Don’t Investigate Us! Great Awakening Update 2-13-2020

Let’s  see if we can connect the dots

  History has shown us, all positions of rulership, whether it be kings and queens (their descendants) or government rulers will eventually turn their kingdoms or governments into a dictatorship…if checks and balances are not put into place.

Ephesians 6:12   We wrestling not against flesh and blood, but against rulers, authorities, the powers who govern this world of darkness, and spiritual forces that control evil in the heavenly world.

“Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely” …Lord Acton

Generations of corruption have been documented by presidents, congressmen, top CIA, FBI  ( and other three letter agencies).   The masses are waking up to this truth.   See Evidence of Corruption, World Reformation Movement 

 In 2015 and earlier, the prophetic word went out for the U.S.  Seek the Lord or He will use the corruption that we allowed into our homeland to bring about judgments as described in the Bible.   See Jonathan Cahn., Matt. 24, Rev. 6

We did not fully repent, but we did pray.

The Lord set in motion a reprieve to stop the evil and the corruption.   America should be soooo grateful for His mercy.  See Prophetic Begining, see links especially at the end of the article. 

Before Trump was even sworn in as president, they were calling for his impeachment   They are not idiots-they knew what was coming…his campaigns foundation was-drain the swamp, clean the corruption, make America Great! See Link 1, Link 2.

Their strategy, attempt to impeach him on crimes mirroring  their own criminal abuses.

-They cried-Russia-Russia-Russia, (Ukraine kickbacks given to them in the billions)

-Uranium One-selling our crucial  nuclear bomb grade uranium-to Russian-giving many in the democratic and republican parties enough money for life.  Those names we all know in the highest levels of authority, Obama, Clinton, Comey, CIA, FBI-heads raking in millions at the cost of risking our national security for each and every American.

-The Mueller Investigation-they had nothing…the investigation was  begun from illegally obtained FISA court documents-proved to be false… by the Democratic party.  This was paid for by the Hillary Foundation-to use FBI and government officials to falsely accuse and eliminate a duly elected president.   WHY??? The obvious, President Trump and the partriots are coming after them. Link. 

Note:  When you Google treason…this is what you will get…  the crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government.   What they did to an elected president is called -TREASON- those that were directly involved know this could send them to jail for the rest of their lives.  

-The impeachment trials…they knew they could not get 2/3 of the vote in the senate…they wanted to discredit him (and his accomplishments) so he cannot get reelected.

The Mueller investigation,  the impeachment trials however gave Justice department the opportunity-and time- to investigate kickbacks and crimes against humanity dating back decades.  It also gave the patriots in the government time to clean out crooked federal judges, purge the Republican party and investigate criminals in both republicans and democrats parties.

They know thousands of sealed indictments are coming –for them!!  Link

They have only one recourse…to  scream through their controlled media outlets….link

This is their final defense…they are running out of ammunition!!  

The Lord is using a worldwide reformation to restore justice to our governments around the nations, starting with the U.S.A.   This will also set in motion a great revival-as He did in His first coming, using the ‘nobodies’ to restore the Holy Spirit back in the church.  See Calling the Church Off the Fence

We need to remember, many are involved in crimes against humanity that would literally shock millions of sleeping Americans.   This is not just about stealing our income that we worked hard for our families, but realizing they have abused children…innocent human beings-and creating wars that devastated millions of lives.  For some, their crimes are beyond evil!

Are we going to look back say we were part of the greatest reformation to stop evil in our millennium, or are we going to have to admit….it took a shaking for us to see the truth?

Let’s stand together, humbly before God and with one another and be united in this Great Awakening 🙂    God bless, Bill

Please See Allowing Truth into Our Lives, Understanding Truth Video 

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