Great Awakening, Aug. 26, 2019 How the Government Works

Wanted to start with a short video.   Please ask yourself as you watch this few minute film.   Do you really believe President Trump does not want what is best for the working people of America?   Are his policies working to restore the well being for ‘ALL’ those in the U.S.   What do the facts show about the economy since he took office?

Simplicity Often Reveals the Obvious Truth

Years ago, I met up with my dad in my hometown park.   I noticed incredible renovations.   Hand placed stones on the bridge and crossways, beautiful new playgrounds and planted trees to give our Texas town a ‘forest’ look.    I was familiar with the recreation sites in the area, I used to work for the Park Dept.

I asked him where the city got the $$$ for all the latest restoration.   He simply pointed to some buildings in the distance (new business) along the freeway…they brought in additional (and continual) revenue for our town.   The buildings were modern and well kept, away from residential family homes…and were a nice addition to our town.    My dad managed several million dollar department stores and knew much more about income flow than I did, and respected his opinion in this area.

Simply, this is how towns work.   The greater the business opportunity-the more jobs can be created.   The more families and jobs are in the area…the greater the tax base.   ‘IF’ the tax base is fair and does not hinder business and families, they will seek to locate in your area…kinda simple.   Trump cut needless regulations and decreased the taxes when he became President, and the stock market soared…it responded immediately.

Critical Misunderstanding

I am truly shocked at the ignorance of many in government.   They don’t understand the basic function of government.  Business is a different institution than the government, as the church (charities) are different than business.   The handful of individual -but equally important institutions- operate differently but should work together in beautiful unity.   See Gods Political View

Quick example.   How long would a football coach last if he replaced his 270 lb. center with his end-weighing in at 145 lbs.   Not long, he would be replaced in a heartbeat.    When they work together, however, in the right function… individuals create a working team, operating within their specific role, football can be an exciting sport to watch.

On occasion, an end can come around and replace the running back…but overall…they are best suited for their specific role.   It’s not wrong to have the ‘end around’ play…but it should always be the exception and not the rule.

Likewise, the government was created to be the umpire to the institutions in a society, but it should never hinder or replace the other institutions like business, church, family, education etc.  Yes, a government at times can be soo blessed it can give back financially to the citizens, but it should it was never designed to be the caregiver for society.  Please see the following links.  Why  Socialism is So Dangerous, Different Political Views 

History has proven when the institutions operate in the correct function…and have the freedom to prosper and help each other…the whole country benefits.   Government, church (charity), business, family, education etc… all working together to balance out the needs of our country.   How incredibly simple.

The governments most important role then is to protect the other institutions freedoms and to ‘govern their relationships’ in order that they can operate fairly with one another.   Our forefathers knew this all too well.    They created a ‘checks and balance system’ to keep the leaders from becoming abusive by their authority (as proven by past governments) and make them take an oath to protect the Constitution of the United States-our freedom proclamation (along with the Bill of Rights), guaranteeing our human rights.

The Great Error

Don’t be fooled by the Santé Clause promises from those who can never identify who and where the true source of fantasy wealth comes from.  Whether we want to realize this or not…this important fact remains.  If we destroy the finances of those who have extra income to invest…they will invest in other countries or simply not invest and put their money in other holdings.

If we honestly care about the middle and low-income families, ‘WE HAVE TO BRING THE HIGHER INCOME JOBS BACK TO AMERICA.’   Destroying the investment income of those who have the ability to do so does not bring wealth to our country.

Bringing high-income jobs to our country is the only true solution to distributing wealth to our nation.   

Note:  This is the specific design of the business institution, to bring wealth and services to the communities.    See other important roles in our society link

It truly astonishes me that –as the above video proves-many are fighting a president that is working diligently at bringing the higher wage jobs back to our inner cities.   This is the only true answer to help the lower and middle-income families.   Overtax the masses to poverty, we all lose.   Give incentives for business to thrive, the masses have income for generations.    The government’s job is to make sure there is no discrimination, serious-environment hazard and abusive behavior that is harming other individuals or the above institutions.

As the institutions work fairly together-and declare

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

With this, ‘We the People’  have the correct solution for a prosperous nation.  How simple can this be?

2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Using Insanity as a Political Platform

The only hope for those who want to be kept in power, those who do not have a sincere desire to serve the public, is to confuse you with insane policies…and a lot of noise-repeated over and over.

Once you wake up to the truth however…you will walk away…and never desire to go back.  Please take a few minutes and watch some truly eye-opening experiences.    The Walk Away Movement Link 1, Link 2Link 3, Link 4

The Correct View Brings Understanding   

Once we understand the correct roles our institutions have in a society…it all begins to make ‘total sense’.   The ‘fit’ becomes evident and complete.  See link.  This is why this ‘Great Awakening’ is becoming so strong across multiple nations.   See link.  We are not participating in politics, we are in a movement to restore our country (s) independent freedoms.   Stopping Corruption Link 

Liberal Platform 

The liberal platform has few, if any identifiable policies.   This is due to

 1)  If you are unaware of how the institutions work in our society, you simply promote the government to fulfill all the peoples’ needs.   There are no specific policies to help and protect the other institutions…in order to have them operate effectively.   Thus your only identifiable platform is to have the government magically solve all the problems of the world.     This creates a ‘super-state’ which strangles out the other institutions and promotes dictatorship abuses as world history has proven to us.  See Socialism

2) When global corporate-controlled politicians are receiving financial kickbacks, their concern will shift from service to the people…to maintaining their personal wealth.   (This is the only logical conclusion when their net worth can be in the tens of millions-and their annual income is less than $200,000 ).  Corporate controlled politicians will allow the well being of the citizens to crumble if they continue to receive their kickbacks from the corporate elite, in return for huge political fundings and favors.

This is why there has been no meaningful progress by the liberal government to prosper the general population and allow our institutions to flourish.  For many, on both sides of the aisle, it has been their last concern.   This is especially true if the corporate elite benefits from the lack of prosperity within the general public.

Crooked politicians will always resort to ‘fantasy policy’ because they do not have a ‘working policy’  

Note:  Corporations are not evil, they are needed in the business institution.   It is the corruption in the government that allows the injustices in the corporations to continue-that is the problem.   Again, the government is the God-given institution to stop the violations in the other institutions.  Link   Our  ‘Great Awakening’, that is cleaning out Global Corruption (draining the swamp)-is literally a world-changing event!  See The Plan to Save the World,  Link 2Link3, Link 4, Link 5,


The Mode of Operation:   False Narrative, Divide and Attack

Untruthful rhetoric in many instances becomes the ‘only talking point’ the deceptive politicians and news media can use.    Destroy Trump because he just promotes the rich, we need socialism…destroy the rich and give to the masses (how did that work for China, Russia, Venezuela, Cuba…etc.  the only ones that got rich were the socialist leaders turned communist).   Hate, violence to your opponent, rioting, socialism (which naturally grows into communism),  is the reaction we are observing in many liberal universities.  Socialism link

Sooo many that have walked away have expressed the exact sentiment… I really did not know why I believed a certain way…I was just taught to hate conservatives…and take from others to pay for me.   When I went to the ‘other camp’ they actually had policies that helped the economy-‘ALL’ the working-class Americans.   They did not focus on hate and destroy, but building up America see link.    Sound familiar???   Make America Great.  Simply put…

If you don’t promote the correct policies, you have to come up with fairytale policies.   If your methods are becoming evident that they are just that, fairytales, you can only resort to destroying the correct procedures by more fairytales (falsehoods).  By continually going on the attack (the hate and destroy cards) regurgitating false narratives becomes the last-ditch effort to try and hide the fact you do not have working, applicable solutions.    

Sadly, this is why we never hear of truly workable policies,  but only false propaganda by those who oppose this ‘Great Awakening’.      The completely apparent falsehoods (purposeful distortion of truth) by most of the mainstream media and the Russian Collusion delusion are just a few examples (See Title Pic above). 

Win-Win for The American People, For Other Nations

  The best part of  ‘fair trade’ with other countries, it is a ‘win-win’ situation.   You do not have to harm another country to increase income to your country…they both can have increased jobs and income.   Yes, you want to make the best deal possible, but the end game of both sides doing well is the usual outcome (the US is finally realizing we don’t have to lose to win with China).   See World-Wide Awakening 


This is not just about politics…politics, in my opinion, is incredibly boring.   However, when our government has a working plan to stop harmful drugs that are literally attempting to kill our children…than politics becomes an incredibly important life issue.   When we have been lied to in order to promote needless wars for commercial gain than it is time to fight back  Link.   When you have been deceived about policies designed to make the few filthy rich, and harm ‘We the People’ we simply believe you deserve to hear the truth.    When the government has been documented as trying to destroy your freedoms so you can not fulfill the most important   pursuits for you and your loved ones, then it is time to continue the work to protect you…even though some think there was never such a threat. See The Plan to Save the World,  Link 2, Link3,  Link 4

Thanks for taking the time to read this post.   Below are other links if you want more info about bringing hope, truth and especially eternal life –to our lives.   Happiness by knowing our eternal heavenly Father, who truly cares for you…God bless, Bill

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