How about adding a little drama to my Quarantine, please!

Sooo bored hanging around the house, so I went to my ‘in-laws’ sandwich shop…really goooood Cubans.

Did not want to go back to the house…was going to eat under their canopy picnic tables-that were roped off.

I asked my ‘other’ sister in law and the crew at the shop…can I eat out there if I eat by myself? –no close contact except for the outdoor critters.

The dummy card played better than I thought (no comebacks please), but it still did not get the ‘trump’ card lol.  I was getting a real good explanation why I can’t eat in the premises…cause health board and violations and codes and something like WW 3.

So I replied…if I sit out there and eat my sandwich…it means you-all goen to jail…right?!

The return was…’along those lines’.

Well now, I told them this ain’t personal, it’s just that I am sooo bored, I just need a little

in my life right now-you know… Lights, action, roundem up kinda scene- let’s just add a little  spice on life’s quarantine please!     I’ll sit out there and see how this plays out 🙂

Well,  procedures in the end won out…we went ‘by the book’ and no violations occurred.    I’ll just have to eat my sandwich and watch a movie at la casa.

Hit Netflix…you guessed it-went straight to ‘The Drama Category’

…like the shelves for the ‘toiletries’  …Life’s Dramas were 

Give me a break! 

Hope everyone is ‘hanging in there’- really believe this will end sooner verses later 🙂

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