What Leading Doctors Across the World are Finding

Hang on to your seats,

the post below is a great short video of world-renowned doctors showing the scientific evidence of the dangers from the covid injections.

Listen to- 

-Ex top administrator of the Pfizer Vaccine

-The inventor of the M-RNA nanoparticles-the new technology that is designed to change your DNA molecules

-Doctors who testified before congress-giving their evidence as experts in their field. 

-Leading Infectious disease doctors, Hematologists, Virologists, Immunologists, Pathologists-showing the dangers when receiving the alias ‘vaccine injections’.  Please verify their credentials before their reputations were attacked for revealing the truth.  

Please see Video, or click on the picture below. 

One of the leading virologists in the world says…I don’t know why they planned this…I am not sure I want to know (it could be too alarming  to find out)

Here are a few links that give the Motives and the reasons Why-they planned this. 

Connecting the Dots

Exposing the Evil and Corruption 


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