If we are truly willing to Discover what is Right -then we must always be ready to Discover that we were Wrong.

We all have had times of being wrong,  blowing it…messing up and regretting things we have done.    I like what President Kennedy said.

  ‘An error does not become a mistake until we refuse to correct it.’ 

We as humans are simply limited in understanding-as seen with all the vastly different opinions we have on incredibly important issues in our lives.

As Kennedy implied, it’s not wrong to be wrong, it’s wrong to not correct being wrong.   

Fortunately, it’s not up to me, or you-to ultimately convince one another –when we have Someone to go to-who can help us find the way-the truth.  See Truth Video 

The above pic caught my attention…

I don’t want to regret being wrong simply because I was too proud

to ask for help, to find the true answers for important directions in  my life…

-to have a heart that was willing to listen.

If you were a parent, a teacher, mentor…would you not rejoice if someone came to you and desired to be shown the truth?     Likewise

Sometimes,  the most complex questions come with the simplest of answers…

Matthew 7:7-8

 Ask, and it shall be given you;

seek, and ye shall find;

knock, and it shall be opened unto you:

For every one that asketh

receiveth; and he that seeketh

findeth; and to him that knocketh it

shall be opened.

Being united in what is right does not come from me (thank goodness) or you, or popular opinion, but by simply asking our Father in heaven…

Kinda makes sense, if you were God with all the answers, would you make this complicated….we all know people who make life complicated….who likes complicated

Gods door is always ready to open for the one whose heart is willing to go up and knock. 

The gate is narrow, all the baggage stays outside.   Just you-any broken pieces within get through the narrow gate -to Gods everlasting  joy.   

Matt. 7:13-14 Enter through the narrow gate….. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life

His greatest present can never be forced, like any gift, it has to be received and opened 🙂

Please see links under on this page- Knowing God 

God bless, Bill

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