Why Socialism Is So Dangerous

Believe it or not, this isn’t a hit piece on the Democratic party.   I personally believe some in the old Republican guard were a lot more dangerous than anyone in the above pic.   It’s just that now, millions of people around the world are recognizing countries that have grounded themselves in freedom are drifting away from it at an alarming speed…and when they do, history proves to us there are severe consequences to follow.   We don’t have to be a history buff to realize how easily a government movement can disguise themselves under the premise of good intentions-and the outcome can be a total disaster.

The Simpler the Better 

If we are discussing socialism in a classroom setting and studying its different attributes in comparison to the (isms) of all the other government designs, there is nothing evil or dangerous about it.

We can dramatically simplify our study of government however by recognizing…

-each nation has a set of specialized institutions.   If these institutions operate together in freedom-fairly pursuing their specific role…the country has the ability to excel and become prosperous.   Not just in finances, but in all the areas we value.

Simply, the institution of the government has an extremely important role.   When operating fairly I believe the government was set up by the Lord to be the  ‘umpire’ to the other institutions.   It is not a player, but an umpire.   If a business is polluting the water, it intervenes.   If a father is abusing a family member, it intervenes.   If a religion is persecuting other religions, it intervenes.   Please see a more detailed explanation Link.  

While the Business institution operates in a competitive ‘self-centered’ manner, it is highly efficient and effective.   The Religious institution counters this competitive attitude and is focused on promoting the value and well being for the individual and people as a whole.   You can see how they work ‘together’ to balance one another.   When Russia became free from a communist state, free enterprise in its infancy was prone to a ‘gangster mentality’, because the church or religious institution was weak from years of abuse and neglect.   Whenever institutions do not have the freedom to flourish and prosper…and to work in ‘unity’ with one another, the country ‘starves’ to fulfill their basic (and essential) needs.

This is also true for the institutions of family, education etc., it is important for all of them to prosper.   The government’s role is vital.   It has to protect the freedom of these institutions without hindering them with excess rules or regulations.   See God’s Political View,   See Paul Harvey Explain It All-1965.  


If we simplify the ‘equation’ so we can see the true colors of socialism, we can say there are 2  basic problems with socialism.   They are both dangerous and have the potential to destroy a country.

1) The ‘Stated’ Purpose or Method

Without getting sidetracked with the minute details of terminology, we all agree that the basic foundation of socialism is for the government to gain power and control of the other institutions mentioned above.   Remember the ‘control’ part, mentioned later.   The ‘stated purpose’ of socialism can be as attractive as honey to a hungry bear.   The socialist country takes more and more control of the institutions to ‘distributes the bounty’ so to speak.   The problem is, the more they promise, the more they have to control these institutions so they can pretend to be able to keep to their agenda.   The gaining of power and control by the leaders of the socialist movement is sooo much easier than having the ability to keep promises to fairly distribute masses amounts of wealth and prosperity to the general population.

The government institution is an individual rights protector so we can have the freedom to pursue wealth-and other meaningful life priorities.   The government was never meant to be a wealth distributer.   This strips away the freedom of both the employer and employee…as we have seen the ‘stagnated’ economies of poverty-stricken socialist (and their off spring-communist) countries.  

This by no means is a comprehensive review of socialism…but if we are honest, we can get to the root of the socialist agenda.    Name one major country like Russia, China, past dictators of Italy, socialist countries of South America…etc. that has promised a socialist agenda and has prospered.   The leaders live in luxury, but –for the most part, the people are in total poverty.

Note:  The Scandinavian countries have socialist tendencies as far as government aid,  but still have a ‘free enterprise’ base as far as the business institution.   They are also small countries that rely totally on free countries without a socialist agenda.   If free Europe or the U.S.A did not support them with trade and defense,  history has proven their borders and their economy would collapse.   See The Truth about ‘Democratic Socialism’ in the Scandinavian countries.  Short 3 min. video , 15 summary link, good documentary link.

Socialism ‘strangles’ out the other institutions because they have to control them in order to pretend to distribute the wealth.

Their governments are operating out of their intended design (not a player but an umpire’) and the whole country suffers because of this.

2) Socialism  – If You Have an Evil Intent than Socialism Is Your Key to Power

Just have to vent.   It bothers me that some educated people can be soo naïve.   They throw centuries of historical documented evidence on Socialism down the …

Name one country that went from a ‘people represented’ nation to a dictatorship…that did not start out with a socialist campaign.

If you live in a democracy or republic, you cannot tell the people I want to gain power so I can rule you…so you can become my slaves.   You go with the oldest lie in a government takeover.    While many of us believe some critical national problems are created to promote a socialist door for totalitarian rule,  we all know Hitler, Mussolini, Marx, Stalin, and Mao Zedong all used the socialism agenda as the gateway to their dictatorship rule.

Note:   To put this in perspective, a socialist agenda turned roughly half of the world’s population into a ruthless dictatorship rule, where hundreds of millions of lives were lost due to wars and persecutions.  Our future generations cannot learn from history if we don’t speak up and take a stand against the origins of government abuses.      

If one does a simple search, we will find that this tyrant did not start with the dreaded  Gestapo and SS police.   He started as The National Socialist People Welfare Party-NAZI for short…see German translation above pic.   As mentioned above, all dictators that rise from within their own society have the same root-socialism.   

Their platform, ‘We will take over the government, promise you- ’the people’ everything you ever desired.   Just let us become your sovereign power (until we can take power away from you.)’

It’s sooo simple to see.   History proves this.   All the nations above used the same campaign slogans to became ruthless dictators.   The persecution or World Wars totally devastated these countries.  See How Government Works


Conservatives are not saying if you believe in socialism that you are evil, or that the concept of socialism is evil.   We are saying, however

1) True socialism strangles out the other God-given institutions and countries can suffer greatly because of this.   There has not been one major socialist country where the people are not in poverty.  Please take a few moments to listen to the plea of one who escaped a socialist country link.

 2) Socialism is the key to open the door for a totalitarian rule-if you are evil, as proven with all the above dictators.   Remember, to pretend to keep their promises, they say they have to ‘control’ the other institutions, which will eventually include the nation’s armies and police.

 A child can understand the motives, what better way to deceive the masses than promise them everything, paid by some rich Santa that no one really ever identifies.   No other message is as simple and effective, pure propaganda-with fatal results for many democratic countries.    They will keep using this narrative as long as the people close their eyes to the truth and swallow the bait.

Thank you for taking the time to review this article.   God bless, Bill 🙂

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