Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

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My child, sit before me-I want to tell you a story, it happened before you were born, when I was a young man. It is a true story-and I want for you to tell it to your child and grandchild if the Lord blesses. This story has changed our hearts forever. It changed everything about our lives. Will you remember this night-and continue to tell-The Story. The young child simply said, as you wish grandfather, I will remember everything-as I am told.

The elderly man paused then looked up and pointed to a certain place in the night sky. Over there, we all saw it. It was brighter than any star in the sky we had ever seen.  It glowed and moved ever so slowly. The child was captivated at his grandfathers eyes. It was like he was seeing the star this very hour. 

When his finger stopped where the star rested, he looked to the child as if he wanted the boy to believe him with every ounce of passion within the child’s heart.

What happened next  was meant to change the life of every person who ever lived. 

A child from heaven was given to us. We did not know it at the time, but he was born to die for us.

The boy was confused, not understanding what it meant to be born and then to die-for us.

The grandfather understood the child’s confused look and took him up a hill until they stood on a large rock overlooking their town of Bethlehem.   The peaceful night sky seemed to glow over their loved ones in the village.  Grandfather pointed to the livestock area outside the town market.

My brother Benjamin and I saw the star rest above that area, but we were across the hills at night watching out for wolves and thieves that might take our flock. As we gazed upon the star and pondered its purpose, we felt a great light pierce our hearts. 

Grandfather stopped talking-as if he was being touched by this great light as he spoke. He embraced me, his oldest grandchild and simply wept.  He said he didn’t understand at the time, he was not able to comprehend the message. 

Before a few shepherds that night,  the heavens opened and a living light penetrated our hearts. What we saw was a light that lives forever. When the angle spoke my whole heart wanted the life that was within him. His beauty was his glorious love that was alive in our hearts. 

I desired this love more than I wanted to listen to his message, the purpose for which he was sent.

Then grandfather took me to a place where we could both sit, he wanted to explain.

Soon other angels joined in, praising the true God. Our God sent His holy angels to proclaim His greatest message-to those many think have no honor-shepherds, men whose most important task is to watch and care for.
They shouted

‘Great Joy has been given to this world, from the town of David, a savior has been born to you’. Luke 2:11

 Most of my life I thought only of  the moment, trying to relive the glory of Gods gift, the birth of a child from heaven.  

Grandfather then described how he waited for this King to reign over all kingdoms.  He then turned to me and said he lost all hope when this child lived only to die by those who he came to rescue. Then, he smiled-no-it seemed as if he shined!

He said he remembered what the angel had proclaimed. The angel said “A Savior” has been born to you. All his life, he had the story turned around.

The angel was saying this great love that will radiate throughout the heaven and earth has come to you tonight, but will live forever. Grandfather said he was so captivated by the gift, he refused to see the gift came with great sacrifice. 

The greatest life-light- given to the world was to receive the greatest punishment, death by every sin committed against God.  

He told me to come and look with him once more over Bethlehem. Tonight, I just want you to remember what we saw, what changed your Grandfathers life.

The angles showed us such great love that would come from the savior of the world. You must always remember there is nothing greater than His love that lives forever.  The sacrifice to give us this love was beyond measure, but God told his angles to tell your family He loves us more than the pain caused by the death of whom He loved. 

I tell you this now, because you are a child and your can only receive this love with a heart as you have, like a child.

How beautiful, the greatest story ever told, His greatest gift given to those who come to Him, like a child. Have a wonderful and ‘Glorious’ Christmas.

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