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  • Whatever happened to…innocent  until proven guilty.   In reality, we could put it this way…. I won’t destroy your life until the truth is  brought to light. Here is an article by the New York Post that supports the topic points … Continue reading
  •   General Flynn states- ‘Through this case, (his case in which he was exonerated of the false accusations that could have sent Gen. Flynn to prison for years) we have exposed the underbelly of Washington D.C. and it is grotesque.’   … Continue reading
  • Eight years ago for many of us, our hearts sank.   Yes, the people have a right to vote their conviction, but those opposing Obama saw through his polished rhetoric and knew what was coming.   We saw his Muslim family ties-his … Continue reading
  •       Have you ever considered the difference between being a friend to someone and having fellowship with them?   Or, have you ever asked the Lord how He wants us to choose our friends.   What does the Word teach … Continue reading
  • The Great Awakening  April 24 2018 Wanted to post an update. To be honest, I have never seen the Lord move like this in my lifetime…or have never read about a move like this in modern history. For decades, many … Continue reading
  • –‘Kenneth Hagin Ministries‘ Kenneth Hagin Sr. His classic books on gifts of the Spirit, faith, and general walk with the Lord
  • If you are truly sincere on wanting to know God, the TRUTH, then the angels in heaven are about to rejoice.  Why, because Jesus says   ‘ In the same way, I tell you, there is rejoicing in the presence of … Continue reading
  • Video Section  Here are some videos that support both the Scientific and Biblical view of creation.  The goal was to have the best videos on various topics in the shortest amount of time.   For more in depth study, please … Continue reading
  • As we have seen from scripture in the prior article, Satin desires not only to unify the kingdoms of the world (New World Order), but bring them to total wickedness. This will increase his hierarchy of power. A unified world … Continue reading
  •     On the 20th of January, a new or existing president will take the oath of office, and become the next president of the United States, literally becoming the leader of the free world. Both sides agree, we are … Continue reading
  • Have you ever prayed and felt like you were talking to a brick wall, not getting through. I have shared this experience with you.  Have you ever prayed and been so moved for someone’s well being that rivers of tears … Continue reading
  • They have crossed the line.   We will not be quiet.   When life-saving therapies and medications are readily available for Covid 19 And we see the exact same individuals -who for years now-have opposed President Trump-IN EVERYTHING, IN EVERY WAY,  in … Continue reading

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