WW 2 Veteran Explains Freedom Through an Encounter with His Trumpet

In the following link, a World War 2 veteran describes how a trumpet softened the heart of the sniper who was trying to kill him.   In doing so, he probably saved both of their lives.   See The Trumpets Song 

This 4 min. video…explains sooo much. This trumpet player…played a song meant to soften the heart of his enemy-and it worked.  He said he had no hatred toward the sniper that was trying to kill him.  He was just a scared 19 year old kid…just like himself, following orders and doing what they are told.

The U. S soldier just did not respect his enemies country…one that takes away your freedom.

Freedom is not a just word that defines a thought, but a pursuit to follow what we value most.  It achieves it greatest potential when it is focused on others and not ourselves.

This elderly veteran understands-and is teaching us through his comments that war was never meant to conquer and control, but set those free-those who are in bondage.

We have an opportunity not to be led as blind sheep by our media…or ‘learned academia’ but to truly think for ourselves and see what is at stake.

Countries like North Korea being pressured to free those from the worst persecution in todays world.   See who  was #1 on the list

A unity with Russia that could bring the two most powerful countries in the history of mankind…to work together and possibly stop the abuses of millions of people across the world.

An opportunity to truly stop the drugs entering our countries.  If you have not been personally effected by drug abuse…consider yourselves fortunate, for I do not know anyone that has not directly experienced-or who have not witnessed the tragic effects of drug use with someone they have known.

At every corner, on every turn the media and many in congress have worked against this hope…on every turn they have victimized those trying to help.

It is time to support what we know to be right.   This is not about left or right…but opening our eyes to the truth.  There is a reason they are fighting these policies that honest congressmen and women…and Trump are putting forth.  Be open to the why’s…and it will become clear…if we are willing to see.

So much is at stake. Can you imagine a country where our youth cannot find drugs on every corner…and real jobs replace the free phones-yes a foolish attempt to sway your votes-and keep many in ignorance and poverty.   Where commissioners from the city level to the U.S. Senate are truly held accountable for their corruption.  Why are we fighting so hard against this?  Listen not just to Trump…but the congressmen and women who are fighting to release the FISA documents (as well as other hidden government corruption) without any restrictions-showing the illegal  pay backs of millions to those in government.  This my friends has been taken place for decades, we truly have an opportunity to stop this now!

Freedom is not creating war after war-needlessly, but to pressure other countries to liberate their people…without war-if at all possible.  This is what  we are seeing in this administration.

Why are soo many fighting something that can become the greatest move of mankind in modern history.   Something like this has to be a move from above…and many of us are sooo grateful to be living in this ‘Great Awakening’!

Let’s look at the big picture, yes even the prophetic word…and replace any personal bias that is working against this movement.   You have the right to disagree…and what a wonderful right this is…but we owe it to ourselves to truly look at the evidence and not be swayed by those with a completely different political agenda-one that is not focused on freedom and prosperity for

Please see below links that help explain the great heavenly move from above.  May the Lord bless you as your pursue His truth 🙂

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