Turning Your World Right Side Up Part 3

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Video Section 

Here are some videos that support both the Scientific and Biblical view of creation.  The goal was to have the best videos on various topics in the shortest amount of time.   For more in depth study, please check out the channels at the bottom.  Hope you enjoy, and may the Lord bless you as you pursue His truth.

Note:  Some segments of the original videos may have had been  edited and shortened for better viewing.   We do not necessarily agree with all the opinions or comments of these authors.   As with all investigations,  we receive the verifiable and logical information while we search for the truth.

How It All Works…One of the best Videos 🙂 

Great Scientific Study…kinda long but worth the watch 🙂  Face Book Link

Rob Skiba (see-in dept study, bottom of page- Rob is a leading Christian authority on Creation) Short video of ‘WHY’ God says this is important. Link.    Also-a good video on the firmament.  Link 

Buzz Aldrin, Alleged 2nd Man on the Moon, cannot Resist telling an 8-year-old the truth-We did not go the Moon. Link

Good Summary of NASA

Good Summary of Globe Origins, End Time Deception, Pope Info May be Incorrect Short Version, Longer Version 

Biblical Flat Earth Explain in 12 minutes 

Dare to Believe-short summary of Biblical Creation and Globe Deception

Time Lapse -Beautiful Evidence of ‘Local Sun’ Cool Video :)

Ships and the Horizon Line   (Short video that explains this very well)

We Never Went to the Moon, Impossible- NASA in Total Denial  

The Suns Course Explained in 5 Minutes  (Turn the music up and enjoy)

Globe to Satanic End Time Deception (Shown in 2 minutes)

General Scriptures for stationary earth

Retired Delta Airline Pilot who rejects Sphere Earth Model. 

Pilot of over 30 years explains how gyros prove level stationary earth-Great Video!

How the Rainbow reflects the Lords firmament (dome) above the earth

Pictures of stationary earth

Check Out Channels For More In Depth Studies

Eric Dubay- Channel , Great Visual Summary (as listed above)

Mark Sargent Start with 11 Part Series 

Mark interviews Air Force Pilot Link

Celebrate Truth 

Rob Skiba  Note:  In Robs first videos, he is ‘exploring’ this truth-and thus explains he still believes in the ‘sphere’.   Later, with a greater understanding of  the Scriptures in this area (along with the scientific evidence)-he becomes totally committed to the true Genesis account of creation-so please include viewing the latest videos.   He also references several other researches-some of which I may not agree with.  As always, use the Fathers heavenly discretion.   

Part 1 –short summary,  Part 2 Full lecture,  Videos

Greatest Deception Part 1    Scripture Summary Part 2

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