Feeling Grateful, Hurricane Dorian was Stopped in the Ocean

Yesterday I was looking at the original forecast of hurricane Dorian (colored spaghetti trails from actual newscast-above). They were saying the small Bahamas islands were not going to slow this down…and actually, pick up speed to make it a Cat. 5.

Literally, all the trails were going right through central Florida…bulls eye to the front door of everyone from Daytona through Tampa.   Simply, a cat 5 would have relocated much of central Florida, in many cases-a coast to coast ‘in house’  demolition.

It went down to a cat. 2 almost immediately…and looks like it will break up before any serious damage…and my not ever touch the east coast at all.

Just felt a need to put this out…there is still plenty to do.

-Pray and help those in the small Bahamas Islands, 2 of the islands were devastated. It’s so hard to imagine, in some areas that were hit, a few buildings remain, in others, the whole area was still underwater.

-During the storm, just felt the Lord was saying to us…be diligent to maintain the closeness of our relationship-the urgency of the heavenly connection-strong in both good and tough times.   I don’t have to look far to realize how easy it is for me to relax… soo easy to ‘over entertain’ myself with all the distractions. I am talking to myself-but felt I was supposed to post this too. Soo many in the east coast are very fortunate and blessed to walk away from this.

-I also wanted to thank all those who prayed, who called out of concern-to your friends and family members.   We on the east coast would all like to say…thanks. It means so more than what can be expressed on any social media site 

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