Why We Are So Mad, Why We Are So Disappointed-Covid 19

Recently I wrote a post on the attacks by the politicians, press and others-on their attempt to prevent life-saving medications and therapies from getting to those who were sick…from Covid 19 virus. 

 Many across the country are trying to distort and confuse the efforts of incredibly promising therapies -that are saving lives across the world.     Included in these untruthful statements, is a recent attack accusing the President of saying…that he is recommending we inject very dangerous cleaners into our bodies.  Here is the response to this lie…and an explanation of why it is so important to stop these insane assaults -in order for doctors to accurately prescribe the best treatments to those who are having life-threatening symptoms from this ‘C’ virus.   See video  Link


A Simple Breakdown on What the President Truly Said 

The topics discussed in the video were in two general therapies.   One was -light (heat was included with the light) and -disinfecting (cleansing-by various methods-using disinfectants)      

On the video, when President Trump first cut in… he was talking about light therapy to help rid the virus.   Let’s first look at a chart that was given by researchers in the field.  As you know, no research will have a universal complete agreement, but this is not disputed by those in the medical field.  This was posted in the ‘C’ virus Presidential briefing…with a medical representative standing beside President Trump.  

As you can see, sunlight (termed solar) with a rise in temperature…drastically reduces the life (calculated by what they call ‘half-life’) of the virus. 

This is why when we get a fever when we get sick, the body is trying to ‘heat up’  the virus or infection within our bodies-to rid them from our body. 

UV Light Therapy

Here is a study that was done by The Center for Radiological Research at Columbia University Irving Medical Center (CUIMC) to support this fact. Link 

David Brenner, professor of radiation biophysics and director of the center. “It (UV light) can be safely used in occupied public spaces, and it kills pathogens in the air before we can breathe them in.” Link

Actually, the concept of using light to help destroy sicknesses, especially viruses (some bacteria) is a no brainer.  They have been doing this for decades…but because of modern meds, this therapy has taken a back seat to other more convenient therapy treatments. 

Here is the article associated with ‘outdoor sun therapy’ for the 1918 influenza pandemic Link

Also See Link

The technology, developed by Columbia University’s Center for Radiological Research uses lamps that emit continuous, low doses of a particular wavelength of ultraviolet light, known as far-UVC, which can kill viruses and bacteria without harming human skin, eyes, and other tissues, as is the problem with conventional UV light.

Light UV therapy to destroy viruses and other germs is now being used in Hospitals –airlines etc.  See Link 1, Link 2, Link 3

Hopefully, there has been sufficient evidence that using UV rays to help destroy viruses-and other germs-is a proven therapy…and can now be accepted.  

Let’s take this one step further…a logical solution.    Taking the same therapy, inserting a UV medical device into the lungs could have incredibly promising and life-saving results.   This is how it could be done, through a medical device   See Link 

Yes, we will get to the injection quote momentarily.  

The Cleaning and Disinfectant  Therapy

As far as disinfectants…-sprays, Lysol’s, bleaches etc. here is a link by The Center for Disease and Controls and Prevention.  I hope we can agree with their findings.   Link

It is simply universally accepted, disinfectants, washing of the hands etc. is a helpful technique to help stop the spread of the ‘c’ virus.   This is why shopping areas are wiping down services the customers are touching. 

Let’s keep this in mind for later…for we have the word for word account of his speech below.   

A Few Second Quote-and the dishonorable New Media Response

This is what President Trump says…verbatim…taken from a Hate Trump network…

So supposing we hit the body with a tremendous, whether it’s ultraviolet or just very powerful, light — and I think you said that hasn’t been checked but you’re going to test it — and then I said suppose you brought the light inside the body, which you can do either through the skin or in some other way. And I think you said you’re going to test that, too. Sounds interesting.

Then I see the disinfectant where it knocks it out in a minute, one minute. Is there a way we can do something like that by injection inside?  Or almost a cleaning, ‘cause you see it gets in the lungs and it does a tremendous number on the lungs. So it’d be interesting to check that. So you’re going to have to use medical doctors but it sounds interesting to me, so we’ll see but the whole concept of the light. The way it kills it in one minute, that’s pretty powerful.

The disputed quote is ‘captured’ for us to see in video captions.   

As quoted above, President Trumps’ ‘C’ virus medical team-go back and forth between therapies.  This usually includes light, disinfectant treatments-and, yes, social distancing included.    

He apparently has been reviewing the light therapy,  as explained by the above quote, and He is also well informed of the proven medical success-see evidence above.  This short video, showing how light therapy can be inserted into the lungs with a medical device is worth watching again.    Link 

The exact quotes given in the briefing were… ‘interesting’…’ you  (the medical team) test it’,  ‘check it out’Also, he says ‘we are going to have to use medical doctors’, is there a way we (the complete medical staff) can you do SOMETHING LIKE THAT!! 

Undoubtedly, something like that is a comparison!  A comparison to what we have found to disinfect on the outside of the body.  The question was asked-not in medical terms-but-as he said-I am not a doctor-in a laypersons vocabulary.  … see above. 

If we simply get honest about this interview…the overwhelming evidence is self-explanatory… as to what President Trump was saying. 

For the sake of being  ‘on the record’ President Trump is seeing promising results of certain therapies, and as quoted…looking at the medical team…he says let’s test this, check it out, is there a way we  (the medical team) can do something like that by an injection inside…almost a cleansing.   Again, something like that is a comparison to what we are ‘disinfecting’  on the outside of the body.  

 There is no special background needed to understand ‘exactly’ what is being said! 

Praise God they were given directives to find medical cures to disinfect the lungs. 

Nowhere does he say- I am diagnosing a certain treatment, you should do this, or the doctors take a cleaner and inject this into your body.     He is just asking (in laymans terms)  if there is something like a light therapy (above link) or a disinfectant that the doctors can inject into the body…that works like what has been successfully done on the outside of the body.   This is sooo incredibly sad, having to explain what we all knew he was saying in the first place.   Shameful. 

Having Fun Verses  Harming a Cause To Help Those Who are Truly Needing  Help 

We all say things in jest…and yes…we can have a pass-sometimes it is indeed light-hearted.


To seriously suggest however that President Trump was sincerely promoting, implying, or attempting to have anyone, especially the American people he loves and has sacrificed for… go and inject disinfectants into their bodies…who a child would know could kill them-goes beyond any integrity for established truth.   Again, a child knows this did not happen.

Also, it goes beyond any obvious ability for logical thinking.    To expect an individual to believe this goes well past ignorance (I am using a ‘nice’ term!) suggesting the President was really asking us to inject Mr. Clean into our bodies.   Does anyone really want to be identified as the one who truly believes  

1) the lies… on what has been proven he did not say.

2) or that he would even suggest we should inject Mr. Clean-or any disinfectant into an IV and shoot it up…how insane.   How can anyone truly believe this junk! 

I am sooo thankful for medical research –like light and hydroxychloroquine regimen therapies that can ‘disinfect’ the lungs! -See below.  

Why We Soooo Mad!!!  Who We are Mad At

If you listen to the testimonies of those who almost died from the ‘C’ virus…when it got into their lungs…there is almost a universal experience.   They knew the end was near.   They ‘sensed’ that if a drastic cure did not happen fast –they were simply going to die. Link    

From testimonies I have heard…when they took the hydroxychloroquine regimen therapies, they responded almost instantly-amazingly.  

Here are some links giving evidence for the use of the hydroxychloroquine treatment.  

Dr. Stephen Smith Link 

Dr. Lozano and Laura Ingraham-HCQ- dramatic improvements-even in the most severe cases…in hours  Link

LA doctors Success with hy  Link

Dr. Oz mentions in one of the most recent studies by the top leaders in France…had an incredible 96% rate of success in 1061 cases.  April 10-11.    Link   Also Link 

To be fair, I was notified in a prior discussion Dr. Oz mentioned a recent study that the results of this treatment did not do as well…and mentioned several possibilities.   His solutions…are exactly what President Trump is saying…what we all should be saying…keep studying-we have witnessed incredible results, let’s find out why we have good results, and why some results don’t do as well.   Kinda simple.  

Vladimir Zev Zelenko.   A New York family doctor knew he was going to have the ‘C’ virus coming from Europe…simply asked what was working in E. R. ‘s. applied the hydroxychloroquine regimen…and is having a 90%  plus success rate.    See Link 

The attacks on these therapies by politicians and press started immediately.   How could we not see, they were fighting against these promising life-saving cures for people-some in critical condition!   The medical pills for the main treatment doses cost pennies…and have been FDA tested for over a half-century.   Even if there was a slim hope of promising medical curse…how could anyone not promote testing these cures?  Like President Trump is saying…test them…they look promising.  If you had an ill child –who had an opportunity to receive medication that was showing amazing results –would you not do everything in your power to fight for these meds.  If you are dying…why not give them a chance for life?   

We are sooo mad…that people are actually dying -who have a chance with these life-saving therapies.   These promising cures are being attacked by much of the press and many politicians.  They are doing everything in their power to distort, confuse, and stop these treatments-for obvious political reasons.   

Why else would politicians and the press outlaw-discourage and mock life-saving medications like Chloroquine that we knew helped cure the Corona family of viruses from medical reports published over a decade ago!  See Link 

To save hours of searching through data in the above link…or if you are like me and do not have a medical background-here is the summary in the discussion -written in 2005!!  This documentation is written in the conclusion section. 

Chloroquine, a relatively safe, effective and cheap drug used for treating many human diseases including malaria, … human immunodeficiency virus is effective in inhibiting the infection and spread of SARS CoV (yes, the family of Covid 19 viruses) in cell culture. The fact that the drug has a significant inhibitory antiviral effect when the susceptible cells were treated either prior to or after infection suggests a possible prophylactic (preventative) and therapeutic use.

It is important to note: for ongoing ‘C’ viruses, we can take this 60-year old malaria medication for preventative medication and skip you dangerous vaccines! 

This latest attack I hope we have now thoroughly debunked.  

To those who distorted the truth by claiming President Trump wants us to inject cleaners into our bodies-please consider the next few sentences below.  

Think of those who lay dying in the hospital beds-not knowing if they are going to make it through the next day.    Why are sooo many Americans actively involved in lies that could stop the therapies to save their lives.   This is why we are angry.   I cannot, nor will not be quiet-I have to speak to stop these lies.   How could you even expect us to do nothing…to allow these falsehoods to continue! 

Why We are So Disappointed

To our family and friends.   You and I  absolutely know President Trump did not say inject an IV of cleaning disinfectants into our bodies.  

This is not about agreeing or disagreeing on a tax hike, this is about supporting the truth so we can help  Americans hoping to survive.   If you heard the video…you know the media is lying-how can you support those who are trying to get doctors to stop the testing of promising therapies-so people can live! 

 I was recently given a picture of 9 articles that were basically saying   ‘do not take hydroxychloroquine.’  Only after replying with several articles… one being…over 1000 people in Frances’s largest study had a 96% successful cure rate link-was the comment changed to  ‘nowhere in my post did I attack  hydroxychloroquine’  

When does it become clear- when it comes to your safety and well being, to those we care about…we do not play games…not for politics or for anything else.  

I would be sooo ashamed if you were obviously trying to save lives, and the evidence was sooo apparent…that I would attack your mission to help save individual lives–for whatever reason, political or not!  Mistakes happen, but denying the truth that has been given time and time again-as with these promising cures-turns into a resistance that is working against the well being of others.

This is why we are soo disappointed-and why- a great many of us-are amazed why so many are not willing to see the truth-evidence that is shining right in front of them. 

Taking action against people trying to promote a cure-is simply evidence that we need to change.  We will never be in 100% agreement-while on earth-but we can agree on the most important things that help people in their most critical situations. 

The people that I have talked to…those who share this burning desire to have the truth revealed..are the same ones who care the most about getting the truth out to ‘help the people’.   Out of respect for them…I just would like to say-do not change, do not let your fire be quenched.   The reason you speak-is because you care.    Thank you for taking the time to read this post…I know it was long and took a lot of work.   In closing, I would like to sincerely say, if we are wrong, I hope the Lord does indeed corrects us…but if we were right, I look forward to joining with you in this Great Awakening.   God bless, Bill  🙂  


See Walk Away link 1, link 2

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