Life Song Sing to You-Casting Crowns

I went to see Casting Crowns in Orlando…. the entertainment capital of the world…

How ironic, one touch in the smallest way from God can thrill one greater than the best man can throw at you.

Nothing against a good coaster ride, it’s great…

But nothing can compare to His presence. For those who know Him, I invite you to listen to the music video…and ask “Lord, how can I take it to the next level, give me a willing heart to have more of You reach those you love.”

Jesus says :”I tell you the truth, the Son can do nothing by himself; he can do only what he sees his Father doing, because whatever the Father does the Son also does.  John 5:19

My friends, we need more of His radiant glory in us because there is no greater conviction than that of the living truth.  More of Jesus ‘flowing and glowing’ in our lives- prayer, the baptism of the Holy Spirit, sacrifice, fellowship in Him…whatever it takes.

When we think we have arrived is when we have stopped seeing the beauty of His glory, and trying to become part of it. 

John 14:12 I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in Me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.

God bless all of you willing to humble yourself for the sake of others.

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