War planes ready to strike Iran-Great Awakening 6-22-19

A few hours ago, warplanes were in the air, ready to strike Iran.   See Link.

Most of you already know, Iran has been attacking neutral ships in the Gulf of Oman, a choke point to most of the world’s oil exports.

Just recently, a U.S. drone was shot down-both countries are disputing the claims of where the drone was flying.   Obviously, the U.S. was saying it was shot down in international waters.

The U.S. response team automatically sent warplanes in the air with a coordinated attack plan.   Apparently, we were ready to go into Iran.   From the information we have, President Trump was informed of the statist of the attack.  All they needed was a vertical head nod, and a U.S. led attack (nicely called a response) on Iran would have begun.

Most of you are aware that Iran has much more military power than Syria, Iraq and most other middle eastern countries in the area.

President Trump response was a question.   How many Iranian lives would be lost with an attack?   The military was completely unprepared for the question-for they had to get back to the president with a calculated ‘figure’.   We are not supposed to be concerned with the enemies loses.   They figured around 150 lives lost.

President Trump said he thought, 1 country is attacking other nations petroleum ships in the worlds most important oil export channel, 1 U.S. drone shot down.  150 Iranian lives lost.   Pull back the planes.

Yes, it could be argued, other factors concerning his decision could have come into ‘play’-for lack of better terms.  Reelection is just around the corner, the Democrats will call me warmonger, etc. etc.   Great leaders, however, should never leave the response that they believe to be right.   Where we get the term right-eous-doing what is correct, fair, just-and what our Creator would have us do.

Is one drone worth taking the lives of 150 Iranians?   Pull the planes back.

Some may correctly argue if Iran continues to sabotage and destroy the vital petroleum tankers that literally run many countries farms, businesses, hospitals, households…something has to be done, even if it is by force.   There may be a time when a country with military might will absolutely have to act-you can’t attack a neutral vessel of another sovereign country…and expect it to continue-you will be stopped.   This is the just and correct response.

Trumps knows something however,  that many patriots are aware of, have been aware of for generations.   Many times senseless wars are started to serve others.   Individuals and groups in high positions benefit from taking over other countries.  Their motives?  Gain control their natural resources, tap into their oil reserves, weapons sales and offer kickbacks.  This puts their puppets in power so they can control not just countries, but entire regions of the world.  See link. 

Trump campaigned on exposing and fighting this great corruption.   He did not take the bait here.   This president, the so-called ‘warmonger’ asked the question-how many Iranian lives lost.   Let’s try sanctions-150 Iranians lives, possible Iranian retaliation to other innocent lives-is worth the Democrats, news media and other haters tagging me as weak.  For now, attacking Iranians is not the ‘right’ thing to do.   Thank the Lord, the question was even asked.

Interesting, a Word of prophecy was given about 2 years ago…buy an ex-fireman, who to date, has never been prophetically wrong.      He and others were predicting Trump winning the Presidential election as early as 2011.  See links and the end of this article.   The word given- ‘The U.S. will become the world’s leading export of oil.’   After decades of being oil dependent, my mouth dropped when I heard mainstream media proclaim this to be true.   President Trump saw the problem years ago, build up our own oil supply so when other countries pull the plug…an international disaster does not have to follow.

Sooo simple.   Are most of our politicians really so dumb or incapable-that terrorist in jeeps really cannot be defeated?   Do Americans have to be dependent on foreign oil in the middle east, the hot spot of the world?  Do we really have to pay to be the world police, in American lives and dollars?  Is there some unwritten law that states we cannot attempt to get along with the superpowers of the world?  We cannot visualize a world where sovereign states work together to combat the evils of this world.

If those who are fighting for justice prevail, we will soon see in America a cleaning out of those in government that have committed horrific crimes.  Abuses of children, the robbing of billions of dollars meant to feed, care for those who have lost everything in natural disasters.   Allowing and exploiting drug cartels, sex trafficking-the list continues.   The ‘swamp’ is real, but the name given it does not bring to light the horrific suffering these criminals have caused.   If you spend the time and honestly look into the information given in this summary-dating back generations-your eyes will simply be opened.   See link.  

News flash guys.   The Democrats, the old Republican guard, the mainstream media (owned by a handful of companies) don’t hate Trump, don’t even dislike Trump.  That’s not the issue, not even close.

Never in the history of a U.S. president been soo viciously attacked.  You can guess the outcome of their agenda before it is given.   The latest Iranian conflict is the perfect example.   Whatever the president decides to do, they will say he has made a completely wrong decision.  He should have done the opposite-the country is in crisis because the haters will hype the error of any decision he makes.  These attacks have been going on before he became president.   We have to be in complete denial to not be able to see the resounding evidence over the last 3 years.

 The truth is, one can live with ‘disliking’ someone.   If you are afraid of them however, you will do everything in your power to eliminate the threat.  The closer someone gets to bringing the corruption to light…the greater the attack will become.

Those in the old ruling power know, President Trump is the head of the fight to bring to justice the crimes committed against our people.   The President is not alone; he is with others patriots in our government who believe in our constitution, those who see the abuses and their seemingly unending corruption.  Harvey Weinstein is just an example of what is going to be revealed.

The president is also united with millions of others, those who desire to preserve freedom for ‘we the people’.   They (we) are aware of the truth…have been for decades.  Great Summary in a few short videos Link.

It’s time to unite in the evidence, the truth.  The door to the truth so often comes through humility.  We have to sincerely ask, could I have become sooo bias with my personal viewpoints that I am blocking out obvious truth?  Have I been sucked into the mass media push to hate?  Have I be taught to resent to the point that I cannot see a movement to restore our country to a wholeness (go to a Trump rally and experience the movement 🙂 ).   Are my negative opinions blinding me that I do not see a President-along with a movement by ‘the people’–that desires to restore our republic with jobs, security, well being and justice for ‘all’ the people.

Why do I hate a president that is trying to save 150 Iranian lives-if other options are available.  A president that wants to protect our borders- and those in them-meaning you and I, from ILLEGAL ENTRIES!

Illegal entry endangers all American, it allows a massive increase in drugs that are killing our youth, gives access to human trafficking and breaks down the needed control to govern any society.  It also encourages other illegal entries to risk their families safety by following a dangerous trek into this county.   Those who break the law and come in illegally also hinder the opportunities of legal immigrants who have worked hard to find employment.   I am shocked that an educated American can honestly look someone in the eye and believe that a complete breakdown of law-anywhere in the country-in any manner…is a good thing.  We don’t argue that we have a right to be protected in our home and neighborhood.   This also is true for our community, state and nation.

We have to ask, has cultural influence caused me to form a bias  against a movement that is attempting to

-bring jobs back into our country, by redoing harmful trade deals.  Bringing income to inner cities-so families, churches and other institutions will also be able to thrive.

-stop persecution (North Korea-listed number 1 as the most persecuted country).  If the borders open to trade, those being persecuted will have immediate access to freedom.

-stop the drugs, the human and sex trafficking at the borders.

-sealed indictments, numbering in the thousands, are being prepared to bring to justice those who have secretly harmed children and women.

-stop the completely verified and totally abusive corruption in our government.  See Link

-work with other countries to accomplish fair and prosperous economic relations for ‘both nations’.

-re-establish the unity with one of our greatest allies –Israel

-work with world leaders and ‘superpowers’ in an attempt to stop major evils in the world

-Reestablishing the rights of the American people the freedom to be able to pursue their faith without hindrance.   Last, but for many…the most important 🙂

It’s a legitimate question, how can we be against a movement and a president that is attempting to bring about the above endeavors-foundational pursuits that were established from the birthing of our nation-what almost all other countries envy.

Don’t be a victim to the bias in our government, press and other institutions.  You are smarter than being their sleeping tool to further their agenda.   Review the prior links.   Here is an individual that hated Trump and the movement.   He made videos after the election, ranting and crying about how horrible Trump and the deplorables are.   After visiting a Trump rally, looking at all the hate in ‘his political party’ he began to realize…it was he who was brainwashed, not those in the other party.   See link

He began to see what this movement is all about, it’s unity and desire for restoring what is good for our country…for all countries.   How can we review the topics points above-and hate what we are trying to achieve?   Have people really gotten to the point that eyes are blinded and cannot see what we are trying to accomplish?   I would like to think not,  I would like to think we will seek the truth, as soo many in the walk away movement have.   Link

This great awakening is not about what ‘I’ want, or what ‘I’ want to have.   It’s about doing what is right for all of us, what is just and fair.   It’s about restoring blessings in all areas…personal, financial and spiritual.   We have to be in a position of wanting the truth over holding on to our personal bias.   I hope we can all join in this pursuit-when the truth is presented to us.

We have a lot of cleaning to do, it may get a little rough, but it has to be done.   We have to clean out the corruption, the cancer if we truly what to walk in healing.    Too many patriots have given soo much, have sacrificed their lives so we can continue in freedom.   We have to honor them and continue to fight for the liberty they sacrificed for.

Thank you for reading this post and reviewing the links given by those who truly care about the well being of our family and friends.   God bless, Bill 🙂

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