Turning Your World Right Side Up Part 1

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Ephesians 5:11   Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.

Not in a 1000 years would I have ever thought I would be writing this article to you today.   For the first time since my ‘party life’ in my 20’s have I had a revelation that has turned my life ‘upside down’-as far as what I believed.  When the truth is manifested however, things slowly and most assuredly straighten out-life starts to look right side up.  Kinda like discovering as an adult you were adopted, the things that never seemed to fit all start to make sense.

Before I begin, I want to be candid about this article.   As mentioned below, what I am about to write about is-I believe-the biggest deception in the history of the physical universe.  It is sooo genius and incredibly evil.   When I saw how it laid the foundation for other major plans, I became so angry at its author.   Evil scheming  beyond anything I could of imagined and to date, so successful that many of his enemies will continue to believe him-as I did for decades.

I want to state from the beginning, I am going to throw away the Face Book time factor…please entertain me in 5 minutes or less.   If we are not totally willing to surrender all our preconceived ideas about what we believe, seek the Lord with ‘all’ our heart and honestly seek the truth with multiple scriptures…meaning, work hard for His truth, then the best thing right now is to probably leave this page.   You will think I have gone off the deep end, so why should we ‘go there’.   I am really not trying to be harsh, the next paragraph will explain how much the Lord cares about you…it’s just that if we aren’t really willing to seek the Lord diligently about any important truth,  the scripture says we (all of us) will never come to that truth.

Jeremiah 29:13   And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.

If picture is worth a thousand words, a video must be worth a million, so there will be different links given throughout this article to help illustrate this viewpoint.

2 Timothy 2:15   Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

If you are open minded  ‘a true workman’ –and  review all the scripture….if you make it to the end of this series unchanged, than you will more than likely  become even stronger in your original belief.   I honestly believe however, if you are open to the Word and the Holy Spirits leading, your world is about to flip.   I personally think you will start to realize how wonderful and special the Lords plan is for us…and your world will finally begin to feel ‘right side up’.

I  also at times will mention what I received in prayer, for those who are seeking the Lord in this area.   When the Holy Spirit does begin to guide you, this will either confirm what He showed me…or give you the appropriate ‘caution’ flags  when the wrong interpretation of scripture is taught.  (Jn. 14:26)

It needs to be said I have had serious reservations about mentioning this…the deception  is so far ‘out there’ I was concerned it may hurt any credibility about sharing the Gospel.   I asked the Lord, what profit is there if people think I have ‘lost it’ (for many…this is old info..lol)  and Your gospel in hindered.  In fact, some have given this advice-and I personally think it is pretty sound and wise.   They cautioned to really hear from the Lord in this area.

He gave confirmation in steps.   His truth is light, and yes timing is directed by the Lord (Pro. 25:11), but truth always builds upon truth…and just adds more light to life.   We need never fear seeking and discovering truth.  He also said, Bill…if you don’t give this matter out to people (in my circles) who will?  You could sense such a deep compassion for those needing to know this…He did not want others to live the lie.   I think we can relate, if the Lord gives you insight to a  truth, does He not want you to help others with it.  Finally, Ep. 5:11 came to remembrance.   We are to know the works of the devil and expose them.

Before we start, I just wanted to express my gratitude with the true pioneers of the faith.   I think of all of those Christians at the beginning of the 1900’s, bringing the Baptism of the Holy Spirit back into the church.   They were mocked, ridiculed and considered ‘weird’.   I was guilty for 12 years of being part of their ridicule.  From their sacrifice however, I am now blessed with gifts of the Spirit that I would simply feel lost without.  Others are putting out this message with a far greater boldness and understanding than anything I could consider or accomplish, they are the true pioneers.

The Holy Spirit Slowly Turning On The Light

The light started to crack into to the ‘box in my head’  little by little.  I thought, could this be true?  For about an hour, it went back and forth.  Light and doubt, but the evidence just couldn’t be contained.  The Lord started with science, later obviously to be confirmed by the Word.  I personally think He probably wanted me to start to change my ‘paradigm view’ via science first to show-everyone-that-anyone- can see this if they just look.   Scripture confirmed this later beyond anything I could of imagined, really seeing how special we are in the universe.

There were 2 things that absolutely were mind boggling, it really shook me.

1) The magnitude of what I had believed, and how wrong it was

2) The depth of deception was beyond anything I could have ever envisioned. 

These first articles will not deal extensively with the deception (evil trickery)…but with the evidence-so I would like to make a statement now on how evil works.  To deceive the masses, there are a few ‘must’

a.) The higher up the chain of command, the less people ‘below’ have to know about the deception.   They are just following orders.

b.) If you working on just ‘one piece’ of the deception (i.e. the fuse of a bomb) you will not be directly aware about the plan and use for the entire bomb.  They call this compartmentalizing the lie.

c.) Mention the deception time and time again, by those with authority and the truth becomes less believable to the masses.   This was true for the Kennedy assignation, the falling of the buildings on 9/11 (especially building 7) and this plot of deception.

It Started With The Science

A Super Easy Question A Globalist Cannot Answer 

If you believe in the globe earth you will never be able to answer this simple question.   This is not a ‘trick’ question, it is an easy straight forward question and deserves and straight forward answer.    The only option globalist will have is to confuse the response in order to disguise the fact that the question was never truly answered  It other worlds, the ‘system’ is wrong and this fact is coming to light.

What you see in this picture is the ‘alleged’ orbit  of Mercury, Venus and the Earth.   When the part of the earth is facing the sun…we call this day, when facing away…we call this night.   We see the sun when we face it…and after sunset we do not-total agreement right?!

If the sun, Mercury and Venus are facing the same direction from the perspective of the earth (see above pic) how can we see Mercury and Venus…many times all night long…if we are facing away from them -like the sun-at night?

Globalist can’t answer this because the planets  are not in an orbit around the sun.    The planets (stars) and sun are in a firmament rotating around the  perimeter of the earth.   Each come in and out of view, as they move around ‘us’.   This is why we can see Mercury, Venus-and all the other stars that are in view, because they all are in the above firmament together,  just as the Word teaches.

Note:  This is also why all long exposure night pictures show the  higher  stars moving in a complete circle (a moving dome)…and not straight lines-which would be the case if the earth was a globe spinning is a single direction.  See Bible   Part 2   Videos Part 3 

My Nova Moment, Confirmed Airline Travel Time

Ask yourself this question.  If you go and book two non stop flights right now, one from LA to New York, and the other from New York to LA (opposite directions)…leaving at the same time..

-why do both  nonstop planes land  within a very short time  of each other (actual booking times)…if the earth below them is moving eastward toward New York  at roughly at 1000 mph (Note: time, distance and alleged ‘earth speed’ are estimates ….some say the rotation for US is 900 mph (ish). 

The average commercial speed of an aircraft is just below 600 mph.

The plane going from New York to LA is going 500 + mph.   The ground underneath it is rushing toward it at 1000 mph .   The combined speed toward LA is roughly 1500 mph.  If the trip is around 3,000 ish miles, that is a 2 + hour trip.   See below

final plane 1

The plane heading east at 500 + mph should never be able to catch up with the land below it speeding past it at 1000 mph.   Estimated  arrival time…40 hours when the ‘globe’ laps the plane and New York comes up  behind it.

plane 5

Crazy yes…and so will the explanations you will be getting to explain why you should not believe the facts that you are observing.

Formulas can reveal truth and we need to use them, but they can also do just the opposite-hide truth.   This is done in 2 general ways.

1) Using incorrect applications that are given in lengthy formulas

2) Making formulas so complicated, when explained by those in authority it tends to override what we are observing to be true.

For example, formulas that work with theories, like those with gravity assume the applications in them are all correct in order to make the formula workable and true.

The problem is, these applications can be wrong and many are not verifiable.

Let’s look at gravity.    This is the definitions given by the scientist in the field.

           X   Esoteric number.  ;Then all that is multiplied by an Esoteric, hard-to-describe number that physicists call “Big G.”’

‘Kinda’ simple enough, a gravitational force between two objects equals the mass of one multiplied by the mass of the other — all divided by the square of the distance between the two objects. X  Esoteric Number

You may be smart enough to figure out the first part of the equation, but then comes the ‘esoteric’ number that multiplies this equation.   I love their definition of esoteric number.  

A number intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest.

In other words, non verifiable.

We can ask, why a round basket ball (at any height beside a  mountain) does not pull toward a mountain if we hang it on a string a few feet away.  If the moon is held to the earth by a gravitational orbit, why do we not ‘observe’ similar gravitation pulls by huge masses on earth?

Why does the moons ‘gravitation pull’, which is able to conquer the mighty seas and draw it back the oceans water at low tide…cannot find enough gravity to pull water in a small pond or puddle a few feet from an ocean.

The truth about gravity I believe is coming to light.   Commercial pilots, engineers and those familiar with physics are starting to point out the great discrepancies.    We are going back to what our Hebrew fathers believed all along (see Part 2)

There is nothing on Earth massive enough that it can be shown to cause even a dust-bunny to stick to or orbit around it! Try spinning a wet tennis ball or any other spherical object with smaller things placed on its surface and you will find that everything falls or flies off, and nothing sticks to or orbits it.

To claim the existence of a physical “law” without a single practical evidential example is hearsay, not science. ~ Eric Dubay

The more we look into the Word about the heavens  the more the Lords answers make a lot more sense.   I believe the Lord  wants us to stop automatically putting our total trust in what others are  saying (things non verifiable and confusing; for the Lord is not the author of confusion 1 Cor. 14:33).   He does however want us to start searching after what we can understand and observe as guided by the Holy Spirit with the scriptures (Gen. 1:14)

 James 1:5    If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.

This is and will become an ‘IMPORTANT COMPASS’ bearing for you.   If you really want the truth in this area, start with what you can understand and what you observe.  With the Holy Spirits leading, this will lead you to the truth.

As far as the plane trips above, you will have some throw in formulas of motion, inertia, gravity and everything that can’t be verified by observation.   Simply, what we ‘CAN OBSERVE’   is  a plane lifting off (overcoming gravity), turning in  all different directions-N-S-E-W (overcoming  earths inertia and the Newtons law of motion) and overcoming their ‘alleged’  eastward wind speed  of 1000 mph.  Once a plane rises and changes direction of this ‘so called’ 1000 mph eastward motion,  it becomes independent body.   The only course to change your thinking are confusing theorems that go against what you are seeing and experiencing.  Again, the Lord is not the author of confusion 1 Cor. 14:33.

Simply, there is no verifiable reason why these two planes land at similar times if the earth is moving at this rate of speed.   We shall soon see in part 2, the two planes listed above should arrive at similar times if we follow Gods explanation in the Word.

Note:  These  examples  mentioned here are just to get us to start  thinking about how the Lord truly created His universe and why satan is trying to distort it.   The links given at the bottom of the page  will be able to give more detailed evidence.   Part 2 will review the  scriptures needed to confirm this view.


Major Tom To Ground Control, Can You Help Me Fix The Sun…

It’s On The Wrong Side Of The Earth Again


 You go on a field trip with your class, and you want to demonstrate the orbit of the earth to the sun, as shown above.   You find an old stand alone building (representing the sun), place 365 markers around the building in a circle, demonstrating one day a year.

You start at figure 1, and you notice behind the building, straight ahead there is a huge lake .  The sun (building)  is also straight in front of you,  at high noon.

You start, but before going to each day (marker) you do a one day spin, a 360 degree  complete spin representing a day and night rotation.   You start with your face directly toward the sun (building) at high noon.  Every  day you move a little closer to figure 2, each day  your 360 degree spin  faces you the same way,  towards the lake  (one complete circle, a 360 degree spin always leaves you facing the lake, anywhere in the orbit-see red arrows).

You come upon your 3 month orbit (figure 2) and everything is great.   The sun is to your left, and after your 360 degree rotation, your face is still toward the lake, at high noon.

Things are going well, your are a little dizzy but your class is loving your demonstration.   You make it to figure three, six months into orbit.   Your rotation is still at 360 degrees, and as always, you are  facing the lake at high noon, just like when you started.   And then it hits you.   At six months around the orbit (figure 3-above), you are facing directly away from the sun at high noon.   Because you were constant with your rotation, like a spinning earth should be…your high noon day is actually midnight, completely away from the sun and towards the lake.   Houston, we have a problem!

Below is another pic demonstrating the impossibility of an earthly orbit.  The red arrows point to the direction of the earth after the 24 hour spin (at high noon) during an annual orbit.

The powers to be go into complete damage control (you will get the Biblical ‘big picture’ later, why they set up the orbit in the first place).

So they set up a different ‘day’ than that of the 24 hour Solar ‘day’.    It is called the Sidereal day, and it is set up by the ‘stars’, not the sun. See link 

Conveniently, this day is about 4 minutes shorter than 24 hour solar day- and like a magic wand, after your 6 month orbit, it slows the earth down by 12 hours and you have your high noon facing the sun again.

The reason given, and I quote…

Because the Earth moves around the sun as it rotates, the sun’s position changes relative to the stars.             * please see important  fn. 1 

Ok, now you are expecting us to believe the suns complete axis, with a mass 333,000 times greater than the earth, can be shifted by one if it’s 9 planets-93 million miles away.

Remember your compass;  is this is really understandable, observable and verifiable??  I  can’t wait to get to the Word of the Lord and show how special this earth really is…part 2.

Oh, by the way, the problem with this is we still have the original problem.   Are our clocks are on the Solar day or Sidereal day?  There is  roughly a 4 minutes difference…they can’t be set on both.   Before our ‘atomic time’ did you ever hear of Big Bend, built in 1859 adjusting 4 minutes a day for Sidereal time.   What about our quartz clocks and the clocks on walls run by batteries- Sidereal or Solar time?   That’s almost 30 minutes every week that all the clocks around the world would be conflicting with each other.

Now let’s get back to the yearly orbit.  If we are on a Solar 24 hour day, we still have our field trip problem above…’high noons’ turn into midnight…not good.     If we are on the Sidereal time, our field trip is fixed because they slowed the day by 4 minutes ish..and after 6 months a 12 hour slowdown shifts the earth back toward facing the sun.   Huge problem NASA! You fixed our field trip but have messed up the entire solar system.   On Sidereal time, after 6 months the earth slows down 12 hours…and after a year…thats right-24 hours… one day.   Now you are explaining that there are 364 days a year, not 365 (and a fraction for leap year)…as you say.   It throws everything off!      This schedule over a few centuries would rotate the  equinox and solstice days, along with the seasons- hot summer dates turning to cold and  winter -turning hot.   For the true yearly cycle in the firmament is  still  at 365 days (as calculated through all recorded history) which would make the 364 day year one day short of completion.   Each year, there would be an additional 24 hour delay-causing the seasons to be constantly shifting.

You ‘say’ you can calculate the spinning earth to a millisecond, send spacecraft to rendezvous with orbiters , calculate the distance to the sun and stars in light years,  but cannot resolve how many minutes are in a day and how many days are in the year.

Maybe it’s time for the world to realize the Biblical explanation of the sun moon and stars.   We are not an insignificant spec of dust in the middle of a no where universe!


Curvature of the Earth

If you go to Google to get the  formula for curvature of the earth (the drop measured below the horizon), you will more than likely get

Distance in miles X 8 (represented in inches) = drop in inches.

If we lived on a pyramid, this formula would be accurate.   As you can see from the above pic however, if you were on an airplane above the earth (the top of the triangle) , the curved sphere has much greater curvature than a flat slope or pyramid.   It takes a few pages down in google to get another simple formula called the Pythagorean Theorem, it gives the accurate formula for the curvature for the earth. This formula is not disputed by NASA.


Miles away sq x 8= drop in inches  (divided by 12= ft. divided 5280 =miles)

Simply take any distance in miles, multiply it by itself  X 8 and you get the distance in inches.   You want the drop in feet, just divide by 12.   In miles, divide by 5280…that is how many feet are in a mile.

Need an example, you are 10 miles from a building on a clear day where visibility is not a factor.    You want to know how many feet that building should ‘drop’ by the curvature of the earth.  (see above drawing)

10 miles sq. = 100 x 8 = 800 inch.   Divided by 12 = 66 ft.     If you are 10 miles away,  you should not be able to see any 50 ft. tree, building etc. on level ground.   Again, if you look at the above pic, even if you were aided by a telescope, the 50 ft. object would not be visible.   You would be able to see anything in a straight  line of view better (i.e. birds, clouds etc., ) but a telescope would not be able to ‘resurrect’ and object that is ‘bent over’ the curve of the earth.

This is what we should see on earth.   In the distance, trees and buildings bending back and fading out of view.

MLlHh - Copy

In reality, this is what we do see.

flat 1 - Copy

 Good Summary of NASA  Link.  

What about the ‘ship in the distance’ fading out of view

The video below shows how a ship disappears and   ‘miraculously’ resurrects with a telescope , something that should be impossible because of the curvature of the earth   (see above pic- neat video on Ships-Horizon Line)

Everything on land and sea has a ‘vanishing point’.   If you are an artist, you learn to draw these lines early on.



Here is a picture, not of a ship ‘vanishing’ downward at sea, but a road ‘vanishing’  upward on land.   They both vanish at the horizon from our perspective with distance.

vanishing point

One of the best ways to distinguish if an object ‘vanishes’ by the curvature of the earth or reduces in size because of distance, is with a telescope.

If you watch a ship on a clear day (or an object moving away from you on land) become too small to see, then view this object at the similar distance with a telescope.  If that object is not to be found, than this is evidence for curvature of the earth.

If the object comes back in view, than the object is not ‘magically’ resurrected from the curve of the earth, but through the advantage of the telescope, the distance has been reduced and the ‘vanishing point’ has been brought closer.

Water Level and the Curvature of the Earth

All free flowing water will flow to the lowest point in the area it is contained in.  Punch a hole in a bucket of water, the water will flow out until the level at the hole.  The water will also have a relative flat appearance (if no other forces interfere).  You can even connect containers with pipes, and the water will level out evenly at its lowest point (see below).   The Ancient Romans knew this, and they set up aquifers throughout the city.  This is how we have water pressure for the shower, the water in the water tower is trying to ‘level out’.   Let’s continue with this  principle.

-Say that you have a fiberglass pool or spa come in on a truck and you want to test it, to see if there is a leak.   Like the bucket above, if there is a hole or crack in it, you know water will flow out to the lower point of the leak and level out.

-If you have been to the mountains you  have noticed the beautiful streams flowing downward to the lakes.   The same principle.   Thousands of miles of rivers flow down to their lowest points to a reservoir.

-An overflow drainage pipe for a pond has this same concept in use.

-Everything to date verifies water does indeed follow these same characteristics.  But now you are going to test it.  Similar to the Alaskan Pipeline, you are going to take a flexible pipe and run it evenly over the ground for 3 miles.  You   lazar it to make sure it is straight.   When you finished, the pipe is full of water, straight, open at the top.   Kinda of looks like a straight version of a water slide structure.

We already calculated the simple formula that NASA and engineers use (see above) for a ten mile drop, now we do it for 3 miles (3 mi. x 3 mi= 9.   9 x 8= 72 in. or 6ft).    Since you made the pipe flexible, like a bow you evenly drop one end 6 ft., representing the  curvature of the earth .

Do you bet the house the water stays in the highest point in the bow shaped pipe, or rushes toward the lower end?   You will tell me that water will not  stay at the top of the ‘bow’ or hump, it will start to exit until it levels out at it’s lowest point.

What we have observed throughout the entire earth goes against what is needed to hold water in open seas on a spherical globe.   A body of water cannot be naturally curved or ‘humped’ in a sphere (as with the bow shaped pipe), but will level out in a flat plane.  Whether the container is small, medium or large, water levels out and will go to it’s lowest point.   This is true for a bucket, river, lake,  bayou, sea or ocean.   Thus the ocean from London to New York will seek to be level and come to rest on a flat plane.   Again, our compass.   There is not a 1,500 mile high ‘magically restrained’ hump of water from New York to London (based upon NASA curvature numbers).   What you have observed with every body of water you have seen and tested, you know will be true with the body of water from London to New York.  The water will naturally be level and seek it lowest point.    This  over a thousand mile high  ‘hump’ is really not magical at all but imaginary…so glad we both are seeing the difference. 🙂

While the true and tested principles for the flow of water does not fit the spherical ball model, they do absolutely ‘conform’ to the model stated in the Bible and agreed upon by the origins of  all civilizations.


Please see videos at the bottom of page for more evidence.

Thank you for your dedication to this point.   It is time now to review scripture-not only to confirm that the spherical world is not Biblical, but why satan used this system as his foundation for evil.    You will see how this was the ‘key’ to bring other deceptions through the door-which have worked together to eliminate  millionsof lives.  If you are like me, you will simply want to know the truth and stop the sinful lies.

Note:  For a great video preview…see How it All Works

Turning Your World Right Side Up Part 2  (Biblical Confirmation)

Video Section Part 3 

ft. 1 (From-Calendar Year vs. Earth Orbit by Serm Murmson, Demand Media.)   I as so amused at NASA attempt to explain sidereal day,  you will find it is constantly changing.   When they try to throw ‘galactic stars’ into the earths rotation with orbital equations, they are just trying to confuse us  1 Cor. 14:33.   The Lord however gives us the correct and ‘observable’ model for stars.  The stars rotation ‘around the earth’ is indeed adjusted by  just less than 1 degree per day (or 4 minutes slower than the sun)  to give us ‘signs for seasons’  Gen 1:14.  This is verified by the North start-Polaris- always in the center of the night sky.

See Part 2     Videos Part 3


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