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  • Jesus Himself testifies that in the last days the purpose for the church will  go from total ‘obscurity’ to the greatest message in the Bible.  The Lord Himself identifies this message as the Kingdom of Heaven.   Matt 13:31-32  Another … Continue reading
  • In the following link, a World War 2 veteran describes how a trumpet softened the heart of the sniper who was trying to kill him.   In doing so, he probably saved both of their lives.   See The Trumpets Song  This … Continue reading
  • Post updated.   Tough act to follow.   As we know about Jesus however, He would be incredibly understanding and probably just say…Be yourself and speak what My Father tells you. 1 Peter 4:11   If anyone speaks (as when preaching), … Continue reading
  • We all have had times of being wrong,  blowing it…messing up and regretting things we have done.    I like what President Kennedy said.   ‘An error does not become a mistake until we refuse to correct it.’  We as humans … Continue reading
  • After viewing Mike Hoggard’s video on Satan’s and mans greatest secret-I wanted to share this with you.  It will give a foundational explanation for all paranormal activity.  With God’s Word as our light we can start to connect ‘all the … Continue reading
  • 1 Timothy 6:10  For the love of money is the root of all evil If the love of money is the root of evil, what is the rest of this ‘tree of evil’ made of?   While Paul explains the love of money is evils  ‘ROOT’, other scriptures explain … Continue reading
  • John 5:19-20 Jesus gave them this answer: “I tell you the truth,   the Son can do nothing by himself; he can do only what he sees his Father doing” Have you ever stopped and pondered the significance of this verse?  The … Continue reading
  • ‘ABC of Fasting‘ Hall Deliverance Found. Inc. Bx 9910, Phoenix, Az. 85068 or Bx. 11157, Phoenix Az., 85017
  • My twin bro sometimes gets illustrations from the Lord that I believe really could help the church.   Recently, he explained one that I thought needed to be posted. The Lord was showing him the similarity between professional sports and the … Continue reading
  • Merry Christmas Please enjoy the music as you read   My child, sit before me-I want to tell you a story, it happened before you were born, when I was a young man. It is a true story-and I want … Continue reading
  •     Note:  Please see update on bottom 9-9-17-and final update 9/16/17. As Hurricane Irma approaches Florida and the east coast, wanted to get a quick post out  to pray against this storm. As usual, it is worth the extra … Continue reading
  • When I saw the video on the testimony of  John Ramirez  when he was in the occult, I felt it needed to be posted.   With some editing (adding Scriptures) we see how the devil could not fight against the … Continue reading

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