Is. 5:20-Calling Good Evil, Evil Good -Living in the Light and Avoiding the Darkness

Isaiah 5:20  Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who change darkness into light and light into darkness ….

I was having a conversation with someone a while ago…about the two major views that are taking place in our country.   ‘The Middle’ is becoming vacant and there seems to be two developing polar opposites.    I was  glad the conversation went well…there was no name calling, harsh words or feelings, but a  mutual respect for ‘other’ qualities in our lives-and we even laughed about how we think the other is ‘crazy’ lol.

We were simply amazed at each other…at the  lack of discernment about what was going on in our nation.

Judge  Kavanaughs election is a perfect example.   After all the personal feelings, convictions and opinions on both sides have been mentioned and exhausted…the simple facts remain.   These ‘facts’ used to unite us so we could come to an agreement.   These ‘facts’ at one time  outweighed our opinions so we could come to the end goal of all things- the truth, sometimes revered  with a capital T…ruth.  Jn. 14:6, See Understanding Truth video

For the preservation of justice,  accusations that could ruin someone’s life-were to be ‘thoroughly tested’  so they could be found true or false.   If you have been a victim… you would have legal recourse to protect you (the justice system)  in order for the abuse to  stop.   Innocent until proven guilty and having the government protect those who have been violated was set in place-not by man but by God.   The only time in Gods Word that men and women are called ‘a god’, is when they become ‘sons of God’ by a relationship with Him, and when God puts judges in place of protect the people…representatives of God to protect the innocent.  See link

The Bible verse at top…tells us sooo much-but let’s hold that thought for one moment.   Only God, Judge Kavanough, and Doctor Ford know exactly what happened that night…but being that it was decades ago-even Doctor Ford has admitted of some memory loss.

The point is this.    ‘The Facts’ explain there is no evidence of the crime-no documentation, witnesses, time, location etc.   Even if you totally dislike Judge Kavanaugh, we would have to give him due process…justice.    If we desire to do what was right, due process…our vote should be based on work merit, not accusations without merit (no evidence).    Violating him, or those who supported him,  rioting where other innocent lives are now being harmed-puts us in a darkness zone where we begin not to be able to see the truth…even if it is incredibly obvious.   The Bible verse in Is. 5:20  gives us this exact warning- if we start calling good-evil and evil-good.

In other words, if Judge Kavanaugh is innocent-if the proof overwhelming demonstrates this and shows his innocence-and we declare and react as if he was guilty.   If we accuse him of horrible crimes that he is not guilty of (as has been done to him in a national hearing)-the warning given by the Lord turns into a punishment.   Let’s look again

Isaiah 5:20  Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who change darkness into light and light into darkness,

The Lord immediately goes from a warning ‘woe to those’…to an outcome… ‘who  change darkness to light and light to darkness’.   Simply, when we turn good into evil (falsely accuse the innocent) turn evil into good (honor those who are committing crimes- going along with the lies given to us by those in a corrupt government)  true light turns into a darknessa blindness.    Again, the outcome of perverting truth creates a darkness.   As  we know,  darkness impacts ‘all’  those in it… the ones doing the deceiving, and the ones being deceived, whom the Bible calls sleeping.     

Darkness does not discriminate, it impacts all who participate in it-and allow to be ruled by it.

The apostle Paul was given some incredible insight.   In the last times, those who are trying to deceive others will actually fall into the deception themselves.   Simply put, if we try and deceive others, or not stand up for those who are being falsely accused…we will transgress  further from the light and become deceived ourselves-

2 Timothy 3:13  But evil men and impostors will grow worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived.

 Yes, it could start out by just being lazy… I don’t want to look at the facts, pursue justice, uphold the innocent-I just want ‘my view to win’.

Likewise for Christians, we have to genuinely surrender or views, theologies and personal perspectives-and truly hear from the Lord.   When we stand up for the truth   Is. 5:20,, or expose evil as commanded by the Word Eph. 5:11we will be able to ‘see the truth’-and thus be united in it.   ‘Hanging on’ to personal believes darkens our ability to see- as the above scriptures have shown.   See Our Road with God Part 1, Part 2

Jn. 3:21 But he who walks the truth comes to the light, that his deeds may be clearly seen..

As always, getting honest with ourselves before the Lord brings us into the light so we can be united-on the same road together with Christ.   Being united in Christ is the only true way to defeat satan.   Rev. 12:7-11Matt. 22:44Heb. 1:13.   Please see first 4 articles Kingdom of God. 

To Summarize 

These scriptures as saying-‘to keep in His truth and light’,  we have to    and evaluate our choices-views- in the sight of God.   Humbly ask, with His Help, for His light.    We need to make our decisions about life-others and our ‘political view’ based on the Word, His Spiritual leading which illuminates the truth and gives light to the opposing viewpoints.    This process of turning our hearts to His light…genuinely  searching for the evidence…keeps us in the truth.    See Be Humble 

The Sovereign God from above is warning us-stop the hate, the false accusations!   Stop believing those that the evidence shows are lying… who are truly guilty (the false accusers)-those that are blaming the innocent.   Convict the criminals and not the innocent!  Especially as Christians, we have to speak up…and not be ashamed to expose the evil Eph. 5:11, Stop the Corruption in Our World

In sooo many cases the Lord has given us enough light and evidence to see the truth ( as stated from the above verse).     If we do not want to go into ‘darkness’  we have to stop accusing  those who are truly pursuing good -don’t call them eviland stop calling what was proven to be evil –don’t turn a blind eye to it.    Start convicting those who are perverting justice!     It is our responsibility to discover the true intentions of those  with false accusations…and convict them!  

 This true justice will allow us to continue to see the ‘reality’ of those who are lying, and those who speak truth.  

Just felt a need to state this incredibly important warning from the Lord-to put this truth out there.

Have to mention one recent example.   A high schools football half time show allowed their students to show a drama of citizens killing police in cold blood.  Every person in the stands should have walked out on the field and protested.     See Link 

While there is a push from the Lord to stop the injustices (see links at bottom), this is why there is a growing chasm between the political views.    A simple congressional hearing that opponents openly admitted they were going to reject (ie falsely accuse) before the evidence was given…no matter who was chosen-turns truth into a hate fest of unproven accusations.   Don’t be part of the hate, the turning good into evil…avoid the darkness stay in truth-the light.    God bless, Bill

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