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  •   I honestly think General Patton would drive me loco. He definitely would not be a friend I would want to hang with, he would be one of the last people I would take ‘LIFE ADVICE’ from-and he made no … Continue reading
  • You’ve just seen the pic above..Nice isn’t it.   Add your closest friends, family members (just the ones you connect, the best home cooked food and the pet dog beside the fireplace. You can’t decide which aroma delights you … Continue reading
  •  America’s Role ‘The End of America’ by John Price.  This will end the discussion about who is mystery Babylon, and Americas role in the end times.   Sequence of Events ‘The Pre-Wrath Rapture of the Church‘ by Marvin Rosenthal.  Best and simplest … Continue reading
  • The Ethical Debate –Our Moral Integrity Giving evidence that the child in the womb is predesigned with cells and organs already functioning-will not likely alter ones viewpoint on ‘if’ an abortion is ethical…especially for hard core believers. In other words, prenatal … Continue reading
  • A cure has been found for PTTSD (Post Trump Traumatic Stress Disorder).   Here are the signs to see if you test positive for this world wide epidemic. -Peace and order at the borders sends you into a panic frenzy.   … Continue reading
  • We all have had times of being wrong,  blowing it…messing up and regretting things we have done.    I like what President Kennedy said.   ‘An error does not become a mistake until we refuse to correct it.’  We as humans … Continue reading
  • Shepherds Who Choose the ‘Broad Road’  See article   The problem wasn’t -as the head Pastor of Hillsong tried to explain…someone just got carried away on our church stage (once referred to an alter or holy temple). It started years ago … Continue reading
  •   Was with a friend tonight and had a chance to get some prayer in.   We were reviewing what we had been giving from last year and trying to put together an ‘agenda’ for this new year. As we started, … Continue reading
  •   Like so many of you reading this article, my twin and I believe God will  judge our country in light of whether we genuinely follow His truth Jn 3:21.    If we repent the Lord will bless us, if … Continue reading
  •     Luke 5:5   And Simon (later called Peter) answering said to him, Master, having labored through the whole night we have caught nothing (no fish), but at thy word I will let down the net. Have you ever felt … Continue reading
  • Felt the Lord wanted me to make a video on discovering His TRUTH… and why we have to have opens hearts to receive it.   Hope you enjoy 🙂 please see Video Link
  • Layman’s translation… Yo guys, We been wrapped around and bound down to the king and queen thing for going on three-four millennia’s  … and for you millennials’ out there, that means thousands of years…in tre zeros. Yes, we know God … Continue reading

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