They Have Crossed the Line, Covid 19

They have crossed the line.   We will not be quiet.   When life-saving therapies and medications are readily available for Covid 19

And we see the exact same individuals -who for years now-have opposed President Trump-IN EVERYTHING, IN EVERY WAY,  in government and media…are the same ones who oppose these critical medications-something is criminally wrong!   See the video at end of this article.  

When we first heard of the incredible results of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ)…most of us thought, fantastic, run the tests of this medication that has been approved by the FDA for over a half-century.  Then,  get this very inexpensive medication (along with some antibiotic regiments) out. 

Why would anyone oppose a safe medication-if their respiratory system was failing-when they had hours to live and doctors across the country are saying this medication has had up to a 95% plus success rate.  Unless you hate humanity, you don’t stop this FDA approved medication.  

See clinical results of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) in this article -Link 

The only conclusion anyone could possibly come up with-is again, the obvious.  The opposition is trying to stop the release of a cure to Covid 19- to crash the economy (and people’s lives) for the coming election.  Why else would you stop a low risk, low-cost medication with proven results?   At worst, you simply would leave it as a possible safe option when needed-especially when it is the last medical hope to someone’s life!   See video below

What they are doing is criminal, shameful, and utterly void of human compassion.   To those governors and doctors whose patients are wanting these medications –those who are withholding them should be charged with willful homicide.   No, it is just total chance-that the majority of the ones opposing President Trump are the exact same ones trying to stop this –now proven-therapy.   See the above link.

‘The People’ Are Not Innocent, We Have Crossed the Line 

‘The people’ are not innocent.   If you read the references in the above link, the results are more than promising.   The mainstream media however attacked this cure from the beginning.   Of course you will find articles opposing this therapy….because they want Covid to drag out until the elections.   Our responsibility, however, is to see the truth-and stop closing our eyes to what is beyond obvious.  

One of the most recent lies, reporting that President Trump wanted the American people to inject harmful cleaning fluid into their bodies.    If you listen to the video-it is ‘crystal clear’  he did not say or in any way imply this.  A word for word report is given –again, see the above link. 

How shameful it is to support this lie, to support any media who promoted this lie.

I refuse to hold back when there are individuals in hospitals who need these medications, are being sacrificed by politicians and the media – for political reasons.   They will distort the truth at the risk of their lives.    

Testimonies from first-hand accounts of patients and doctors in the field (motioned in an upcoming blog) mention that Covid 19 has similarities to the flu, but somewhat more contagious.   Like all cases of flu however- and especially for Covid 19-when it enters the lungs-the the respiratory system…then-it can be fatal.   This is why medications like HCQ are sooo vital-for saving lives when Covid enters the lungs- and why attacking these promising cures (or supporting those that do) is sooo inhumane and deadly.    To think, medications sitting on a shelf are being withheld from someone literally gasping for air, dying –literally blows us away! 

Conservatives detested many of Obama’s policies, but you can bet on this…if he had a sincere heart to get out life-saving meds –as we all know President Trump is trying to do (as the above link shows-he is saying test this, get the meds out) …we would- I would be the first to support Obama’s efforts in this area 100%.     

They have crossed the line and it is why we are so furious.   It’s not about politics, it’s about seeing the truth-and standing in unity-fighting for it.     

See Video Link here 


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