Just a Thought About God’s Love for Us

Years ago…I sooo disliked and argued with ‘those Christians’


-They seemed to imply ‘their God’ was exclusive-how could they claim such a thing… ‘their God’ was the ‘only God’-how arrogant-so I thought. 

Later I found- of course God-if He is truly sovereign and absolute in every way…would be exclusive.  God could ‘not’ be anything but ‘exclusive’ if there is indeed a sovereign and almighty (absolute in every way)  Being.    In fact, if we would to start from scratch and search for a Sovereign and Absolute God-we would start by eliminating every claim that teaches ‘their God’, was not ‘exclusive’.   Just like we have an exclusive biological father, we have an exclusive Divine Heavenly FatherPlease see Understanding God. 

Just a Thought   The God who created the universe…the heavens and the earth-and everyone-everything in it-would by His nature…be exclusive-the only true God.

-They seemed to go on and on about sin.   What a negative approach to life-so I thought.  

Later I found…if sin was real-as we see every day in life…then the correct and true teaching would not only acknowledge sin…but also have to find a solution for sin that violates an Almighty God who is…as stated above –is absolutely holy and without sin.

Later I found…I was soo biased about ‘the sin issue’ I was shut down to listening to ‘the sacrifice for my sin-issue’.   The term, ‘That’s an understatement –times -is

Jesus took the horror of our sin, placed it on Himself, so we could have a passageway to heaven.   He experienced our hate, abuse (given and received) pain, depression, loneliness, etc.  Jesus even experienced His Father’s condemnation of our sin…on the cross-‘For Us’.

In short, The Father and His Son experienced the greatest suffering ever encountered in the history of mankind-because of their love ‘For Us’.

I should have been listening…not just about the ‘sin’ part, but about the ‘His love for us by His sacrifice…part!  Maaan, the Lord’s love for us is beyond anything we could ever experience.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world (that’s you and me) that He gave His one and only Son (when Jesus received and experienced the worlds sin, something no normal man could ever endure), that whoever believes in Him (every one of us is welcome into Gods family) shall not perish but have eternal life (His divine love for eternity).

See How Much Does God Love Us

In other words, Jesus will rescue us from our sin 🙂 .   All we need to do is humbly receive His gift for us…a gift that came with a great sacrifice. 

Yes, part of me needs more faith to overcome all types of dangerous situations…but part of me can’t wait to be in part 2 of my life-in the presence of His glorious love…and to have us all be part of the family of God 🙂   Please see links under Knowing God, for more of an explanation on becoming part of God’s family.

Knowing God 


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