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  • Ever have the Lord change the course of your life?   For most of us, it doesn’t come that often-but when it does, the out come  is simply amazing.    When I finished Bible College,  I was busy, always trying … Continue reading
  • OK God, if You are really out there…I will put You in my speed dial and ring You up. One of the main arguments for not being able to know God is –Where is the proof, show me God-so I … Continue reading
  • One of the neatest things about God…according to His word-is His abilities are unlimited, they are absolute.   He is Infinite and His Majesty is beyond comprehension.  1 Chronicles 29:11  “Yours,  O LORD, is the greatness and the power and the … Continue reading
  • A Prophetic Word for President Trump 4/8/20 I have raised you up to sit on the highest stage in the world You are more recognized than anyone of the face of My earth. You have looked out from your tower, … Continue reading
  • Hadn’t quite figured out, what is so wrong with protecting babies-why such hostility to saving a life.   Hadn’t quite figured out, why it is so wrong to protect human rights…the woman’s rights, also the dads, the children…and oh yes, the … Continue reading
  • Wanted to put a quick post out about how the Lord is moving to expose government  corruption.    Just want to say, Hang On!, if we keep praying, things are going to get real interesting.    The Lord is going … Continue reading
  • See how the Lord used the 2016 election to advance the Kingdom of God, His final great call to the Church. Video by Lance Wallnau See Link Note:  I find it amazing that after years of the Lord calling out to … Continue reading
  • Continued from Tithing-Part 1 New Testament ‘Traditional’ Scriptures on tithing -2 Matt. 23:23 “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! (Jesus-rebuking the religious leaders of that day)  You give a tenth of your spices—mint… But you … Continue reading
  •   Like so many of you reading this article, my twin and I believe God will  judge our country in light of whether we genuinely follow His truth Jn 3:21.    If we repent the Lord will bless us, if … Continue reading
  • My twin bro sometimes gets illustrations from the Lord that I believe really could help the church.   Recently, he explained one that I thought needed to be posted. The Lord was showing him the similarity between professional sports and the … Continue reading
  •   Main Video (only a few minutes), President Trump Explains The Crucial  Time we are in.  Please see Link. The most powerful leader in the world sees exactly what millions of people across this planet have been aware of –for … Continue reading
  • Felt the Lord wanted me to make a video on discovering His TRUTH… and why we have to have opens hearts to receive it.   Hope you enjoy 🙂 please see Video Link

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