Discovering Truth Part 2


I have a couple of questions for you.    If God has divine qualities, would that make His nature- His absolute  nature, a Being with attributes that are infinite-perfect, without error?

If this were the case, it would stand to reason that His knowledge would be complete and flawless…and He would be the ultimate source of all truth.  See Understanding God.

‘Assuming’ this is the case (and I am grateful it is 🙂 ), then it would also be totally logical that when searching for truth –absolute truth- the focus would be more about  getting in contact with ‘The Person-whom we call God’  over trying to find answers on our own… attempting to acquire  information that is beyond our finite ability.

Without help from others with greater understanding- like God, we could never comprehend what we have not experienced or examined.   We have not  witnessed who or what  made the sun, stars, earth, moon…who created our personality, dna code, emotions- etc. etc.   We have first hand accounts of our life’s history…but personal opinions  about life after we die vary dramatically.    We simply cannot verify what we have not personally experienced or examined.   The verification process has to come from a source greater than ourselves-like a Being with the divine attributes as mentioned above.

Therefore… finding ‘Eternal Truths’  would be more about establishing a ‘RELATIONSHIP’ with God… verses attempting to grasp these truths with our ‘limited’ capabilities.

All this just to say… 🙂 ,   if finding the most important truths in life starts with a ‘Relationship’,   than there is one huge component in discovering life’s most significant truths.

It is being open to a relationship with God, seeking Him with your heart, that brings eternal truths to our lives.

Simply…going to God with a humble and sincere attitude-what many call a receptive heart like a child is the key –not only to discover lifes eternal truths…but also…the key to establishing a relationship with God-that will last –yes-eternally.

A  Sincere Humble Attitude-that is Seeking 

 a Relationship with God

Sometimes life is not that complicated when we don’t try and think about it too much 🙂     Please see links below. 

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