Churchill’s Great Lesson for Us Today

One of the greatest quotes given to the whole WW 2 international conflict. President Kennedy was so moved to what Churchill (above) believed; he wrote his college thesis on this.  As explained by Wikipedia

Why England Slept is the published version of a thesis written by John F. Kennedy in his senior year at Harvard College. Its title is an allusion to Winston Churchill’s 1938 book While England Slept, which also examined the buildup of German power.

This quote is in response to England’s Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain. He went to Germany to appease Hitler. He willingly conceded other lands in Europe in order to win the ‘trust’ of Hitler, to sign a piece of paper labeled the Munich Pact. Hitler immediately recognized Chamberlain’s weakness, his cowardice and kept pushing for more military conquests, deceitful strategic victories. If you go back and review Chamberlain’s history, watch his short video clips-you can tell he was incredibly weak, an appeaser of men. You cannot rub the belly of a viper snake and expect him to be your friend.

Churchill knew Chamberlain absolutely put his country, the English people, at the risk of annihilation -and knew they would have Hitler’s military aggression at their front door-above quote.


England and France could have stopped Hitler ‘before’ he came to the Zenith of his military might…when he could be neutered and rendered harmless. Because they slept, millions of innocent lives were lost. Our minds cannot even begin to grasp the devastation of this war.

Many of us believe we are at a similar crossroads in our own country. 

Government powers purposely crippling our economy, human rights violations that are deceitfully put into power, human life- terminated, even to the day when a baby celebrates its birth.  These violations-warning signs are happening now- ‘as many sleep’.  See Understanding Global CorruptionWhat We All Agree On-The Abortion Debate. Why Socialism is so Dangerous. 

Mandatory medical experiments that squash all healthy-safe medical cures for Covid-cures that could virtually eliminate these dangerous experimental vaccines.  Doctors and medical professionals are being silenced,  ‘Gestopoed’.

See-what is really in these vaccines… the highlight of video min. 28-33.  Link   World Renown doctors proclaim dangers of vaccines Link

There is one thing we share with the Chamberlain, the English, the French… the free people of Europe…and even the Germans in WW2. The masses believed evil leadership would never happen ‘to their country’.  In other words, as Churchill proclaimed, as President Kennedy warned…’ the masses’ in our nations…need to awaken-arise and see the sunlight.  If these two patriots were alive today, like the politicians who are joining this Great Awakening believe, they would be proclaiming to the free nations across the world…‘the time is Now!’ to fight evil leadership in our land.  Please scroll down to the Great Awakening Link. 

Doctors who are being harassed, who have everything to lose-are sacrificing to expose the corruption of these so-called ‘vaccines’-yet we believe them not.

Doctors, politicians who are documented as making millions from the vaccines…proven habitual liars-are blindly believed by many.   The severely biased press-also proven habitual liars-are believed like inspired gospels.  See Link

It was not just those sleeping whose towns were in total ruins at the end of War 2, but the millions of innocent children were victims as well.

Finding the truth starts with a willingness to receive it. Truth must become a sword that is given permission to slice away any falsehoods in our lives, even the falsehoods that have become dear to us.

We must make Truth, not common biases-the shared Victor in our lives.  See Finding Truth 

1 Thessalonians 5:6-8    ‘so then let us not sleep as others do, but let us be alert and sober.. But since we are of the day, let us be sober, having put on the breastplate of faith and love, and as a helmet, the hope of salvation.’


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