Does God Really Reveal Himself to Man? His Creation Speaks

OK God, if You are really out there…I will put You in my speed dial and ring You up.

One of the main arguments for not being able to know God is –Where is the proof, show me God-so I can believe.

A few months ago I was talking to a well learned individual who presented this argument.   He seemed to boast of this ‘fail safe’ point of debate, waiting for God ‘NOT’ to show up…so he could prove me wrong.

This person by most accounts  would be labeled a genius, having mastered many levels of academia-but was also highly skilled and self taught in engineering and aerodynamics.   Despite having a few serious errors and being a  bit ornery lol, he was still a likable person-and in many ways I was impressed.

Ok, back to the point, did God show up to prove He really does reveal Himself to man.

The answer is yes He did.  He just discloses Himself in a different manner than what many ‘well learned’ individuals demand of Him.

He kept arguing- you have no proof…you have no proof-where is your one ounce of evidence.

We were sitting outside at the time and was able to take a leaf from a small tree and place it on the table.

As mentioned earlier, he was self-taught in engineering and knew the amount of work it took to complete an design from beginning to end.

1) One needs to start with an idea in your mind-an engineering task that you want to accomplish

2) Draft a design of the object (s) so it could be produced without error.

3) Design a working process to take the raw materials from the earth-separate the raw materials into a usable solution or product.

4) Take the product and shape it so it will conform to the correct  ‘part’ of the engineering design.

5) Coordinate ‘all’ of the different parts of your design and have them synchronized with one another to complete a working machine.

6)  Place that machine in the correct environment where it can function properly as designed.

7) Have a team of people ready to fix or replace the pieces if they break or malfunction…so the work process can continue to function.

8)  If more than one ‘machine’ is needed, have the design repeated according to the specifications or blueprints.

He agreed with those in the engineering field-we have to go through the ‘complete design process’.   It starts with an idea, and is followed through with the manufacturing of the materials, and is assembled in a way that has to be synchronized with one another-and in many cases, repeated.   If any one of the above steps has a serious error, the whole machine will crash and come to the ‘catastrophic failure’ as they say.

He was also asked to think of the most complex engineer design that man has ever  achieved.  The follow up question many of you have already figured out…way to go 🙂

Could this complicated process of what we observe in nature -taking the raw unprocessed earthly matter and making it into a usable material…shaping them individually to a specially designed part, have them work together in unison -which includes a system of maintenance and repair-come into operation by accident or chance?

The final question was…Does adding ‘time’ to this random process  create the ‘complete design package’ that is needed to make this engineered machine work.


Now let’s talk about the leaf on the table.   Add to this engineering program  ‘LIFE’, something man has tried to understand by studying the already completed design process.   This is technically called ‘back engineering’ .   Some scientists have admitted, the more we discover about ‘life’  the more we realize how complex the laws of ‘nature’ really are-and how much more we have yet to discover.  See Leading scientist explains how much we don’t know link

All of the 8 steps to this engineering task apply, but also now include forms of self-healing, growth, reproduction, the ability to self-adapt due to changes in  seasons and weather conditions, and an oxidation process to help other mammals breathe (photosynthesis)-something man has not been able to understand or  ‘back engineer’.

This one ‘living’ leaf out designs anything man has achieved a thousand times over.

If we go a little up  on the ‘design ladder’  to one of your pets…we can add other immeasurable design attributes.  Synchronized electronic functions of the brain and sensor systems… and a more complex self-healing process.   Each species shares a unique dna design…

-they are alike enough to  habitat together

-they are specific enough to have  an  individual dna code within the species

-but romantic enough to have male and female characteristics -being able to continue the reproduction progression-allowing the species to be ongoing.    The design within the species is completely different in reproduction, but 100 % unified in compatibility.   Tell me ‘chance’ can create each species so alike they have their own dna code, but different enough to be able to reproduce.   Each species produces their own unique dna-but ‘splitting precisely ‘ to allow enough differences  to create 2 perfectly formed male and female counterparts (note:  just 2 counterparts….not 3-4 ect.) -for each and every species…counting in the millions.

If the chromosomes in the new embryo do not ‘miraculously’   find their paired match-unite and multiply-each with a engineered code that causes growth by a design so complex we do not fully understand, the system fails and stops its action.   In other words, if the system does not work perfectly.,.the procedure is defective and shuts down.   Reproduction can only be achieved by a predesigned  architectural blueprint-we call the dna, there is no other explanation that can be given.    Ever try and have a monkey  type your paper by having them randomly ‘play’ on your computer?   Try mixing up the chromosomes and randomly put them back in order…same results.    See below.

Each species is designed  for their specific environment-and!!  all the different species in their environment are placed in a  highly engineered echo system.    Now introduce that intangible, a living soul…with personality…and mans ‘great’ creative abilities now look pretty elementary-to say the least.

As far as the design of the environment, have you ever seen a polar bear in the Sierra desert, a fish grazing in a pasture, an eagle living under water…all this design code happens by ‘chance’???               Kinda like ‘fat change’ to be more exact.  See Wolves and Eco System.

Simply put, this kind of design takes a designer.   These accomplishments are not achieved by a random-chaotic process.   To correctly restate the facts, there is not one piece of evidence that demonstrates a random-chance or chaotic process can design and produce a completely engineered product-more accurately called a creation.  To teach that a  complete, engineered living creature is able to come into existence by a  random process (by chance without a designer) multiple times-reproduction (which is what we observe with all the natural laws and living animals)  goes completely against all evidence, logic and integrity for presenting the facts-what the Bible calls truth.   See Short Video Do the Math

John 3:21 But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what they have done has been done in the sight of God.

One of the reasons why  ‘ the wise’ will become fools (1 Cor. 1:27), is because they have become blinded to the truth by perverting the evidence…claiming the facts do ‘not’ prove there is a God.  See below.  As stated in the prior verse, we have to walk into the truth before we can come into His light. 

Science Proves There is a God 

Years ago, I was talking to a micro biologist-a neighborhood friend I grew up with.   When asked if he believes in evolution…he said yes.   Does he teach it…he said yes.   He is in what many consider the more exact sciences-ones that can be measured and tested   When asked to comment on a dna change…if the process was evolution (the improvement of the species-a better eye, more developed feet etc. or devolution (the disfiguring of the species-a deformity to part of the body).   In each and every case…there was a deformity and ‘not’ an advancement.   In other words, this pseudoscience was teaching falsehoods that went against ‘all’ the evidence that he has ever reviewed.   See 100 Reason Why Evolution Goes Against Science. 

Note:   Richard Dawkins-one of the worlds leading scientist who argues against the evidence for God…was completely dumbfounded when asked the same question.  He completely evades the question and ‘hides’ behind an answer of ‘we were not there to observe the change’ and ‘no one is saying we go from fish to mammals’…kind of thing.  This is simply spinning an answer to avoid giving his followers the honest truth.   Every observable evidence to date demonstrates ‘all’ generic mutation is destructive (downward) and not constructive (evolution-increasing the genome information).   See link 1,link 2

Science screams out’ there is a God.   Every shred of evidence on this earth displays a design

Psalm 19:1 The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. 

Again- this is why the Lord says..I will make the wise foolish, many in the scientific community are distorting  the evidence, it is obvious to see.

1 Corinthians 3:19-20  The wisdom of this world is nonsense in God’s sight. That’s why Scripture says, “God catches the wise in their cleverness.” 20  Again Scripture says, “The Lord knows that the thoughts of the wise are pointless.”

Personal Note:  For those who believe in God…those who have ‘faith’ in Him are at times accused  of being  ‘weak and childish’.  Fortunately-when it comes to creation-we live by faith which is totally supported by scientific evidence.    This important truth needs to be emphasized… to believe (have faith) that our universe operates without a Supreme God (a designer) when all the evidence explicitly demonstrates the universe operates by design (‘tagged  natural laws’-the engineered blueprints for the cosmos)  takes  a belief system  that defies all scientific evidence and is completely illogical.   Finally, after  centuries of debate, some scientist are being forced to admit this fact…and explain this as the ‘fine tuning’ of the universe-their reluctant term for a Supreme Being.

Which takes greater faith, believing in the evidence or believing ‘against’  all the evidence?  It is not weak or childish to believe in God,  but extremely rational. 

Those instances when we believe God can personally intervene in our lives, or on occasion alter a physical symptom (like praying for a healing) is totally logical.   Some One who is able to create or engineer a natural law-  is able to adjust it just as easily.

For those who are ‘desperately grasping’ for a logical answer to deny God… “But a higher natural law (one in which we may not have discovered) will explain how these lower natural laws work–showing there is no need for God.”    The more we go up the mountain of error, the greater the fall  🙂 .    Higher natural laws that interconnect- perform in unity with the lower simpler laws just prove there is a greater architectural plan than what was previously discovered.  Like an engineered machine, these individual natural laws (blueprints) exhibit working synchronization with one another, producing ‘more’ evidence for a designer (God) not less.   Just one of many examples would be our woven echo system-many natural laws working together-creating the whole.  (think 3D chess on steroids, our ‘omni’ God 🙂 .    See Woven Echo System

The latest attempt to disprove God is believing the ‘higher natural laws’ are capable of  completing the entire engineering process for our universe.  One example that has received a lot of discussion is Quantum Mechanics.   If this is the case, you have just joined our camp by simply switching the titles, Supreme God to Supreme Natural laws.   You still believe in a Supreme Architect that not only has the understanding to design the blueprints for the heavens and earth, but also has the ability to build and maintain it.  Let’s see how we can find out ‘Who’ this Supreme Being really is.

Psalm 14:1  The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.” They are corrupt, their deeds are vile; there is no one who does good. 

What Creation Does Not Reveal 

When we look out upon creation, we indeed see the workings of God, His hand print-His handy work!   Ps. 19:1 above.    This artwork reveals there is a God.

What creation does not announce to us however is…‘Who is this God’.   To date, we do not look into the stars that spell out the name of God.   There is no universal agreement among theologians who God is…or how to get to know Him.

Why Creation Does Not Announce-Who God Is 

This is by far the most amazing part…why creation does not tell us who God is.   Creation is His artwork, it can be absolutely beautiful, but it is still impersonal.  Do we just want to see the artwork, or meet the one who is the Supreme Artist, the Divine Creator Himself.

This two part system…  ‘knowing there is a God’  and  ‘discovering who He is’  comes by two different pursuits.

1) One is acknowledging the scientific data -optional

2)  The other is humbly receiving the direction of His calling…the truth to discovering  God by His Spirit-who is able to reveal truth to anyone who  seeks Him.   This is why the prior is optional, you don’t need to be scientifically minded to ‘find Him’.   You have to be like a child…and sincerely want the truth.

Matthew 5:8  Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God. 

Psalm 25:9 He guides the humble in what is right and teaches them his way. 

His love is absolute, along with His other divine qualities..which are also absolute-perfect and complete.   This is-in most cases-the biggest misunderstanding of God…He is  infinite (unlimited) in ‘all’ of His nature.   Tragically , the lack of seeking the Lord and coming  to an understanding in this area  can eternally separate us from God. See Understanding God 

God cannot force His love on us…it goes completely against His nature.   The Father has a divine love for the world…and that is why He sent is Son to take the wrath  of our sins upon Himself.   We have to respond however to His call by accepting this invitation.   He created the earth and heavens so you would look for Him…to know Him however we have to receive Him (His eternal gift has to be opened-received)Please-for you eternal safety, see links at the end of this article.

Science points to a Supreme Designer-proving  to us that there is a Supreme Being.   This should cause us to ‘look for Him’

Romans 1:20   From the creation of the world, God’s invisible qualities, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly observed in what he made. As a result, people have no excuse.  Ps. 19:1

He does not want to ‘scientifically prove’ who He is, but to Spiritually draw you to Him by sharing in His divine love.   He does not want you to become a faculty member in heaven by accepting Jesus as your savior, but a family member-His child forever.

2 Corinthians 6:18   The Lord Almighty says, “I will be your Father, and you will be my sons and daughters.”  Gal. 3:26

If you were God, would you not reveal yourself in the same manner?   To the proud who oppose you, who speak lies against you…you would allow them to choose their destiny and not ‘force’ or coerce them.  Again, the Lord cannot sin  and go against His nature.

2 Timothy 2:13 If we are unfaithful, he remains faithful because he cannot be untrue to himself. 

To one of your lost children however you would say…I have been waiting for you…I have called for you, sent others to bring you to me, I even sent my Firstborn to pay any penalty or debt that you may have collected…so you could be free to come home.  See His Calling

Col. 2:14  He did this by erasing the charges that were brought against us by the written laws God had established. He took the charges away by nailing them to the cross.

God created the universe and speaks  His truths through the Bible.   Thus, the Bible is absolutely scientifically correct, but science must not be the means to get to ‘know Him’.    We are not drawn to God by science but by His love through His Spirit, explaining to us His great sacrifice on the cross… ‘for us’.

Romans 5:8 Christ died for us while we were still sinners. This demonstrates God’s love for us. 

1 John 4:19  We love because God loved us first.

Science causes us to ‘look for Him‘ but not to ‘discover Him’.   He designed it this way.   When we humbly ask God to reveal Himself to us…His Spirit will show us the truth…the true creator and Heavenly Father, and show us His divine plan for salvation-guaranteeing our eternal destiny.

John 14:26 However, the helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you everything. He will remind you of everything that I have ever told you. 

Divine infinite  love drawing us to Him-so we can respond by faith-as a child runs to their parent…is the final discovery process.   This is  NOT an intellectual  endeavor…Praise God!

The Lord never intended to be discovered because you are smart…but for you to be embraced because your are responding to His love as His child.   One of the greatest ironies of all time is the Lord revealing infinite Wisdom-who He is-through infinite love-what He has done for usto the simple and sincere-and not to those who consider themselves superior.

Matthew 5:5  Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.

We can be eternally grateful the Lord gives us the awesome testimony of how to live-His example of His great love as demonstrated by His sacrifice for us.  See links below.

God, the Supreme being is explaining to us-it’s not the supremacy that is to be the most  coveted, but the example of sacrifice and love given to us…this is the eternal statement.   Please see links below that will explain His great love for you.   May the Lord bless you as you pursue His truth 🙂  .

-Understanding God

-How Much Does God Love Us

-Receiving the Lord–becoming a family member of Heaven 

-Picking Up the Call From God 

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