The Great Awakening Get Ready 4-18

The Great Awakening 

April 24 2018

Wanted to post an update. To be honest, I have never seen the Lord move like this in my lifetime…or have never read about a move like this in modern history. For decades, many have show evidence for a global corruption…and how we need to pray to move against it. With this awakening…we will soon realize how evil and deadly it could have been.  Link

As mentioned earlier, the goal is to have the sovereign governments of the world work together against abusive regimes.  This is indeed an opportunity that we have never seen in our lifetime…and it could not have happened without your prayers and our Lord at the helm.

It started with a cleansing of Saudi Arabia-the prince Alwaleed bin Talal…going to jail.  Link 

Saudi Arab  has been the number one state to fund our politicians…both in the Republican and Democratic parties.

Next in line was North Korea, whom now is headed for the table for talks.  Can you imagine the opportunity to have millions of lives freed from persecution-including brothers and sisters in the Lord.   As seen in the next link, we as citizens can give limited funds to groups to try and stop the injustices.    Trump knows however, a U. S. president has the influence to persuade world leaders to truly stop the abuses.   This is sooo exciting…how can we not talk about this   Link

Armenia is now the focus of freedom…please see link.

Iran is next in line….and on all of the above, we need your prayers to liberate (not overthrow….as the superpowers have done before) to allow freedom void of those who we know are persecuting innocent lives.
Liberated governments clear the path for the great awakening in the church 

Hang on to your seats….we are going to see more and more indictments…some of them will shock us. The greatest victories -are the children freed from trafficking. Thanks for taking your time to read the post and taking the time to pray. Yes it’s ‘heavy’ reading…but the most exciting thing in the world…seeing people become free from persecution 

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