Great Awakening, Bringing Darkness to Light 9/16/18

If you take the time and research You Tube, and tag…The Great Awakening and the 2016 Election, sealed indictments, Mark Taylor prophecies, Q Anon, Deep State in a panic… this will lead you to a army  of millions that have awakened to what the Lord is doing to stop the corruption that was about to impact  literally all of us.

The links below will more than expose what we are fighting against-the well being of those around us and the future of our children.

The most powerful man in the world…the U.S. president –not only sees what we see…but far more-for he is now informed by the greatest intelligence agencies in the world…the new FBI-CIA-NSA –housed cleaned version…imagine that.  

The U.S. president not only confirming what many have been warning  over the decades, but is in fact…telling us it was far worse than what most thought it could be.   I find it sooo interesting, the U.S. president confirming ‘everything’  the truthers  have said…and then some 🙂   Either he has joined the ‘crazies’ or he sees the Lord working from above.  When we see the corruption being dealt with in the coming months…our views will be united by the latter, what we call The Great Awakening.  See link.

The good news is we are winning. We will see the US in a phase of blessings because the people are awakening to the truth.   Light is not selective, it shines everywhere…the more we proclaim it the more it shines-all we have to do is open our eyes to the truth. Truth is bringing light not only to our government, but also the churches and to ‘We the People’ the ones the Lord came to redeem-to give His life for 🙂     

Romans 5:8 But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

He did not come to condemn the world of sin, but to save us from it. Jn. 3:17.

Please see links to what is happening to our world, our nation and our lives.

The Corruption

Thorough link to verify generations of Corruption   Link 

Research Links 


We are winning, the Lord is blessing the United States.  

You tube Great Awakening-the 2016 election, Q Anon, Mark Taylor Prophecies, Deep State in a Panic.


Knowing God

Understanding God  Link  

Knowing God Link 

How God Speaks to Man Link


Truth is something that is never altered, only discovered.  

Once we allow it into our soul, we automatically become united in it.   Link


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