John Bolton’s Firing Reveals Presidents Trumps Character

The most apparent reason John Bolton, the National Security Advisor is gone…is because of his views on Iran and other foreign policy issues, according to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and other government insiders.

This we know…have known for years.   Bolton always led with missiles before negotiation…commonly called a ‘war hawk’ or ‘warmonger’.   Yes, a National Security Advisor needs to play the tough and confident cards…but Trump tweeted that he strongly disagreed with the advice of the advisor.   More important that the firing, however, is looking into the character of Trump…and seeing how he interacts with other countries.   How does he view the civilians of other countries?

We already know the wants the best for the U.S.  Doing everything in his power to bring back high paying jobs back to America…is the best way to financially help lower and middle-income families.   See Socialism

It amazes me how one of the hardest jobs in the world has been sooo easy to accomplish.   Having the mainstream media convince the sleeping population that protecting our borders from human (and child) trafficking, drug smuggling, and complete chaos …is a really bad thing

We have gone from oil dependency to the world leading exporter (which makes for safer foreign diplomacy).  Our unemployment for all working Americans –including minorities-is at a all-time low.   More minorities are working than ever before (the real poverty buster).   We can go on, but the slogan Make America Great Again is simply stating the obvious, a desire to want the best for those who live in our country.    This article however focuses on Presidents Trumps regard to foreign countries.

The firing of Bolton gives us more confirmation of President Trumps desire to safeguard the well being of those who live in other nations.

President Trumps Win-Win Diplomcay With Allies 

Having fair trade with other countries makes it a win-win situation for the citizens of both nations.    Both countries prosper because of the buying and selling of goods and services.   Every time he is with a leader, he will publically mention his desire to start a working trade relationship with them.

Trumps Track Record for Other Countries

-North Korea, opening the borders for business and trade would automatically allow the people in the most persecuted country in the world to flee.  See Link.   Bolton, others congressmen, and presidents would never negotiate with Kim Jong-un  …sitting down and meeting with him publically would be totally out of the question.

News flash…Trump sees the horrors of North Korea, he just believes  of America can have enough influence to change what Pres. Obama called the new presidents greatest challenge.

-A goal to have a working relationship with Russia, the other nuclear giant is kindergarten foreign policy.   It is incredible how Trump is attacked for trying to use the other superpower to solve the world problems…diplomatically!   Yes, other American leaders were ‘naively taken in’ by not verifying broken agreements with Russia-making the situation worse…but Trump is not naive, he would make sure both countries are working together for the good of humanity.   Can you imagine these two superpowers working together to stop terrorism…and promoting each other’s economies…ease military tensions in Europe?   If we have genuine verification that no country is deceiving the other, two superpower leaders with sincere intentions could work together to help the entire world.   It’s time to realize the bias press and liberal congress want to simply destroy ‘all’ of President Trumps policies because he (and patriots who are not controlled by global and corporate interest) are  ‘outside’ of their political agenda.

-When Iran shot down our drone, Bolton and others wanted to strike back their facilities with missiles. President Trump simply asked…how many civilian lives lost.   The generals were totally unprepared to respond…it was not common for a President to ask…how many of the enemies lives would be lost.   When the answer arrived (roughly 150 lives lost), he simply said…pull back the planes  See Link. 

‘We lost a drone, killing civilians was not a proper response for their strike.’

-President Trump does not want war, if at allllll possible!  We all know…he is one of the toughest individuals to ever become president.   From the moment he took office, he was telling the xxx es what a terrible job they did…in front of them on inauguration day.   He corrected the European heads of state…’ on their turf’ in public ceremonies.   No one doubts if other countries hurt or killed innocent American lives-retaliation would be overwhelming.

Not wanting war however is a good thing.  Bolton’s firing is just another sign Trump is the master of the deal…and he is playing the economic sanctions hand (with Iran and other countries) all the way to the ace of spades…and why not.   We are the strongest economy in the world, we can outlast China in order to have a win-win situation for both countries for generations.   Not sure if it’s denial or insanity…but not understanding what President Trump is trying to accomplish is nothing short of bias overriding reality.   Scroll down to The Great Awakening and see ‘The Big Picture ?

Not trying to be harsh, but now is the time to grow up and not allow a few broadcast networks to override our adult reasoning.   We are smarter than this, we truly are.

He is brash, but so was Churchill, Teddy Roosevelt and about half our founding fathers.   Don’t let personality traits blind you to someones true motives.

A sincere love of country (both domestic and foreign) comes in all types of personalities…yes –including those who are naturally-as some have classified…the typical ‘class A’ alpha male.

President Trump was not called to be a pastor, or daycare worker.   History will one day reveal ‘cleaning out the swamp’ was more difficult than any task given to any president or world leader.   The swamp has had generations to grow, it is global, deadly and evil.  It incorporated the military, world banks, many government leaders, influenced the press-the list continues.  As others have said, without the hand of God covering him and his family…they would have been ‘taken out’ a long time ago.  See references at the end of This Article, Also Mark Taylor Prophecies, Corruption. 

It is almost an unanimous belief by those who see the evil that needs to be brought to justice… we cannot think of one politician who would have the determination and skill to actually follow the plan by those who care about our country. See ‘The Plan’, Link 1, Link 2.

  Yes, he has his faults and-to put your mind at ease- patriots do not think he is superior to any other American.   Has he been called to accomplish a very important  task- yes, is he superior to any other citizen, no -so cut him some slack.   He is risking everything-including the safety of his family,  to help change the course of America.   Those who are awake have seen the evidence of an evil that has been brewing for generations, and we now recognize the opportunity to bring true restoration to our land. See Link.  We believe the Lord is giving us an opportunity to allow justice to reign, let’s not oppose this or sleep through it.   See Line 1Link 2

Simply, I would hate to think after all the injustices are brought to light…that I allowed a personal bias to blind me to one of the greatest movement from both God and man…that history has ever experienced.   I hope it is exposed soon, the true motives of established families and corporate elites across the world.  How many lives they were willing to sacrifice so their ‘ruling class’ would achieve world dominance as described by the Lord thousands of years ago. See  Matt. 24, Rev. 6. Scroll down to Great Awakening

Instead of the Lord coming back and judging world leaders, we the people have been given the opportunity to restore our land, without world chaos.   Sooo many see this opportunity…that is why stadiums are full at Trump rallies.  We are united in a World Movement. This is not just a political election.   See World Movement ,  Please see Article and the prophetic links at the end.

Trumps Character

If you were accepting applications to fight global corruption-I think President Trump would be right at the top of the list.   Being ‘politically unpolite’ at times does not automatically take away one’s desire to restore a country they love-and have sacrificed for.   It’s simply time to take the wake up call 🙂

Do you like a challenge?  Take a few minutes and watch two short videos of an ex Trump hater.   Is he saying anything that might be bringing down the walls of denial?   Yes, it always takes a little  courage to navigate our quest for the truth. See Link1, Link 2.

This movment to restore our land is not that complicated….

It’s time to take the pill of reality, Walk Away. 

 Sooo few politicians understand how our institutions work together to produce a prosperous nation.    Trump wants businesses to succeed…it is the most effective way to bring wealth back to lower and middle-class families.   He is wanting to protect faith institutions, so valuable for the character of the country, and the blessing from above.

2 Chron. 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

He understands the correct role of government, to be an umpire and not a player.   The stock markets soared when they realized he was cutting taxes and needless regulations. Please see Gods Political View, The Dangers of Socialism, How Government Works.

United in Truth

If I thought it would help…I would simply say…think about the evidence given by sooo many in the references listed above.   Real change however usually does not come by thinking, but by sincerely being open to the truth-even if it comes through a door that we have had a former bias against.

Truth is Meant to Always Love Us and Help Us.

 Truth only hurts us when we deny it.  We all have fallen short of responding to it…we all have needed grace to receive Truth into our lives.   It’s never about pointing fingers but walking together, in the Truth ? and the blessings that it brings. See Truth Video

John 10:10 The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I have come that they might have life, and that they might have it abundantly.

Please see the following links to allow the Eternal Truth into our lives.   God bless Bill.

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