Same Sex Marriage, An Interview With Jesus-Part 1


Before the Interview, Some Thoughts on Same Sex Marriage

Also see Part 2 

First and foremost, I would like to invite readers who have an opinion on both sides of the issue to read this post.   I felt the Lord wanted me to wait a bit…to let some of the initial response ‘filter down’ and settle.

For those of you who know me, you will know I will respond according to the way I see in the Scriptures….but as importantly, how Jesus would respond if He were with us today.   The Word always needs to be aided by the light and teaching of the Holy Spirit (Jn. 14:26).  That is why many Jewish religious leaders (who orchestrated His execution) and Jesus viewed the scriptures so differently (Jn. 5:39-40).

From a Christian perspective, I see our response to same-sex marriage from two viewpoints.   On one side, there are men and women who are proclaiming such a concern for America.  A love for her-that…like a child in danger-they believe when a country turns completely away from the direction of the Lord-He will allow this evil for a season and then will judge justly.   As Pastor Jonathan Cahn has mentioned, like Israel’s judgments’, His judgment on our nation is meant to turn the people back to His ways, His love.   We call this sincere ‘turning back’ to the Lord repentance.    Today, the Lord is using His prophetic Word to voice a warning to those who live in the land.   We do not hide the fact that the Lord’s love for a country can indeed turn to anger because of behavior that is disobedient to His truth.

Then there are those who will continue to preach the cross-seeing one’s life changed through faith in Him by establishing a personal relationship with Jesus.  They believe changing someone from the inside, by having the Holy Spirit change our faulty ways…starting with the ‘me’.    Through His Holy Love, we gladly desire more of a life that is pleasing to the Lord-our eternal Father.  This ‘sanctified’ relationship brings us closer to Him.  Many Christians fall somewhere between these two viewpoints-and at times they may voice both.  One-a warning of judgment to a country that defies His holiness-and giving the solution-having a relationship with God who desires to bring us into His family to protect us.  The Lord’s ultimate desire is to share our life with Him forever  (Rm 11:22, Jn. 3:16).

There are also those who I believe are ‘out of bounds’ on both ends of this issue.   Those that love to condemn, tell what is wrong and never point the world to the solution to our problems, the creator of the universe-Jesus Christ.   Constantly condemning and never pointing to the solution will never bring someone to the truth…His love for them…His purpose for dying for their sins on the cross.  On the other hand, some only talk of His love…but never point to sin and the need for repentance.  This literally ‘hides’ their salvation from those that need to know the way to eternal life.   I do not want to be in any of these two groups that have distorted the Lords love and judgment.

Those of you reading this post who do not believe in the Christian viewpoint, I have to be honest,    this article was written with you in mind.   One of the greatest things about not being a Christian (hold on Bible buddies, let me finish) the Word says all things work for the good of those who love God (Rm. 8:28).   In other words, the Lord can turn our mess ups into a greater good…many times creating a deeper appreciation for ‘But God demonstrates His own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us’ Rm. 5:8   For me, this verse also means I know what it is like to ‘argue’ with Christians (before I became one)  and at times disliked them intensely.  As a young adult, I thought their theology-ideology arrogant and judgmental.  Many fundamental arguments of those who disagree with Biblical Christianity I have also shared with you.

I still remember your disagreements-and thus I hope in some way will help explain the questions of ‘why’ the Lord and Christians see life in a unique way.

That is why I felt the Lord wanted me to write this blog with somewhat of a different perspective.  As mentioned earlier, the religious teachers and Jesus opposed each other vehemently-and many times had a completely different perspective on the scriptures.  Jesus said that these religious leaders’ hearts were hardened, and did not allow the Holy Spirit to help them understand the Word.   They were thus blinded to the true meaning to many of its teachings.

The Word says  Psalm 25:14  The secret of the LORD is with them that fear him; and he will shew them his covenant.

For us to understand any moral issue, it starts by humbly going to God and asking for the truth…in all areas of our life.   The same Jesus that taught on the shores of Galilee is the same Living Jesus (with His Holy Spirit) that can help us understand today.   I do not claim to have the last word on how Jesus would preach if He were physically on the pulpit today, but I did want to share how I see He would use the scriptures in response to the ruling on same-sex marriage.   One voice in the midst of many…who are concerned about the future of our country.

An Interview With Jesus


Really, it’s not that much of a ‘stretch of the imagination’ to view Jesus physically with us today.   He knew the future of countries and spoke of them in detail (Mat. 24, Dan.2).   He knows the condition of the USA, He knows the numbers of hairs on your head (Lk. 12:7).    He can do all things (Lk. 1:37) and showing up in person prior to His kingdom reign on earth-as He did before His first coming is entirely possible with Him (Gen. 16:10, Gen. 22:15).   This story is in this setting….if Jesus was physically with us today.

Friday-June 26, 2015

The supreme court just ruled on same-sex marriage….I have to get to the courthouse, the chief editor wants the story in by 4 pm….he said that’s the ‘deadline’-don’t mess up!

Found it kind of interesting he chose me for this cover story.   1st real big break-time to show my skills.   Going after the heart of the story…and will not ‘play the nice guy’…going to ask the tough questions.  You know-get people hyped up-great coverage for air time.

I guess the editor thinks the anchors who have been grazing on the hill are getting a little lazy.   Maybe he picked me cause he knows… ‘I’ll get er done’.   Throw in some highly charged verbal battering…moan with the crying grievers…and we will be good to go.   These landmark decisions only come in once a decade-who cares about the agenda-my meal ticket is in the hype.

Ok, at the courthouse.   I see all the regulars.   No violent outbreaks yet…maybe I can help in that area.  Ok…maybe not directly ‘Aiding and abetting’ but we want those raw emotions on camera.

There’s Senator Hatcher…sir…your comments on the ruling…

‘Today, our court has ruled on all Americans…not just on the right to love, but the right to be free…the right to choose our own destiny.  This ruling is indeed landmark.   We The People have now embarked on a future without judgment from others.  Division is of the past, unity for everyone.   One Nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all’

Wow, I timed that perfectly, the senator gave his rally statement to my question…Gage….did you catch that on camera…

Yea, it…even showed you asking the question live…also got the people going crazy, cheering, acting like Nazi Germany has just been defeated…

You’re the best..let’s keep rolling, have to get ‘the peoples’ take.

Ms. I see you are here with your child…what does the court ruling mean to seem so excited…

‘It means my daughter Ciarra can grow up and not be judged for her thoughts on who she is.   It means she can choose her life without bias.   I cannot be more proud of this moment!’

Mam, how would you respond to the opponents who say…this is turning away from Gods provisions and directions for us.   One example would be, if your daughter would ever choose this lifestyle, you will never have any natural grandchildren.

Tell them if I never have any natural grandchildren is my business and not theirs.   Why should they care what will become of ‘my future’.

Gage…off to the conservatives…let’s find their main religious leader…do you see know, Jesus?

I see the few politicians who agreed with him, the groups from the missions He went to and even His leaders…let’s ask one of them.

Samuel, tell us how you feel about the Supreme Court decision today.

To be honest with you, it’s like my heart has been torn in two.   I see this not only as redefining the family but giving the state the right to allow any viewpoint to rule.   Not only will there be same-sex marriage, but this nation will begin to rule on multiple unions within a family….3-4 or more..who is to say.   Will the state now legalize any form of union, as in other countries…where children are sold into marriage.    The Lord is not pleased…we are turning away from His protective covering for us.

Now Samuel, you really don’t think it will come to all that do you…I thought this Jesus that people keep talking about teaches love….where is He anyhow?

I don’t know where He is, I thought He would be here…but I will answer your other question, Yes…I do believe it could come to all that.

It is not about one ruling or what a few have decided in a court.   It’s about saying to God, we refuse as a country to follow what You have established.   We do not desire to know You, we have chosen our own way.   When a nation tells the Lord, we defy Your ways, He will not be mocked.   He gave us His ways to protect us, to care for us…His love for a nation can indeed turn to judgment.  We must return to the statues He has given, we must return to the Lord.

Ok Samuel, yea..a little drastic but got your take.   Let’s wrap it up Gage….Samuel, if you would ‘guess’ where would your Jesus likely be ‘hiding out’…is He recovering from His defeat?

He’s not ‘hiding out’….He’s ‘holding out’ …there are more to come to Him before He proves to all the world who He truly is (Rev. 6:11, Rev. 19:11-16).   I would think He would be in the countryside by our camp.   He loves to be alone with His Father  (Mat. 14:23).

Gage, wrap it up…take the clips in so I won’t get fired….tell the boss I’m going into the other camp to get an exclusive with this Jesus.

That’s just about my luck….no GPS to find their leader; it took all the directions from the local hillbillies to get a fix on Him.   I should have brought the camera man.   Seeing Him by the lake, the backdrop with the sunset… the perfectly still waters probably would have added to the mystique of this man.

Jesus, hold up…finally….I have traveled for hours trying to find you…will you please give me an exclusive.   Both sides have been trying to find you…where have you been…..they want a statement.

Come with me, I have been waiting for you.   Others have prepared a meal for us, we will eat and talk.

Interesting….that’s a switch…didn’t think the exclusive would come that easy.  I’m thinking…maybe get His fire and brimstone going, later, get him to show a little of that great compassion so many have talked about.   Even love the kick starter… ‘I have been waiting for you line.’ ‘Breaking bread’ with their leader, I hope no one gets a video of this.

Jesus, why did you not support your troops at the courthouse today?

When they were there, I was with them in Spirit….they were doing My work, while I was accomplishing the work that was given to Me.   (Lk. 2:49)

Alllll right.   Let’s get down to business.   What is your response to the Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage?   Do you know it passed today?     We have heard the opinions of both sides…both claiming how this will dramatically affect this country.   One side thinks it a voice for freedom and equality, one for doom and destruction.   Take a stand, Jesus…will You voice your support for equality….freedom for those who practice same-sex, or do You condemn them?

It is your strategy …as with many in the media…to have Me say I am against one group and approve another.   That is not what I have said in My Word.

Wow, that’s right.  I hear this one is a master at redirecting questions…I have to be on my A-game.   Not going to let this happen, stay focused and on track….as they say… I’m going to nail this religious radical.

Jesus, we don’t want a discourse on the Bible, we want Your direct statement….something we can quote ..on today’s court ruling for same-sex marriage.

Before this interview is over, I promise you…you will have what you desire and so much more, is this fair with you?

Man, this one is good, what they said about him is so true.   He has genuine compassion about Him that will take the weak in.   He can completely play the sincere card to the max.   It’s like He is truly trying to help me….to help me understand.

Look, Jesus, I am recording this interview, but I am going to be honest with you.   Some parts are going to be off record…like this next statement.   I want an interview with you because quite frankly, you’re the biggest fish in the pond right now.   If I land an exclusive with you….my career for the ‘next in line’ will pretty much be a done deal.   Help me out here-ok.   Make it real, not asking for you to lie…ooppps….sorry-kinda feel you would be asking me that-but you get what I am saying here.   Cut me some slack…make statements we can relate to.  We don’t have to agree…just something conclusive I can take back to my boss.   Is that too much to ask!

This is why I had you come here today.   You gave me joy when I saw you working like this for My kingdom.   Your devotion and dedication I will delight in.   Ask Me your questions.

Oohhh nooo- He is making this personal, and throwing all that prophetic stuff …and it’s about me-I am really starting to get a little spooked.   Cannot allow this to happen..nope..I’m in charge of this interview, not Jesus…He is in for a big surprise, not even playing this game.

Why do you Jesus condemn same-sex marriage, in ‘Your Word’ you condemn it….do you deny ‘Your Word’

I do not deny My Word, but I refused to be contained to part of My word-or to explain ‘a portion’ of Jehovah God.

“It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on EVERY WORD that comes from the mouth of God.’ (Mat 4:4)

Those who live apart from Me will die apart from me for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.   (Jn. 3:18, Rm 3:23)

I will answer your question directly, but you must quote the entire answer.  Do you agree?

Yes, Jesus…finally, this has been a long day…reply directly

Those who practice fornication, adultery and those who lie together of the same kind …the ones that never come to me to have their sins removed will remain in sin, and they will indeed enter everlasting punishment.  The same however is also true for you.

Those you saw at the courthouse, those who follow me, they too would have died in their sins, if they had not come and believed in the one who takes away the sins of the world.   They too would have forever perished if they had not come to Me to be part of My fold. (1 Cor. 6:9-10, Rm. 1:18-32, Jn. 1:29)

Me, I have done nothing wrong….you have made this way too personal.   We are talking about the ones ‘You’ think are the worst of the worst.   In Your word, ‘You’ destroyed entire cities because of this court ruling.

I can’t begin to explain what happened next.   It is beyond anything I have ever experienced.  When He looked at me I saw anguish on His face that shook me, every part of me.  His affliction was so intense it pierced through me – I had to turn away from Him.   We were entering a realm no person would dare open.   If He had not of spoken to break the silence, I would have fled.

His next words are etched within me; they have been grafted into my heart.

Finally, He spoke…I stand as a Witness to you and to all who hear My Words.  I have seen the horrors of hell and I have heard the screams of those in torment..  You see, that is why I came.  To save them from hell…to take their sins and place them upon Me.   (Jn. 3:16, Mat. 13:42)

The greatest lie in the universe is from the evil one…to have his followers pervert My love for you and others, even for those your ‘courts’ ruled for today.   I came to take the sins of the world and when one comes to Me…the rejoicing in heaven cannot be contained.   There is nothing in your world that can compare to this moment in heaven, when one goes from death into life forever.   The angels cheer, the entire heavenly kingdom rejoices, including My Father.   Their lives will go from death into the book of life.   This truth of My mercy for this world will be recorded forever.  (Lk. 15:10, Rm. 5:8, Dan. 12:1, Rev. 3:5)

The greatest act of love the evil one has tried to turn into the worst act of hate.   The fiercest torment is reserved for him… the one that lies-who is at work to take many with him  (Jn. 8:44).

When you come to Me, you must write of these things, to help those I came for, those I love…explained to them this truth.   My word testifies to this (Jn. 5:39).

I told the truth when I said, I came not to judge but to save, then later said, I came not to save but to judge.  (Jn. 3:17, Jn. 9:39).

When I first came, it was to redeem a world lost to sin.   I am still calling out to all, for my final judgment has not yet arrived.   When is does, it will be too late.   For those who do not come to Me, when they see Me again, it will be too late for them; it will be too late for all who are not Mine  (Rev. 19:11-16).

Those who do come to Me will receive true freedom…freedom from death and sin.   In My home, there will be great joy that I will share with My family…a Holy love that will shine within your hearts.   You will long to be with Me as well as one another.   My glory will abide within you as it is in Me.   Tears and sadness will flee when Jehovah’s love is fully revealed  (Rev. 21:4-5).

Those who refused this freedom will be granted their request…lives without My sacrifice for them. Their sins will remain with them when I come again, this time to judge.

Jesus, explain to me your judgments, help me understand.

You have asked Me sincerely, with a heart like a child, thus you will now begin to understand what My Word teaches.   Before you came to Me with unbelief, now you asked with a heart that wants to know the truth…The Holy Spirit is with you because of this.   Only now, will you be able to understand (Jn. 14:26).

Man and women were created because My Father desired to have a world for those to share in Our Kingdom-a world where heavens glorious love would be shared with man.  We did not condemn man, their sin…turning away from God condemned them.  It is true, because of Adam all are born into sin, thus none can enter His Kingdom without righteousness that only comes from God above.  That is why I came, to take their condemnation on the cross so they can find forgiveness (Jn. 8:24).

For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive 1 Cor. 15:22

Man was created in the image of God, with sovereignty for his own life.   The Spirit helps them understand they have an eternal choice to make (Gen. 1:27, Jn. 14:26, Eph. 2:8-9)

You must tell them they make a grave error thinking God can abide with sin, He cannot deny Himself,  (2 Tim. 2:13, ) See Understanding the Christian God

  For it is written: “Be holy, because I am holy.”  1 Pet. 1:16

God will not force His will, His love on man.   Falsehood can not found where only truth abides  (Rev. 21:4, Rev. 22:3)  See Predestination vs. Free Will

If My Father did not send Me as His sacrifice to save man, all would perish.   They who come to Me with a sincere heart, like a child, come under My covering of Holiness that I had from before time began.    If they do not…their wrath for their sins remains on them.   My Father revealed this when He told the Israelites to come under the example of the blood covering over their doorpost-My covering for their sins.   All who chose to come under the blood were spared judgment.  I died for the sins of the world, but man must choose to ‘come under’ My sacrifice to receive forgiveness  (Jn. 3:16-19, Jn. 8:24, Ex. 12:21-23).

Are you starting to understand how My love for you and those on ‘both sides’ of this ruling has become a great lie?

Yes, Jesus…but if you want me to write about this truth, explain about the ruling…or your judgments.

It is true, I hate sin-it separates Me from those I have given My life for.   The guilt and horror of the worlds sin was on the cross with Me when I died for them.   It was this time on the cross that no man could bear to look at Me, this hour was meant for darkness (Lk. 23:44-45)

It is not the greatness of their sin that condemns them, but choosing sin over life.   My word testifies to this, I have forgiven prostitutes, murderers, I will not reject any who follow the Spirit that draws them to Me  (Jn. 8:24, Mat. 21:31, Jn. 6:37, Lk. 7: 36-50, Gal. 1:13)

You have spoken of Sodom and Gomorrah, but you have mentioned only part of their sin.   You have failed to mention their hatred to those whom God loves, those whom He cares for, the innocent.

My word says they raped the innocent, they were completely violent and there were not 10 who sought after me.  The two witnesses I sent to verify their sinful ways became like prey to evil wolves (Gen. 18:32, Gen. 19:1-13)

Their evil desires overcame them, wanting to overtake My holy servants, ready to kill any who stood in the way.

Your media has hidden the fact that I am a God slow to anger (Ps. 103:8).   This is part of the evil one’s great lie.    Like a lion, hungry to destroy, his schemes for cities and nations to violate My law until they turn completely away from Me.   When their violence is great, their hearts become cruel and wicked, they come to hate what is good and the innocent are violated, then My vengeance is swift, My judgment is severe at that point without forgiveness  (1 Pet. 5:8, Rev. 19:15, Is. 10:5-8).

Like Sodom and Gomorrah, your country has violated My Fathers love for her.   He has blessed her like no other nation with riches kings and queens have never possessed.  They have killed the unborn, those whom I cherish..the innocent.   They have lied to the world, created wars where blood has been shed for gain…and now, they say-we want to change what I have given as an example from heaven.   The family-where-in love- two incomplete lives become one whole life, it rejoices at birth and does not cease at death, but continues to carry each other from within, one generation to the next.   Man cannot replace what God has clearly established (Mat. 19:6).

You must write, the door for these people to turn to Me is closing.   When I come again, it will be too late for them.   If they say to Me now, I reject Your sacrifice for me….My Spirit will not abide with them forever and will indeed leave them (Gen. 6:3).  

This great warning must go out, My Spirit will not continue to draw to Me those who say, Lord, I receive not Your truth (Is. 55:6).

Jesus, why did I not see this before, why did I not see the purity in Your way…

I have shown you, but you were not ready to listen.   Remember the teenager in the church you visited, you knew him well.   He cried with loud tears on the altar, and you thought that it was just one moment of emotion.   He changed dramatically, and you saw Me in him.   You worked hard at burying this truth.

The father on your block where you lived.   You saw him curse his wife and children.   This abuse made you cringe with fear growing up.   I spared you such abuse in your household.   You saw this father repent he asked Me to change his life.   I filled him with My joy.   You later thought him a fanatic, I saw a whole household come to life.   A man who found love when he knew none…he simply wanted to share this love.

You saw many other life-changing examples of My love, but you choose not to believe and come to Me, but now this has changed, you have tasted truth.   You must now go tell others of My love, even those you have said I hated…if they sincerely come to me for the truth, I will love them as I have loved you.   Who will love Me more, those who have sinned the most and whose forgiveness reaches to the heavens,  or those that have needed Me the least (Lk. 7:46-47)?

You came here with the sole intent on declaring my judgments.   Now I will tell you of inner thoughts, the burden I have on how I will judge.

My heart is torn by those whom I have called My own.   They have power over the evil one, and they have not used this power they have in Me, by coming to My throne room, seeking Me, being with Me (Mk. 16:17-20, James 4:8).

They think they have done well, and they have not.   They have allowed sin to increase by not using my kingdom power, that which only comes by truly abiding with Me and bringing My kingdom reign to earth (2 Tim. 3:5). 

If they sought me with their whole heart they would have come to Me with a great desire and thirst.   My Kingdom power would have come to this country,  those in high places would not have been able to accomplish what they have done by deceit  (Eph. 6:12, 2 Thes. 2:7).

My churches have been filled with activity, today I am calling out those who are willing to be filled with Me.   You must write to those that I know individually by name, 

-Do you long to be beside Me, do you thirst to seek My paths  (Ps. 42:1)

-Do you search for the glorious light in My heart so your eyes can see and rid yourself of the rocky places in yours?  Do you diligently turn over your hard ground so that My seeds can grow in yours  (Ps. 139: 23-24, Mk. 4:8).

-Are you open to My Higher ways, even if it means the loss of what we have come to be fond of on earth?   Are you willing to take My call from heaven, My kingdom and join others hearing My this call-to bring about the Fathers will on earth-even if it cost you everything (Is. 55:9,  See 1st 4 articles on Kingdom of God)

Tell them I will know who have truly lived their lives by My Spirit, those who have sincerely worked at keeping My greatest commandment, to love the Lord with their whole heart, mind and soul.  They must walk as one with their God and one with each other.   Without truly abiding in Me, they cannot accomplish anything for  My Kingdom (Lk. 10:27, Jn. 15:5).  See Our Road With God  Part 1, Part 2.

Also say to them.   If you had truly sought Me, my power would have kept the evil one from gaining the hearts of these people.  When My judgment starts, it will start with My church (1 Pet. 4:17)

Lord, what must I do to be saved.

This day, your heart is sincere, and you shall indeed inherent eternal life.   You have received what you have asked for and so much more, a life with Me forever.   Because of your desire for  truth, the Holy Spirit has helped you come to this truth  (Jn. 14:26)

Many of My teachers have made this too complicated when it is not.   They must be told make the Spirit strong in the church so when one becomes like a child for the truth, this salvation will be genuinely sealed within their hearts.   (1 Cor. 14:25, Eph. 1:13)

Do you believe these words are true, that I have come to take your sins…put them on Me…at the cross…do you believe this?

Yes Lord, I now see the truth, I believe.

This life that the Father gives from above has to be followed on earth.   Will you follow me on this earth with your whole heart.

Lord, I want your truth, for you are the way the life and the truth.   I will follow.

Go then, be baptized and write to this to others, you must be a witness for this truth (Jn. 3:16, Acts 2:38).

The Lord Says To Us

Isaiah 55:6  Seek the LORD while he may be found; call on him while he is near.

It’s Time, Tell the Lord I will believe in His truth, accept His sacrifice for us, believe that He dies for our sins and simply receive Him.  Repentance means changing ways, we now genuinely turn to a life in the Truth, a life ‘In Him’.

If we sincerely seek Him, He will receive you and will not cast you away  Jn. 6:37

Jesus, You died for my sins, I desire You to come in my life….I accept Your sacrifice for my sin on the cross.   I receive You right now, this very moment.  Thank You for taking my sins, I will indeed follow You with my whole heart.  

Simply follow your faith with a declaration by speaking this truth…a witness of our new life in Christ

Romans 10:10  For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

Beloved, welcome to the Kingdom of God 🙂 The angels are rejoicing Lk. 15:10

Please contact me about Christian fellowship and about receiving water baptism and the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  (Contact Page )

God bless you, May His love shine in your hearts forever.

Please see Part 2 Same Sex Marriage, the Response of the Church 

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