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  • In Gods Eyes, How Special We Truly Are  Before we review the serious moral questions on abortion, I would like to insert an important truth in the equation.   Simply, to show how special you are…in the eternal eyes of the Father … Continue reading
  • Talked about God?  -I’m sure, many times. Thought about God? -even more. Debated about God? -haven’t we all. Gotten to know God-by Name, well, haven’t gone there…yet.   Maybe God is the kind of Father that wants something special from … Continue reading
  • Recently many of us have responded one way or another toward the latest doomsday scenario.  What has been interesting however is the immense interest the entire world has demonstrated over ‘the end time predictions’.   Any time throughout the year it seems at … Continue reading
  •   You Are For Me, Kari Jobe                          Isaiah 64:4 Since ancient times no one has heard, no ear has perceived, no eye has seen any God besides you, who acts on behalf of those who wait for him. I am … Continue reading
  •  A while ago I met someone who in my opinion would be labeled as a genius.   He had degrees from ‘academia’…but was also self taught in aerodynamics and engineering.   While he came across a bit ornery-lol-I really enjoyed talking to … Continue reading
  • Years ago…I sooo disliked and argued with ‘those Christians’ cause     -They seemed to imply ‘their God’ was exclusive-how could they claim such a thing… ‘their God’ was the ‘only God’-how arrogant-so I thought.  Later I found- of course God-if He … Continue reading
  • I went to see Casting Crowns in Orlando…. the entertainment capital of the world… How ironic, one touch in the smallest way from God can thrill one greater than the best man can throw at you. Nothing against a good … Continue reading
  •     Note:  Please see update on bottom 9-9-17-and final update 9/16/17. As Hurricane Irma approaches Florida and the east coast, wanted to get a quick post out  to pray against this storm. As usual, it is worth the extra … Continue reading
  •   When I see pictures like this during Christmas…it makes me want to take a minute  and just completely ‘wish’ to be there…in the snow-seeing the stars and letting all the worries and troubles vanish away. This moment would not … Continue reading
  • Jesus Himself testifies that in the last days the purpose for the church will  go from total ‘obscurity’ to the greatest message in the Bible.  The Lord Himself identifies this message as the Kingdom of Heaven.   Matt 13:31-32  Another … Continue reading
  •   Why the Lies The U.S. Centers For Disease Control and Prevention released these findings on the Survival and Fatality Rate of Covid 19.   Here is the link. The study gives different scenarios (the different conditions of the patient and … Continue reading
  • Hang on to your seats, the post below is a great short video of world-renowned doctors showing the scientific evidence of the dangers from the covid injections. Listen to-  -Ex top administrator of the Pfizer Vaccine -The inventor of the … Continue reading

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