Prophecy General

 America’s Role

The End of America by John Price.  This will end the discussion about who is mystery Babylon, and Americas role in the end times.


Sequence of Events

The Pre-Wrath Rapture of the Churchby Marvin Rosenthal.  Best and simplest book that explains the timing of the rapture and the coming events.

The Sign, by Robert Van Kampen’  One of the most extensive works out-with the correct timing of the rapture.  Might want to read Rosenthals book first.


Of the Last Days, I Will Tell You A Mystery  Richard H Perry -also, mini videos.  Has some interesting insight and a heart for your protection. (disagree on the Antichrist) see You Tube



‘ABC Sermons‘  David Wilkerson

‘Divine Revelation of Hell’, Mary Baxter,

Mickey Robinson Testimony‘  Fiery plane crash and testimony of life after death.see You Tube     

Revelations of Heaven and Hell’   Bill Weise see You Tube

The Vision’  Rick Joyner Morning Star, Mint.

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