Once Divided, We Now Stand United

To genuinely restore our country, we needed an absolute blockbuster of a person to break apart the corruption that runs soo deep.  See Link 

Joe Biden and his son Hunter, received tens of millions of dollars from China to promote pro-Asian policies.  As Biden has stated dozens of times….China is our friend-they are not taking advantage of the U.S. We have all seen for decades the opposite is true.   See Link 1, Link 2 

The evidence is soo apparent, if we only see with open eyes. Joe, however,  is just the tip of the iceberg…for the conglomerate of tycoons from the political, corporate, media and entertainment industries want to keep their power-and privileges-as they have for decades. What’s even worse, they know if justice is truly served…the extent of their abuses will put them in jail for years to come.

 Using History as Our Teacher  

Neville Chamberlain was a ‘nice guy’ and came back from Hitler’s Munich Peace Agreement in 1938 -amongst great fanfare.  He waved a piece of paper in the air in triumph-I have saved us from World War….see, I have Hitler’s signature right here.

Hitler knew Chamberlain could be played…this false hope allowed Hitler time to set up his ‘Blitzkrieg’ a ‘blitzing’ push from Poland that backed up the entire English army at a coastal town called Dunkirk…where practically all of England’s infantry were caught and almost slaughtered. Great movie Dunkirk Link?

Winston Churchill-Chamberland’s replacement- was a cold as steal…tough as nails –and Hitler knew he was literally in the fight of his life. Churchill was not politically correct…offended ‘softies’ around him-but literally rallied the Allies of the free world to stand together-homes blown to pieces-but they were bound and determined to fight for their country-for their freedom-to the very end.

As this writer mentions below…president Trump is not a people pleaser, but a Patriot.

I really believe, if we continue to seek the face of God…after the cancer of wrongdoing is taken out of the ‘swamp’ within our country…He will eventually bring a healer to restore us back to health from surgery.

The question is…in the middle of war…do we want a Mother Teresa or a Winston Churchill. Both are vitally important, but both would be completely hopelessly lost if their roles were switched.

This Is Not Coincidence 

It is soo interesting, almost all the issues we are facing as a country…we have 2 polar opposite views…not 3 or 4, but 2. Could it be…one is seeking the well being of all Americans in our country…and one is being forced fed by the tycoons mentioned above?? One; that if we ‘step back’ and think independently…we realize these policies make complete sense…the other…there are no policies at all, just hate rhetoric mentioned time and time again.

Some of the policies that under attack are –

-regulations at our border to stop the chaos

-stop the violence caused by the riots against innocent people

-restore our economy…the best poverty buster is ‘real jobs’ in the inner city.

-protecting our freedoms that every civilization in world history has eventually been stripped of.

-respecting our neighbors, our nation, our God and all of His creation.

-the list continues.

Are these the horrendous things that conservatives are found guilty of??  If one finds them so terrible, what country do you want to live in that is not protecting the above liberties and agendas.  

This writer below did a great job asking…Why do we see 2 completely different people in President Trump –and 2 completely different views in this global reformation that is restoring fairness and justice to our nations.

Maybe it’s time-to step away from the propaganda…look at the true facts-the evidence-stop trying to put President Trump in Mother Teresa’s monastery…and support his work to allow our families to live in the best country possible.

Having policies totally based on the negative attributes of a fighter that is trying to restore our country are just bad policies. Glad we both finally agree…let’s take our stand this Tuesday ?

See  Trump -Two Viewpoints-One President  






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