Great Awakening 10-2016 Why Are Christians Voting For Trump?


Recently several people have asked me-and other Christians….

Why would those who uphold to Christian standards support Donald Trump.   Most of the ones I have talked with are truly sincere and their question is legitimate.

Obviously, I cannot speak for all believers in Christ, but will attempt to explain what we are seeing in our country.

We are not supporting ‘Donald Trump’ or opposing ‘Hillary Clinton’ per se.  We are seeing the corruption level in our country rise to a point where if it is  not corrected now, the suffering  for those unprotected-their children included…could reach a point that is unimaginable.

Our concern did not start in 2008, 2012 or 2016-but generations ago.   The Wiki leaks are just the bubbles that are boiling over-corruption so obvious it cannot be contained anymore.

Over two decades ago, the major news media outlets broadcast a teen (and younger) sex smuggling ring that was being paid to ‘service’ congressmen.   The investigation mentioned  the time frame that covered 3 different presidents.   From other testimonies and sources, we would be shocked to discover all who were involved.     Ever hear what happened to this investigation-killed in it’s tracks.      Do you have 40 seconds, See link.

The FBI director of  the entire West Coast Ted Gunderson, started to smell a rat with these cover ups-and began exposing ‘all’ the corruption involved with our government.   His close friend who was  a doctor warned him to be careful and wanted him to schedule an check up, for he was not looking well.   Mr. Gunderson did not make it to his doctors appointment, his longtime friend and doctor took part in the autopsy.   The results confirmed what he knew immediately when he noticed Teds fingers had turned coal black, death by arsenic  poisoning.   See Ted give evidence to  expose government abuse of child sex ring Link.

It is not the purpose in this post to show all the evidence given over the years in regard to how many government officials are involved in various forms of illegal activities.  We have however put together a link that will help us begin to understand their origins and level of world corruption  See Link.

What I wanted to do was answer your question.   It’s about stopping the bleeding.  This article  is just one example out of thousands.    Those kids lives have been tormented by  sexual abuse.    Those in power…those with wealth and control have to be held accountable.

A compassionate heart cares and grieves with them, they also are tormented by this injustice.  They cry out with them… ‘it has to stop’!

We have to ‘SEE’ the injustice to cause it to cease.    We have to take the blinders off.   Will we bother to sincerely look into the link below and receive the information shown us?    There will be evidence (with warnings) given by US presidents, admirals, generals, those who were in charge of US bombing analysis, FBI director and a CIA agent in charge of communication with the ‘alleged’ terrorist countries during the 9-11 crisis.   Also, the testimonies of the victims See link.

Tragically, many of the victims cannot testify, for they have been silenced. Among them are those whom we believe the Lord cares deeply about, those in the womb aborted ‘without choice’ .   We desire to protect ‘all’ those who need our voice and action-for there are many.

We are trying to stop the bleeding by those who are continuing to abuse more victims.   As we shall see in the future post, the abuse covers all spectrums; money, power, sex, retaliation…. and possibly the worst crime of all…an agenda to steal your freedoms so they can maintain their power-to continue in their crimes.

As with all misuse of power, there are various stages of involvement.   There are a few who understand the entire evil agenda, most just want the pleasures of this world, some have simply been entrapped.   A minority however SEE, and are willing to fight.

Trump and Hillary 

Why are many republicans supporting Hillary by ‘default’,  when they refuse to endorse Trump?   Is it because of comments made 11 years ago?  Why would some of these republicans scream about Trumps remarks when secret service men are exposing Hillary’s ‘recent’ profanities  from many of her verbal tirades?    Why are these same  republicans not  mentioning  the documented melt downs by Hillary?

We know why, the corruption is bipartisan. 

The Wiki leaks that are exposing the injustices are not being denied, just being rerouted.  The claim is…the -bad guys-the Russia are doing -bad things- to favor the -bad guy- they want in.   Let’s not look at ‘the evidence’ but the ‘bad guys.’

Christians say the know God and that God is truth Jn. 14:6.   If this is true, and we believe it is, the Lord is showing ‘the truth’ .   He is desiring to stop the corruption-those abuses that cause  lives to be violated or even killed.

The correction has to be drastic because the corruption is severe.  Many ‘in the system’ will simply continue with the illegal activity and abuse if they are not seriously pursued.    Some will deal with this half heartily, but a few congressmen and women acknowledge it and are genuinely  fighting it.   One gauge to test their dedication  is to observe their  SINCERE DILIGENCE to uphold the constitution.   We now know why.    The constitution protects our freedoms-freedoms that can stop their evil injustices.

The Question

There are those who commented that they have not only wondered, but have been bewildered about the Christian vote for Trump.  Why do they  support a candidate that does not follow their code of Christian character.   I personally believe the main reason is we serve a God who desires to stop the violations of those being abused,  over…having us follow a candidate the has passed a strict code of behavior, even if it is behavior that He would prefer.

Trump has failed in many ways the ‘dress code’ for a politically correct response.   He is totally appalled however at the injustice he has found in the government and media-both controlled by those with a  global pursuit (please see above link).

In every rally he addresses this- he brings this to light.   This has never been done-on this scale-by any modern U.S.  leader  See   Link1, Link 2.

God sees the corruption, Christians share His view, Trump is the outsider ready to fight it.  He is not a preacher trying to be a president, he is a business man-with faults-openly proclaiming what many of us have seen for our entire adult lives. See prophecy on Trump Link 1, Link 2, Link 3.

Are we putting our faith in Trump to carry out this task, I truly hope not.   We are hoping Trump will keep his word, while believing God will absolutely carry our His purpose.   As Deut. 28  clearly says, if we follow Him we will be blessed, is we reject Him, He will reject us.

Gods Plan and Purpose 

For Christians, I would like to share what many of us are hearing on our spirit.   One prophet-in my opinion, said it best.   Trump may be used by Him to ‘put a foot’ in the door, but it is the united-anointed church that pries the door open to bring in His glorious final revival to the church See First 4 articles on Kingdom of God, Articles on Prophecy

The prophecies about Trump have not emphasized Trump, but are explaining to us the time is now for the church to unite and move in His glory-for the Lord has given us an ‘extra moment’ to use this time of freedom to bring the gospel to others-as He intended, in His divine power

1 Corinthians 4:20   For the kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power.

God bless you as your pursue His truth 🙂

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