seek for the Truth?

For decades we have seen the horrific corruption in the government…top CIA and FBI officials screaming  that wars were started and ended  because of greed that feeds the deep state.   Our neighbors –families being torn to the core…it has to be stopped.   Link 

This is not just about ‘due process’-or cheating to get some extra cash.     This is about millions of lives needlessly killed or families  being torn apart in pre-determined wars, human trafficking, drug smuggling…all with the fingerprints of those in power behind it.   This is why they are desperate to impeach Trump.

Some leaders are directly involved, some indirectly.   All however will be found guilty if they knowingly  allowed evil to be advanced-and benefit from it.

For years we have heard the prophetic word go out, how the Lord was going to restore the land…if we prayed.    Part of the plan included President Trump, as far back as 2011-along with the  military and congress who were truly devoted to protecting  our republic.  See links in  article (Trump Prophecies at the end footnotes)

When Trump ran…he saw what we saw, knew what we knew…what millions of Americans  see…and vowed to fight the corruption with us Link.   Truth is spreading world wide Link.

We knew most of the media was going to attack him with everything they had…we have never seen such an attack on a president in our lifetime-or in recent history.   Our predictions proved to be 100% accurate.   Most of the press and opposing congress  do not hate Trump…it runs soo much deeper.

If the congressional opponents just ‘seriously disliked him’,  you would see them  work against him… and  at times they would let him run his course until they got the candidate they desired.   All of those opposed to the Obama agenda did this.   We rallied with those who believed in the like-minded principles that were completely different than the former president.   We waited, and yes, we felt we needed to pray.  1 Tim. 2:1-3 

This is ‘not’ what is happening now however.   If our eyes are open, we can see the agenda.   It is plain and simple.   Take him out!   Any way and by any means.   They don’t hate Trump, they are threatened by Trump.   He is the ‘first outsider’ that actually is  ‘gaining enough support’ to expose and prosecute the injustices.

What you  see are politicians that are scared to death their illegal activities are going to be exposed-and jail time is awaiting them.   If it was not for the hand of the Lord protecting Trump (along with patriots in the military) he would be toast.  The evil goes that deep!  Link

As mentioned before, some in government  who saw the generations of corruption had a ‘war plan’ to fight it.      You will be seeing this picture a lot…it summarizes the victory strategy.

1) Mueller Report–Done.   The totally false narrative has been debunked.   The main video above explains the great waste of time, money and opportunity that could have been used to restore our land.  They never had ‘any’ evidence –they simply wanted to take Trump down.

2) Fisa Release- Coming, who really started all the fake narrative on Russian collusion?   What is it called when you have a political party buy out top CIA, FBI and congress…to illegitimately take out an elected president?   It’s called Treason.

3) I G (Inspector General)- report being released.   For 3 years now, I G Michael E. Horowitz has been working behind the scenes to release millions of documents.   Darkness to light Lk. 8:17.   With this will be the unsealing of thousands of indictments.   Link

This will be in unison with the military tribunals mentioned below.

4) Military tribunals-Hang on…this will get ‘interesting’ 

As mentioned before, what I heard the prophetic word about the military tribunals, I thought, I have not heard that term since watching videos of WW 2- Nuremberg Tribunals.  Amazingly, main stream media in now saying they are coming.  See Sen. Graham clearing the way for ‘Military Law-Tribunals’ Link,  See above links, especially Trump Prophecies by Mark Taylor in footnotes.   

The corrupt have one agenda…take Trump down.   They are afraid their lives are going to be exposed.   This is the only logical conclusion of ‘why’ many of both sides of the isle not only disagreed with him, but attacked him on everything.  From accusations of  being mentally ill, to spreading lies of perversion  in foreign countries…the abuse has been unparalleled for any president in history.  

It Is Not About Politics -But About Truth and Justice 

The goal is not to harp on politics…politics in my opinion is boring.    You have been lied to, and you are valuable enough to us to be told the truth.   When the corruption is finally exposed, the evil will also come to light.   The corruption hurts all of us-it hurts our homeland.   In short, it hurts our children-and their children, and all those we care about.     This is why we cannot be quiet, your lives are too important to be taken advantage of-and in some cases-abused and killed.

Wars that could have been prevented, affiliations with drug cartels, human trafficking, child abuses -and as President Eisenhower warned us,   the military industrial complex (buying out congressmen for arms sells) are all just a part of what we are currently fighting against.

It would be so much easier to keep silent, let others do ‘their thing’ …but that would mean we do not care about what happens to you and our country, our future, and in many ways-for other countries hoping for the same gift of freedom.

In closing, the important move right now is simply getting to the truth, what the Lord is doing in ‘Our Country-and the World’.   Like Israel, if the leaders were evil, the whole country mourns Prov. 29:2.   The Lord is  uniting the people to see the truth-so they can fight the evil.   The result, more open doors to bring His light to the world-by His harvesters  Matt. 28:16-20 ? .

If we do this-humbly ask for help from above…the Lord will gladly show us the way.

Jerm. 29:13 And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.

Thanks for taking to the time to listen to the above video…God bless, Bill

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